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S3 Episode 89



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Tensions build tonight in Springfield...




Clarissa is sitting in her room with Bridget and Dylan.

Bridget is holding Baby Adam.

Clarissa smiles, "He's so happy when you hold him."

Bridget looks down at him, "I'm happy when I'm holding him. He's so beautiful."

Dylan nods, "It's been a crazy week."

Clarissa sighs, "You two have spent this whole week with me and Adam. I really don't want to be pushy. But have you made a decision yet?"

Dylan and Bridget look at each other.

Bridget looks at her, "I know you are saying you want to do this. But we can't get our hopes up for something that might not really happen."

Clarissa nods, "Designated adoptions can happen a lot faster. I'll sign whatever I have to. We all agreed that an open adoption would work?"

Bridget nods, "If that's what happened then of course. You would always be in Adam's life. We would all be working together on this."

Clarissa smiles, "That's perfect."

Dylan sighs, "Clarissa I don't know if you understand what a big deal this is. You are saying that you want to give your child up. You can't change your mind later."

Clarissa nods, "I know. I need to do this soon. Before it gets any harder. Before the holidays, when my family spends more time with him."

Bridget looks at her, "Have you talked to your parents yet?"

Clarissa shakes her head, "No. This is my decision."

Bridget sighs, "Clarissa."

Clarissa nods, "I know it's complicated. But I'm doing this on my own right now."

Dylan sighs, "You should really talk with you parents Clarissa."

Clarissa shakes her head, "I'm 18. I don't need their permission to make a decision like this."

Bridget takes her hand, "I want you to tell me if you are 100% sure you are doing the right thing."

Clarissa looks in her eyes, "I want to do this. Please let me do this Bridget. Dylan."

Bridget and Dylan look at each other.

Bridget smiles, "I think this would work."

Clarissa smiles at them.




James and Leah are out on a date.

Leah looks at James, "This has been an amazing night."

James grins, "You're so beautiful."

She sighs, "I'm really lucky. It's nice having a guy who treats me well and makes me feel so good about myself."

James grins, "It's hard not too."

She smiles.

He takes her hand, "Leah I have wanted to be with you since we were kids. And it's still hard to feel like I deserve you and that this is real right now."

She nods, "This is real. And if anything I don't think I deserve you sometimes. It took me way to long to realize I had feelings for you."

He sighs, "I wanted to talk about that too."

She nods, "Okay."

He sighs, "Leah you've always been my friend. And I know we always cared about each other. But I feel like you're feelings for me were really sudden."

She nods, "It just sort of made sense and I realized how special you were."

He nods, "But what was it that made you fall for me?"

She looks at him, "You defended me. You fought for me. You made me feel like I was a princess. It'd be hard not to fall for you James."

He sighs, "But you had said that you loved Zach. Then shortly after you want to be with me?"

She shakes her head, "Zach broke my heart."

He nods, "I'm not questioning you breaking up with my brother. I think that was a great decision. But just because you broke up with him didn't mean you had to be with me."

She nods, "I know."

He looks at her, "So why are you with me Leah?"

She shakes her head, "I'm confused."

He takes her hand, "Are you with me because you want to be with me? Or because you don't want to be with my brother?"

Leah stares at James.



A Lewis Enterprises event is being held.

Josh sits at his table.

Reva walks over, "Hey. You hungry?"

He shakes his head, "The idea of food is less than appealing."

She sighs, "I remember that. Chemo will do that to you."

He nods, "I feel tired and sick all the time. I felt better before I started it."

She nods, "I know. Now you feel weaker and you feel sicker. It's hard to believe this is supposed to be making you better. But it is Joshua."

He nods, "I know."

Reva smiles at him.


Noah walks over, "Hey."

Reva kisses him, "Hey."

He looks at Josh, "How you feeling?"

He sighs, "Not as good as I look."

Reva looks across the room, "At least you don't look like that."


Annie is walking around with a drink her hand.

She is clearly getting buzzed.

Reva sighs, "I heard she was drinking again."

Noah stares, "Yikes."

Josh sighs, "What is she doing here?"

Annie walks over, "Hey Lewises."

Josh stares, "Annie. I didn't realize you would be attending."

Annie nods, "I'm a part of the company."

Josh shakes his head, "At the moment you are not. You're supposed to be working on yourself. Instead you seem to be doing the opposite."

Annie nods, "Why don't you worry about you Josh. You have a lot going on right. Let me worry about Annie Dutton. I'm the only one who really gives a damn about her anyway."

Annie walks off.

Reva sighs, "This should be an interesting evening."

Josh nods, "I have a pretty bad feeling about tonight."

Annie stumbles around the room.


