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S3 Episode 88



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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People question their next actions in Springfield...




Michelle walks down the hall.

Her lunch break is beginning.

J is waiting for her, "You ready?"

She scoffs, "Oh you just assume that I am going to go out to lunch with you just because you invited me and didn't give me a chance to say 'no'."

He nods, "It's a good method, you have to give me that."

She shakes her head, "No I don't. And I don't have to go to lunch with you either."

He nods, "But?"

She sighs, "But I figure it can't hurt. Or maybe it can. I guess we'll have to find out, won't we?"

He grins, "Let's go."

The two walk out of the hospital.

She looks around, "So who's car are we taking?"

He laughs, "We are not wasting gas money on the short amount of time they give us for lunch. Uh-uh."

She sighs, "So then what are we going to do?"

He looks around, "We can walk across the street to Company."

She looks at him, "Company?"

He nods, "Yeah. I'll say hi to Matt. We can get a bite to eat and maybe go for a walk. Burn off some of our calories. Will that make you happy?"

She nods, "Sounds good."

The two start walking.

She looks at him, "You act like you don't care about staying in shape. It's obvious you go to the gym."

He looks at her, "Dr. Bauer I don't think this is the appropriate time to be hitting on me."

She laughs, "Get over yourself."

He keeps walking, "I'm serious."

She scoffs, "Shut up."

The two walk together.




Dylan walks up to the front door.

He walks in, "Hey Bridget? You here? I thought you'd be at work. Something wrong with your car?"

He walks into the kitchen.


Bridget is holding Baby Adam.

He stares, "Bridget what is going on?"

She smiles, "Oh hi honey. This is Adam Marler. He is Clarissa Marler's baby."

Dylan shakes his head, "Okay. What are you doing with Clarissa Marler's baby? Where is she at?"

Bridget sighs, "She is upstairs. This whole teenage mother thing is a lot for her to deal with. She came here for a little bit of help."

Dylan sighs, "Maybe when she gets back in here, you should hand him back over to her."

She shakes her head, "Why?"

He nods, "You know why Bridget."

Bridget looks down, "Look at him though. He's so beautiful."

Dylan smiles, "He is. He's one of the cutest babies I've ever seen."

She grins, "I know."

He shakes his head, "And someday we'll adopt our own baby. Until then it's not healthy for us to be playing around with these ideas."

She looks at him, "What ideas?"

He sighs, "I know you Bridget. You know what I'm talking about."

She shakes her head, "I wasn't. But maybe it's..."

He shakes his head, "No. Bridget. Look at me. You are going through a lot right now. You can't let yourself think like that. It's not good."

Bridget looks up, "Clarissa is scared. Just like I was. If she makes a suggestion-"

He nods, "Then you tell her to go home and think about it. You can't have this happen the way it did with you and Vanessa. We are going through an agency the way we planned."

Bridget sighs, "Everything worked out with Vanessa and I."

He shakes his head, "After a long time of drama."

She sighs, "I know."

Dylan looks at Adam, "This little guy is beautiful. And if we are lucky we will get someone as special as he is. But whoever we get will be our child. We will have someone we can love and someone we can help turn into an amazing human being. This is what we've always wanted."


Clarissa walks in, "Sounds like a really lucky kid."

They look over.

Bridget stands up, "Clarissa."

Clarissa nods, "You two were born to be parents."

Dylan shakes his head, "I think we just have planned for it a lot. We're very ready for it now."

Clarissa smiles, "That's good. I wasn't ready. I'm still not ready."

Bridget sighs, "Clarissa."

She nods, "I heard what you said. I want to talk about it."

Dylan shakes his head, "Clarissa-"

She sighs, "Will you raise my Baby?"

The two stare in shock at her.


Springfield High:


Marti is walking down the hallway at school.

She sees Belinda standing at her locker.

Marti walks over, "You won't believe what happened this morning. Leah comes up to me and starts making all of these demands that I'm not supposed to have any say in what happens here. Apparently this is her school and we are all just attending it. Can you believe that?"

Belinda stares, "What are you doing?"

She scoffs, "You don't like Leah either."

