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S3 Episode 86



Devstating confrontations in Springfield...


Springfield High:


Leah approaches Zach and Marti.

Zach looks at her, "Leah please let me explain."

She shouts, "No!!!"

Marti starts to walk towards her, "Oh God. Leah I am so sorry."

Leah backs away, "You stay away from me!"

Zach sighs, "Please Leah, just listen.'

Leah is crying, "When?"

He nods, "At the fraternity party. You didn't go with me that night and I was really upset and drunk."

Leah scoffs, "So what this was some sort of revenge? What about you Marti? What the hell did I ever do to you?"

Marti shakes her head, "No Leah! I had no idea that he was your boyfriend."

Leah nods, "But you knew he wasn't your boyfriend!"

Marti looks down.

Leah looks at her, "I knew you told me that you had a problem going after other people's boyfriends. But I never imagined you would do this."

Marti sighs, "I am so sorry."

Leah shakes her head, "I was a good friend to you. I invited you into my life! I told you everything! And the whole time you were keeping this from me."

Marti sighs, "I feel horrible."

Leah stares, "Don't just feel bad for me. Feel bad for yourself. You are so pathetic that you are willing to sleep with a guy you don't even know! You are such a whore!"

Marti shakes her head, "I'm not a whore."

Leah looks at them, "You two are disgusting."

Zach walks over to Leah, "Please."

She backs away, "No. Don't touch me."

He sighs, "Leah I never wanted to hurt you."

Leah smacks Zach across the face.


Museum Apartment:


Rocky comes home from work.

He is very exhausted.

Kevin comes over, "Hey! You're home."

Rocky sighs, "Yeah. Stephanie had a date tonight so I decided I should come home now."

Kevin looks at him, "Good. I really missed you around here. Everyone has actually."

Rocky nods, "Yeah."

Kevin walks towards him, "Can we talk about what happened?"

Rocky sighs, "I don't know. Are you going to lose your temper again? Are you going to start throwing things or something?"

Kevin scoffs, "That's not fair."

Rocky sighs, "Not fair? I'll tell you what is not fair! I am afraid of my own boyfriend! I can't get into arguments with you anymore, because I know you'll over react."

Kevin sighs, "I'm not always like that!"

Rocky shakes his head, "I am trying to be understanding. But I hate violence and yelling and hate. And you have so much inside of you Kevin. You have so much hate in you that it's pretty scary."

Kevin looks at him, "But when I'm with you, I feel like I can let my guard down and I can relax."

Rocky sighs, "Is that how you felt when you beat up that jerk at the club?"

Kevin walks towards him, "In case you forgot, that guy threatened you. If anyone comes after you I will tear them a part. I'm not going to deny that."

Rocky looks at him, "And I love that you want to protect me. But I'm a cop. I'm a strong person. I can take care of myself. I'm tired of everything thinking that just because I'm gay or because I'm young or because I'm trusting that I can't protect myself out there."

Kevin nods, "I know."

Rocky sighs, "I get enough from my family. And the guys at work. And one of the big reasons Shayne and I didn't work was because he tried to protect me too much."

Kevin looks down.

Rocky takes his hand, "I need you to pull yourself together, If not for me then for yourself, can you do that?"

Kevin stares at Rocky.




Stephanie and Peter sit together.

They are enjoying their meal in his room.

He looks at her, "Have you ever ate dinner at guy's place on the first date?"

Stephanie nods, "Hmm... do you count Company as Coop's place?"

Peter stares, "You went on a date with Coop here?"

Stephanie laughs, "His family owned the diner at the time. We practically were here every day when we were together."

Peter nods, "I didn't even think about that."

Stephanie laughs, "It's okay. I like it here."

He nods, "Good. Maybe we can make some new memories."

She smiles, "Well lucky for me, you just came back to town so I don't have to worry about competing with other women from your past."

He nods, "So any other ex boyfriends I should worry about running into?"

Stephanie shakes her head, "No, just Coop. Sam is recovering out of the country. Guillespie is MIA. And Remy Boudreau was my boyfriend for a while but he passed away last spring after a car accident."

Peter stares, "Oh I'm so sorry. Everyone at the station talks about him. He sounds like he was a real hero."

Stephanie nods, "He was. But he got tangled up with the Spauldings and that is a death sentence around here."

Peter nods, "I'll remember that."

Stephanie sighs, "Talking about my ex boyfriends on the first date. That's a good sign."