Museum Apartment:


The roommates are partying together.

Coop sits on the couch next to Rocky.

Rocky looks at him, "I don't know. I feel like everything I do is going to upset Kevin now. Everything has been awkward ever since that night."

Coop nods, "Maybe it's time to take some time a part."

Rocky sighs, "Difficult to do when we all live together."


Eden walks over and sits on Coop's lap, "Hey Baby."

The two kiss.

Eden looks at Rocky, "What are we talking about?"

Coop nods, "Kevin and Rocky are having problems."

Rocky looks at him, "Whoa. Private conversation."

Eden laughs, "I'm family now. You can ask my opinion."

Rocky looks at her, "I know Kevin wouldn't hurt me. But seeing him angry and violent.... it scared the crap out of me. Now it's hard to be around him."

Eden nods, "Trust me, bad boys are hot but they aren't the best choice. The good boys are the ones to go for."

Eden and Coop begin kissing.


Across the room Jason is with Vi.

He has his arms around her.

She smiles, "Let's go to your room."

He laughs, "Everyone's down here now Babe."

She sighs, "Come on."

He kisses her neck, "Later okay."

She looks at him, "Don't you want us to have some alone time?"

He nods, "Of course. But I'm just enjoying hanging out with our roommates."

Vi laughs, "We've been with them all night. What are you waiting for?"

Maureen walks in, "Hey I'm home."

Jason smiles, "Hey."

Maureen walks over.

Vi rolls her eyes.



Clarissa sits with Dylan and Bridget.

Dylan stands up, "So, tomorrow would you like to have a meeting with the lawyer?"

Clarissa nods, "Yes that would be perfect."

Bridget sighs, "This is really emotional."

Clarissa looks at her, "I'm really grateful Bridget. You're saving my son right now."

Bridget grins, "You're a good Mom Clarissa. And I'm really happy that you've offered to share Adam with Dylan and I. We won't disappoint you."

Clarissa nods, "I know."

Dylan takes Bridget's hand and helps her up.

He grabs her coat for her.

Clarissa smiles at them, "You two are a good couple."

Bridget grins, "Thank you."

Clarissa nods, "I can really tell you two love each other. And I think Adam will like that too. He'll have two great parents who love each other and love him."

Bridget walks over, "Thank you Clarissa."

The two hug.

The door to Clarissa's room opens.


Rafe walks in, "Hey. Hope I'm not interrupting."

Bridget looks at him, "Hello."

Rafe stares, "Hi."

Clarissa looks at him, "I thought you were out of town."

He nods, "I just got back. What's going on?"

Dylan and Bridget look at Clarissa.

Rafe sees the papers on the table.

He picks them up.

Rafe looks at Clarissa, "What is this?"

Clarissa sighs, "I'm talking to them about adoption."

Rafe shakes his head, "Why?"

Clarissa nods, "I'm sorry Rafe."

Rafe stares at her.


Mallet and Dinah's House:



Belinda comes walking down the stairs.

Mallet and Dinah are in the living room.

She walks towards the door, "I'm going out with RJ. See ya."

Dinah hollers, "Wait."

Belinda looks over, "What?"

Dinah nods, "Could you come in here please?"

Belinda walks over, "What?"

Mallet sighs, "Sit down."

Belinda scoffs, "Oh my God! Are you breaking up again already?"

Mallet looks at her, "Sit down."

Belinda sits.

Dinah looks at her, "Is there anything that you want to tell us?"

Belinda shakes her head, "No."

Dinah nods, "Nothing? Nothing at all?"

Belinda rolls her eyes, "I really don't know what you're talking about. So could you just come out with, yell at me and then I can go?"

Mallet looks at her, "We aren't kidding around Belinda. So you better get really serious, really damn quick."

Belinda stares, "What did I do now?"

Dinah stares, "Did you send a naked picture of Leah Bauer to all the kids at your school?"

Belinda looks at both of them.

She sighs, "Not all of them."

Mallet shakes his head, "Is this funny?"

Dinah stares, "Oh my God."

Belinda scoffs, "Seriously? My own parents are going side with Leah? RJ sides with Leah. Everyone sides with Leah. I get that it was mean and I feel bad. But it's over."

Mallet nods, "You were distributing child pornography!"

Belinda stares, "Okay you are being a little melodramatic."

Mallet looks at her, "Believe it or not I do know what I'm talking about. You could get yourself into some serious trouble Belinda. You better pray that the Bauers don't come after you."

Belinda looks away.

Dinah stares, "You going to tell us why you did it?"

Belinda looks at her, "Because maybe I'm just as cold and mean as you."

Dinah stares.

Belinda gets up, "I'm leaving."