Belinda looks at her, "Leah and I are cool now. At least on my end."

Marti shakes her head, "You sent that naked picture of her around to everyone at school. You ruined her life. You guys aren't cool."

Belinda sighs, "Even if that's so. Why would I want to be friends with you? Oh wait let me guess. Leah hates me and she hates you. So now you and I become friends in the process? I don't work that way."

Marti shakes her head, "Sorry I even tried."

Belinda nods, "Me too."

Marti looks at her, "Do you have a problem with me? Like something beyond this whole Leah thing?"

Belinda looks at her, "I've been annoyed by you since your fake ass marched up the steps of this school Oklahoma. Before I even knew your name."

Marti grins, "Before you knew I was good friends with RJ."

Belinda nods, "RJ is a very charitable. He is always putting his neck on the line for lost causes."

Marti sighs, "That would explain his relationship with you."

Belinda looks at her, "You need to learn to watch that southern accent ridden mouth of yours. Because I would love nothing more than to smack you right in your face."

Marti stares at her, "I'm not Leah. I bite back."

Belinda scoffs, "I don't bite. I don't scratch. I beat bitches up."

The bell rings.

Marti and Belinda continue staring each other down.




Dinah is backstage after the show is over.

Everything is getting cleaned up.


Mel walks by.

Dinah looks at her, "Good show. Wouldn't you say Mel."

A very serious Mel nods, "Yes."

Dinah looks towards her, "You okay?"

Mel sighs, "I'm fine Dinah. I need to get going."

Dinah walks, "Is there a problem Mel?"

Mel looks at her, "What do you think Dinah? I'm not going to get into this at work."

Dinah is confused, "Is it something I said out there?"

Mel stares, "Listen. I know my daughter is not perfect. But she has had a really rough year now. That naked picture sent around was devastating."

Dinah nods, "I agree. I feel horrible for her.

Mel shakes her head, "Is that really all you have to say? You have nothing else to say on the subject?"

Dinah stares, "Okay I'm officially lost."

Mel turns away, "Okay."

Dinah follows her, "Oh my God. Would you just explain this to me. Because I'm lost. I have a feeling you're wrong about something. Or misunderstanding something."

Mel looks at her, "You really don't know?"

Dinah shakes her head, "Know what?"

Mel stares, "You really don't, do you?"

Dinah keeps staring.

Mel walks towards her, "The picture that was sent around, it was James who was responsible for that."

Dinah stares, "Okay. Who was it?"

Mel nods, "It was Belinda. You're daughter got ahold of that picture and sent it to everyone. She tried to ruin Leah's life. Your daughter did this."

A very shocked and confused Dinah looks back at Mel.




Holly walks into the restaurant.

Ross is sitting at a table.

He stands up, "Holly."

She smiles, "Great to see you Ross."

The two hug.

She sits down.

He looks at her, "I'm so glad that you could make it today. I know that you're a very busy woman lately."

She nods, "I am. But I always have time for my good friends and my family. You are both. So what were you hoping to talk about with me?"

He shakes his head, "I was just hoping to see how you were doing."

She smiles, "I'd love to believe that. But I don't think that's what's on your mind."

He sighs, "No it's not."

She nods, "Okay."

He looks at her, "It's Blake."

Holly nods, "I know."

He sits back, "I love Blake. Blake loves me. But right now is not a good time for us to be getting back together."

Holly stares, "Does she want to get back together?"

Ross shakes his head, "Not exactly. After we got you both home from Santo Domingo, she threw herself at me. And with every strength I had inside of me, I pushed her away."

Holly shakes her head, "That's not going to make her feel good."

He nods, "I know. I hated doing it. All I wanted was to be close with her again. But she has a lot of emotions right now. I know she isn't ready."

Holly nods, "You're a good man Ross."

He sighs, "Well do you have any advice for this good man?"

She laughs, "You're also an older wiser man. So I think you know you're doing the right thing. There is nothing I can really tell you that you don't already know."

He stares, "Thanks."

She smiles, "You know in your heart that you and Blake will get back together. Right now you're just dealing with the frustrations of waiting for that moment."

He shakes his head, "I'm not sure that I can."