He laughs, "It doesn't bother me, I brought it up."

She nods, "So let's see, we are eating at your place on the first date, we are talking about past relationships, what's next?"

He smiles, "I don't know, do you kiss on the first date?"

She laughs, "Oh my God! You did not ask me!"

He sighs, "What?"

She shakes her head, "No, you can't kiss me now, you just killed it."

He nods, "Okay, it's your call. But you're missing out."

She grins, "Am I?"

He nods, "I think so."

Stephanie smiles at Peter.




Michelle is walking down the hall.

She goes to Chief Grant's office.

She walks in, "May I speak with you?"

He nods, "Of course Dr. Bauer."

She sighs, "I'm not usually one to complain. But may I ask why you removed several of my patients from me?"

He sighs, "Michelle, it was nothing personal. I gave you cases I thought you could handle better."

Michelle scoffs, "Charles if this is some sort of sexist-"

He stops her, "Michelle. You know me better than that. I did this because I was worried about you as a friend."

She shakes her head, "What?"

He nods, "Your patient Mr. Thomas, the father with two kids, that's a lot for you to deal with."

She shakes her head, "What?"

He nods, "We both know how you get this time of year around the hospital. The anniversary of Danny's death."

She shakes her head, "No."

He nods, "Michelle, every year you say this but you still struggle with your work. I don't want something bad to happen. So I'm changing your case load."

Michelle nods, "Well I would hope you'd respect me enough to trust that I know what I can handle."

He sighs, "I'm sorry."

She looks at him, "Who did you give my patient to?"

He nods, "Dr. Chamberlain."

She scoffs, "J?"

He nods, "Yes."

Michelle storms out of the office.


She goes walking out of the hallway and bumps into J Chamberlain.

He looks at her, "In a hurry?"

She stares at him.




Annie is making herself another drink before bed.

Marah storms through the door.

Annie drops her glass.

Marah sees the alcohol, "Oh my God!"

Annie picks it up, "How dare you just rush into my room like that?"

Marah shakes her head, "I don't care Annie. I came here because I need to find out the truth."

Annie stares, "About what?"

Marah nods, "Did you sleep with Edmund."

Annie stares, "What?"

Marah sighs, "Edmund said that you were the woman he slept with that night. He was drunk and the two of you went back up to his room... and you had sex with him."

Annie scoffs, "Who are you going to believe?"

Marah shakes her head, "I told him you didn't drink anymore... now I see that's bull. And I know that you were so angry with me that night, because I was going to tell Edmund the truth about Ava's kidnapping. I was ready to face the music. You would have done anything to stop me! You said it yourself."

Annie nods, "Fine."

Marah shakes her head, "You aren't denying it?"

Annie shakes her head, "No Marah I'm not. I slept with Edmund that night and I made it easy for you to find out without realizing it was me."

Marah starts to cry, "Why?"

Annie nods, "It was for your own good."

Marah shakes her head, "How could you?"

Annie sighs, "I wanted to protect you Marah! I had to protect both of us. You would have gotten us both thrown into prison for the rest of our lives."

Marah backs away, "Oh my God. You're insane."

Annie's face goes cold, "Don't you ever call me that. Ever."

Marah turns away, "I'm done, I can't do this anymore."

Annie looks at her, "No! Don't you dare walk away from me! Or I promise you Marah, you will be sorry!"

A scared Marah turns and looks at her.

Springfield High:

Zach rubs his face.

Leah looks at him, "How could you do this to me? I told you I loved you!"

He sighs, "You still do love me! That hasn't changed has it?"

She cries, "I don't even know who you are!"

He nods, "Yes you do."

She nods, "You knew about the sext all along didn't you?"

He is confused, "What?"

She sighs, "You knew that Belinda was the one who sent it around. And you let James take the fall, even when you knew it was ruining his life."

Zach sighs, "I'm sorry."

She cries, "Why would you do that?"

He nods, "I had to keep James away from you!"

She shouts, "Why?"

He sighs, "He's a creep! He has had feelings for you since Spring Break and he was waiting to take advantage of you at a weak moment."

Leah shakes her head, "Oh my God. Do you ever take responsibility for anything? How did you get spoiled so rotten? What's wrong with you?"

He scoffs, "You knew this was me when we got together."

She cries, "I got a room for tonight! I was going to give my virginity too you! I was so excited! I feel like such an idiot."