Dinah walks over and stands in front of her, "No you're not."

Belinda and Dinah stare at each other.



Bridget and Dylan have left the room.

Clarissa shuts the door.

Rafe looks at her, "What is going on?"

She sighs, "I'm sorry Rafe."

He shakes his head, "Would you please stop saying that. Just explain to me what's going on. Please?"

She nods, "I can't do this anymore. I'm.... I just can't."

He nods, "Please explain."

She sighs, "I tried raising Adam. I did everything I could to try to be a good Mom. But I can't do it anymore. I just don't have it in me."

He stares, "So you're giving up?"

She sighs, "What choice do I have?"

Rafe nods, "All the choices in the world! I said that I would help you with anything you needed Clarissa!"

She shouts, "Money isn't going to fix everything Rafe."

Rafe stares, "I never said that it would."

She sighs, "I know you mean well. And you have been an amazing guy. You are one of the best men I have ever known. But I am not ready to be a Mom."

He nods, "You are a Mom."

She shakes her head, "Not inside. I'm just not. Bridget is. Dylan and Bridget are more than ready to raise Adam and give him a happy life."

Rafe stares, "Clarissa I have given you this place, all of these toys, everything that you would need for Adam. And now you're going to tell me that it was for nothing?"

She starts to cry, "I'm so sorry Rafe."

He turns away, "Stop apologizing to me. It's not my child, you don't owe me this."

She nods, "But you really do care about him. You've done so much for both of us. I shouldn't have let it go this far when I knew in my heart that I wasn't ready."

He sighs, "Then why? Why did you let it get this far?"

She nods, "You really want to know why?"

He nods, "Yes!"

She sighs, "For you."

Rafe stares at Clarissa.


James and Leah sit together.

Leah looks at James, "What are you talking about?"

He nods, "Come on Leah."

She shakes her head, "Really. I don't understand."

He nods, "I will always wonder if things would be different if things hadn't happened the way that they did."

She sighs, "James."

He looks at her.

She takes his hand, "I'm sorry. I will always regret not realizing my feelings for you sooner. I just got pulled into Zach because I wanted to break my good girl image I guess."

He nods, "I can understand that."

She grins, "But you appreciate me for who I am. I don't have to impress you and work hard to make you happy. You just understand me."

He smiles, "I'm glad you feel that way."

She sighs, "I wish I could prove it too you. But I'm not ready to make love until I've been with someone long enough. Especially after what happened with Zach."

He nods, "Of course. I'm in no hurry Leah."

She grins, "Really?"

He nods, "I'm a virgin too."

She stares, "I had no idea."

He nods, "I wanted my first time to be with a girl I really liked. So I'm willing to wait for you. I want you to be ready so we can make it perfect."

She looks at him, "You are almost too perfect."

He kisses her hand, "I just want things to be right for you."

She smiles, "As long as we're together I'm not worried about that. I know you would never hurt me James. And I'm not going to hurt you either."

James kisses Leah.

Dinah and Mallet's House:

Dinah stands in Belinda's way.

Belinda tries to get past her.

She looks at her mother, "Move out of my way."

Dinah shakes her head, "No. We are not done talking."

Belinda shouts, "Get out of my way."

Mallet stands up, "Don't you talk to your mother like that."

Belinda turns to him, "She's my Mom! I'll talk to her however I want. This whole thing is probably her fault anyway."

Dinah scoffs, "My fault?"

Belinda nods, "Yeah."

Dinah looks at her, "Okay, now you got me interested. How is this my fault?"

Belinda looks at her, "Because maybe deep down inside we both know that I am just as crazy and as messed up as you have always been."

Mallet looks at her, "That's enough."

Dinah shakes her head, "No I can handle it. What else do you want to say?"

Belinda nods, "Do you know what it's like when I'm with RJ? You murdered his father. And that will always be in the back of his head. He'll always wonder if I'm as crazy as you. And you know what? Maybe it's in my head too. Maybe I am a psychopath too. Maybe it runs in the family."

Dinah shakes her head, "You are not like me."

Belinda scoffs, "You would hate that wouldn't you?"

Dinah looks at her, "You can do this poor child act. But I've done before so I know it better than you do. You aren't going to use it on me."

Belinda stares at her, "Maybe I don't get it from you. Maybe I get it from my real Dad? Oh wait, how would I know? Because you won't tell me who he is!"

Dinah sighs, "There are some things that you are not ready to know."

Belinda scoffs, "Like what? Maybe that you're such a big whore that you don't remember who my father is?"

Mallet looks at her, "That's enough!"

Belinda scoffs, "I'm out of here."

Belinda storms out of the house.