She stares, "You had better. Or else you're going to regret it."

The two stare at each other.




Marah looks behind her desk.

Ava's missing person fliers are scattered everywhere.

Marah begins piling them all up quickly.

She is beginning to panic.

She can hear Edmund's footsteps.

She runs over and locks her doors.


Edmund is on the other side with security.

He tries to open the doors, but they are locked.

He pulls and knocks, "Marah? Marah did you lock the door?

She hollers, "Yes. Everything's fine."

He nods, "May we come in? I brought security to check everything out and see what they could find."

She hollers, "No! I got it! It's fine."

Edmund keeps knocking, "Are you sure."

She shouts, "Yes! Edmund, thank you."

He sighs, "Marah you're scaring me. Could you please let me in? If you don't I'm going to be really worried. Please Marah? What's going on?"

Marah pushes everything behind her desk.

She walks over and opens the door.

She smiles, "Hey."

He walks in, "Everything okay?"

The security guard walks in as well.

She looks at him, "It's fine. Everything it okay."

Edmund shakes his head, "Someone broke in here."

She shakes her head, "It's not a big deal. Probably just an angry guest or something."

He stares, "Are you okay?"

She nods, "I'm fine. But I have a lot of work to do. Could we catch up later?"

He nods, "Okay... see you later."

Edmund kisses Marah.

He walks out with the security guard.

A frustrated Marah walks back to her desk.



Mel and Dinah stare at each other.

Dinah shakes her head, "I don't understand."

Mel nods, "You really didn't know."

Dinah sighs, "Why would Belinda even do that? Leah isn't interested in RJ is she?"

Mel scoffs, "No."

Dinah sighs, "I'm just trying to understand what would provoke her to do something like that. She couldn't have done it for no reason."

Mel shakes her head, "It's clear to me that you don't know you're daughter."

Dinah stares, "Don't tell me what I know."

Mel sighs, "I'm not trying to be mean. But what she did is wrong and it was a big deal. Do you know how many kids have committed suicide over something like that?"

Dinah nods, "Yes! And I'm going to talk to Belinda the second I see her. I had no idea she had done something like this."

Mel stares, "I'm a Mom. I'm not trying to blame you for Belinda's actions. Believe me I hate the fact that my daughter was foolish enough to take that photo and even more foolish to send it to her boyfriend. But I know that Leah has a good heart. Deep down she is a good person."

Dinah stares, "Are you implying that my daughter isn't?"

Mel shakes her head, "I don't know your daughter. I know that I've talked to other parents. And they all know more about Belinda than you do."

Dinah shakes her head, "Like what?"

Mel nods, "People are afraid of her! Girls fear of getting in Belinda's way. Teachers don't know how to handle her anymore.

Dinah sighs, "Okay. I know Belinda has a rough exterior. That's not news to me."

Mel sighs, "I think you need to get to know her better."

Dinah scoffs, "What? You think my daughter is some evil bitch?"

Mel looks at her, "I don't like hearing women call each other whores, bitches, sluts. Every time I hear Leah say it I get angry. And yes, I've used those words too. But I am not saying that about your daughter."

Dinah stares, "So what are you saying?"

Mel sighs, "Your daughter is not nice. She is not friendly. She is not warm. She is scaring the other kids at the school. And my daughter is not the only target of hers."

Dinah just shakes her head.

Mel nods, "Your daughter is the school bully. I'm sorry Dinah."

Mel walks away.

Springfield High:

Marti and Belinda stare at each other.

Marti smiles, "I will never understand what RJ sees in you."

Belinda nods, "Funny because I know exactly what Zach sees in you."

Marti laughs, "Are you envious of my relationship with Zach now? Isn't he your cousin?"

Belinda smirks, "Funny. Incest jokes from the southern chick. How ironic."

Marti stares, "I'm not going to cry just because you insult me. I'm not going to throw a big fit and make a scene. I can see through your big tough girl act."

Belinda grins, "It's not an act. You clearly haven't gotten to know me very well."

She nods, "I know enough. I know you're a big partier. I know you get in fights. I know the number of guys you have slept with matches your IQ."

Belinda nods, "And I can see through your crap too. All sweet and goody on the outside like Leah. But on the inside you're a just a pathetic little whore. Accusing a guy of rape to save your reputation? Sounds like Oklahoma couldn't wait to get rid of a basket case like you."

Marti grins, "Lucky for you. I'm in Springfield now."

Belinda nods, "Unlucky for you."

Marti nods, "I'm not a Bauer. I'm a Lewis. When I see what I want, I go after it. Can you really blame me for that?"

Belinda looks at her, "You think I'm threatened by you?"

Marti grins, "In case you haven't noticed, no girlfriend has ever stood in my way of getting the guy that I want."

Belinda nods, "And in case you haven't noticed, I'm very vengeful. And there is no line that I won't cross to get back at someone who has crossed me."

Marti nods, "Well Belinda Marler. It sounds to me like you are wanting to start a battle?"

Belinda stares, "Trust me. You don't want that."

Marti and Belinda stare each other down.


Coop steps out, "Excuse me? Where are you two supposed to be?"

Belinda and Marti each exchange a look before heading into their classrooms.


Dylan and Bridget look at Clarissa.

She walks over, "You three look perfect together. It's amazing."

Dylan shakes his head, "Clarissa. You need to pause yourself."

She shakes her head, "I know what I want. I want my son to be happy. And I want to give him the best life. But I can't do that by myself."

Bridget stares, "Clarissa you are emotional right now."

Clarissa sighs, "I'm always emotional! I'm 18."

Bridget nods, "Lots of women younger than you have been Mom's and have been able to make it work."

Clarissa shakes her head, "I'm not one of them! I kept my son for the wrong reasons and I already regret it. I should have given him up for adoption when he was born. But I was too chicken."

Dylan sighs, "Clarissa, you don't know what you're saying."

Clarissa nods, "I've been researching. I know what we would have to do to make this legal. I wasn't sure I could trust another couple with my son. But when I see you two... it makes sense."

Bridget stares, "Wouldn't you rather have someone closer to your family? Or maybe you'd even want a stranger. So you don't have to get close."

Clarissa shakes her head, "I love Adam. I can't send him away and never see him again. But I can't have my Mom raising him. I can't pretend like he's my brother or my nephew or something. I can't see him at holidays and pretend nothing is going on. But I can handle this."

Dylan shakes his head, "Bridget and I have been trying to have a baby. And for you to do this right now, it's a lot for us to handle."

Clarissa nods, "I can give you an amazing gift and you can give him one."

Dylan shakes his head, "I'm not letting my wife get her hopes up."

Clarissa walks over to Bridget, "You believe me don't you."

Bridget sighs, "I have been involved in adoption before. It can get ugly. It's not even close to being easy. It's so hard and it's so painful."

Clarissa nods, "I know. But Adam's life is going to be so much better because of it. You can save him Bridget. You can give him a happy life."

Bridget has tears in her eyes.

Dylan looks at her, "Honey."

Clarissa sighs, "You already love him don't you? He just feels like your son, I can tell."

Bridget looks down at Adam.

Clarissa sighs, "We can give it a week or two. But I really hope you do this. Please?"

Bridget and Dylan stare at each other.


Ross and Holly sit together.

Ross stares at her, "You really think I could ruin things with Blake by jumping into our relationship so soon?"

Holly nods, "Listen Ross. You're not going to want to hear this. But you are much older than Blake."

Ross laughs, "Holly tell me something I don't know."

She sighs, "You're not just older by years. Maturity, wiseness, experience. You're even wiser than you were when you left. We all are. Our generation is officially the elders."

He laughs, "Come on."

Holly nods, "It's true. I realized it not that long ago. Ed and I sit around and watch our children and grandchildren get themselves into crazy situations. And we can see how easily it is to be avoided. You see it too don't you?"

Ross nods, "Yes."

Holly grins, "It's like a new language that we have picked up at our age. But what we forget now, is what we used to be like. That used to be us making all of the crazy mistakes, getting in over our heads, not understanding our own feelings and paying the price for our ridiculous actions."

Ross nods, "And now Blake."