A very frustrated Mallet and Dinah look at each other.



Ava and Shayne stand together.

Shayne looks at her, "You look beautiful tonight."

Ava smiles, "Thank you."

The two kiss.

Annie stumbles over, "Hey. How are you two?"

Shayne looks at her, "Uh... we're good. How about you Annie? How have you been? I haven't seen you in a while."

She looks at him, "I've been better. But I'm Annie Dutton. What else is new?"

Shayne nods, "Sorry to hear about that."

Annie sighs, "I'll be okay. I always bounce back."

Ava nods, "That's good."

Annie looks at her, "So Ava, how is your kidnapping investigation going?"

Ava shakes her head, "I'm not sure. I'm sort of out of the loop on it. Shayne and I are focusing on our lives right now. The police can handle the past."

Annie sighs, "Well I'm sure the police will find whoever is responsible. I have a good feeling about it."

Ava nods, "Thank you Annie."

Annie smiles, "You never know, it could be someone you never suspected."

Shayne and Ava stare at her.


Across the room, Marah steps off the elevator.

She is dressed very business chic.

She walks with her head high across the room.

She smiles at her fellow Lewis Enterprises employees.

Annie turns, "Marah."

Marah nods, "Annie."

Annie looks at her, "You look nice."

Marah nods, "I know. We need to talk."

Annie smiles at her.

Museum Apartment:

Maureen stands next to Jason.

She laughs, "Do you remember that one Thanksgiving when we were little and we thought it would be cute to put on a play for everyone?"

He laughs, "Oh my God shut up. Don't bring that up."

A very serious Vi looks over, "I agree."

Jason looks at her, "Oh I'm sorry Baby. You don't have any memories like this."

Vi nods, "I do, just not with you two."

Jason kisses her.

Vi looks up at Maureen, "I hope you don't feel like a third wheel."

Maureen shakes her head, "No. I'm fine."

Vi and Jason begin making out.


Kevin walks in, he's been drinking already.

Jason looks at him, "Hey brother!"

Kevin walks past them.

He walks over to Rocky, "Hey."

Rocky looks up, "Hey."

Kevin sighs, "Can we talk?"

Rocky nods, "About?"

Kevin sighs, "Come on man just get up."

Rocky shakes his head, "We've been drinking. This is not a time to have a serious talk."

Kevin looks at him, "Come on. Please?"

Rocky shakes his head, "I'm sorry no."

Kevin scoffs, "Are you serious? What is wrong with you? Why are you being such an ass?"

Rocky sighs, "I'm not being an ass. You are."

Kevin shakes his head, "Screw you."

Coop stands up, "Kevin chill out. He's not going anywhere."

Kevin scoffs, "Who the hell do you think you are?"

Kevin shoves Coop.

Coop pushes Kevin.

All the roommates come rushing over.

Rocky shouts, "Stop!"


Clarissa and Rafe stand together.

Rafe looks at her, "You're saying you kept Adam for me? That doesn't even make any sense."

She nods, "Yeah it does."

He scoffs, "What?"

She nods, "It's who I am."

He turns away, "I don't understand what the hell you're talking about."

Clarissa cries, "God! I'm so screwed up! My Dad left us for years, he let us think he was dead. Maybe he had good reason, I don't know. But it still screwed me up. I don't want another guy to leave me. My Dad left, Remy broke up with my Mom, Kevin and Jason went off to school. It messed me up."

Rafe stares, "What does this have to do with now?"

Clarissa nods, "I don't like disappointing people, I don't want people to leave me because they feel like I let them down. Maybe that's why I let my boyfriend have sex with me without using protection. I knew all the risks but I also knew that I might lose him if I didn't let him."

Rafe nods, "You're boyfriend was a jerk."

She smiles, "And then I found you. You were so sweet to me. You made me feel good about myself. And you stopped me from having an abortion. I am glad that I didn't because I love Adam. But that's not why I did it!"

Rafe stares, "What?"

She cries, "I went through with the pregnancy to make you happy! It's so messed up! I didn't want to be a Mom. I thought I was going to give it up for adoption after that. But you were so excited for me. So I didn't."

Rafe stares, "So you're saying I pressured you?"

She shakes her head, "Not on purpose."

Rafe sits down, "I can't believe this."

She cries, "I'm so sorry Rafe!"

He looks at her, "So what am I supposed to do? What are we supposed to do?"

She cries, "I don't know. I just know that by the end of this month... Adam will be with his new family."

Rafe stares at a very emotional Clarissa.


Ross and Blake question Clarissa

RJ confesses to Belinda

The roommates are torn a part

Johnny tells Roxie his plans

Someone is arrested for Ava's kidnapping!


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