Holly sighs, "Blake hasn't gotten to where you are. She doesn't understand why you keep pushing her away. I understand it, you do. But she doesn't."

Ross sits back, "I feel like we're talking about a child."

Holly laughs, "For me I am. But I know Blake is the love of your life. You just need to let her figure this out on her own. You can't hold her hand."

He sighs, "I really thought it would be easier."

Holly shakes her head, "When you were gone... I thought Blake would only come out stronger. Unfortunately that wasn't the case at first. She made a lot of crazy mistakes. She let men, sex, and power take over. Those were her weaknesses. Her relationship with Remy was good for her, until it became self destructive."

Ross sighs, "I just hate that the kids have suffered so much. Jason seems to be doing fine. But Kevin just has so much anger inside him. And Clarissa... it breaks my heart to know how much of her struggles in life could have been avoided if I had been there."

Holly nods, "And now she's pushing you away. Because she needs to deal with it."

He looks at Holly, "But she's crazy about you."

Holly nods, "Of course. I'm the Grandma. What's not to love? Belinda seems to like you a lot."

Ross laughs, "That's true. I always hear she causes trouble for Mallet and Dinah. But she is quite funny and charming around me."

Holly grins, "I told you. We're old."

He laughs, "But we aren't dead yet."

The two smile at each other.



Michelle and J are walking and eating.

She looks at him, "I'll be honest. You're a lot more funny than I was expecting."

He laughs, "You always thought I was funny."

She sighs, "I mean the new you. The grown up J Chamberlain."

He shakes his head, "Nah. I'm just older."

She sighs, "Maybe."

He looks at her, "But you are less cold than I was expecting."

She scoffs, "Cold? Seriously? That's an insult."

He shakes his head, "I don't know. You always seem so serious. You don't smile very often. You were always so chipper and sweet when we were young."

She nods, "I'm still sweet. I just have a lot going on. I'm a single Mom. I'm a doctor."

He nods, "True."

Michelle looks at him, "Does everyone think I'm cold?"

He shakes his head, "I can't speak for the staff at Cedars."

She looks at him, "Come on."

He shakes his head, "I feel like we're in high school right now."

She sighs, "I don't mean to be cold."

He nods, "I know. I figured you out now. You just take yourself to seriously."

She scoffs, "I do not."

He nods, "Yeah you do actually. You just need to remember how to be fun again. Just embarrass yourself for fun."

She scoffs, "How?"

He grins, "Stand on that bench and scream something."

She laughs, "No."

He grins, "I knew it. Predictable Michelle."

J keeps walking.

Michelle shakes her head.

She walks over and jumps up on the bench.

She screams, "My name is Michelle Bauer! And I'm not predictable!!!!!!!!"

J laughs and claps.

She looks at him, "Okay, now you get up here and do it."

He shakes his head, "I'm no copy cat."

She scoffs, "You jerk! You suck!"

He walks over to help her down.

A laughing Michelle jumps down and stumbles into his arms.

The two stare at each other.

Michelle sighs, "We should get back."

She starts to walk towards the hospital.

J follows.


Marah is in her office.

She is trying to call Annie.

She leaves her a message, "Annie. What the hell is wrong with you? Please call me back right now."

She hangs up.

Marah is shredding all of the fliers.

She puts all of the shredded remains into a sack.

Marah carries it out of her office.

She sneaks off and throws it into the dumpster.

A very nervous Marah walks over to the security office.

The guard is sitting inside.

He looks over, "Ms. Lewis?"

She nods, "Uh. May I have a moment alone? I need to do some inspections. I'll be very quick."

He gets up, "Right away Ms. Lewis."

Marah walks over to the back corner.

She sees where the TV used to be.

All of the evidence against her in the kidnapping for Ava.

It's all gone.

Marah shakes her head.

She walks out to the hall.

She looks at the guard, "Has anyone been in there?"

He shakes his head, "No. But I'm just the day guard. Why? What's wrong?"

Marah storms off.

She rushes back into her office.

She feels sick to her stomach in fear.


Lewis Enterprises hosts an event

The roommates party together

James questions Leah

Belinda's parents confront her

Rafe gets upsetting news


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