He walks towards her, "Leah..."

She screams, "You're such a bastard!!!"

Leah goes running back into the school.

A frustrated Zach turns away.


James walks from around the corner.

Zach looks at him, "Save your speech okay? Let me guess. I got what I deserved?"

James shakes his head, "No."

He punches Zach.

Zach falls down.

James nods, "Now you have."



Michelle backs away from J.

He looks at her, "Something got you stressed Dr. Bauer?"

She sighs, "Apparently people at this hospital think that just because I'm a woman that I can't handle my emotions when it comes to my work."

He shakes his head, "Are you sure it's because you're a woman?"

She scoffs, "I knew you'd be the same way."

He laughs, "You know me so well."

She sighs, "I know you were nice when we were kids."

He nods, "I'm still nice, just more handsome and funny."

She shakes her head, "Well you've yet to make me laugh."

He grins, "Guess I'm just handsome then."

She rolls her eyes.

He nods, "See that's an emotion. Rolling your eyes. Getting emotional at work Dr. Bauer?"

She scoffs, "It's not interfering with my work."

He nods, "Okay."

She shakes her head, "I know we don't get along, but we do work together. Can we try to not rip each other's heads off?"

He laughs, "I'm not the one who is mad. I think it's cute when you're stressed."

Michelle scoffs.

J walks away.

Ashlee walks over to Michelle.

Michelle scoffs, "He is such a jerk! He thinks he so suave and cool and charming. What is his deal? Like women really fall for that stuff."

Ashlee nods, "I get it Michelle. You have a crush on Dr. Chamberlain."

She turns to Ashlee, "Shut up."

Ashlee laughs.


Peter walks back into the room.

He just finished cleaning up after them.

She smiles, "It was very brave of you to leave me alone in your room."

He grins, "Hope you didn't find anything."

She laughs, "I'm sure it would be nothing I haven't seen before."

He sits down, "I feel like things are going just too perfect. Something has to go wrong tonight doesn't it?"

She nods, "Well I imagine something does. We just have to hope it's something we can handle."

He nods, "Well I guess we should take control."

She shakes her head, "What do you mean?"

He knocks over his glass.

She laughs, "What are you doing?"

He sighs, "See, now something has gone wrong! Nothing else can go wrong tonight."

She grins, "Smart thinking. Have fun cleaning that up later."

He nods, "I will."

The two stare at each other.

Peter stands up, "It's getting late and I remember you said you have some errands in the morning. Should I walk you home now?"

She stares, "You're not going to make a move?"

He laughs, "On the first date? Psh."

She smiles.

The two walk out to the hallway.

He looks at her, "Well we have the whole walk to your place to have our first kiss."

The two stop at her door.

She grins, "We're here."

He sighs, "Damn."

She smiles, "Peter."

He looks at her.

Stephanie kisses him.

Peter smiles.

She smiles, "Thank you for making this night perfect."

He grins, "Will I get a second date?"

She grins, "We'll see, I know where to find you."

He nods, "Goodnight."

She smiles, "Goodnight."

Stephanie goes back into her room.

Springfield High:

Zach can feel his face swelling from the punch.

James looks down at him, "For years I always looked up to you. You were so cool and confident, great with girls. But now I just feel embarrassed by you."

Zach scoffs, "You would think someone as smart as you would realize I was trying to protect you too."

He shakes his head, "What are you talking about?"

Zach gets up.

The two brothers stare at each other.

Zach sighs, "You put your heart out there for Leah. And it was going to break."

James shakes his head, "You don't know that."

Zach nods, "She likes me, someone who's confident, strong, a little bad. So why the hell would she go for a guy like you?"

James scoffs, "What's wrong with me?"

Zach sighs, "You're scared, weak, and boring. I'm sorry James. I was afraid you'd get hurt."

James's backs away from his brother, "Screw you."

James walks to his car.

Inside Leah is crying in the girls bathroom.


Spencer walks in, "Leah?"

Leah hollers from the stall, "Emma is that you?"

Spencer nods, "Yeah."

Leah gets out, "Thank God!"

She runs over and hugs her.

Spencer holds her.

Leah sighs, "You are the only real friend I have. I can't trust anyone else."

Spencer sighs, "I'm so sorry. I heard what my brother did. What a douche."

Leah shakes her head, "I'm done with him. All guys suck."

Spencer sighs, "Well it's his loss. Anyone who has someone perfect standing right in front of them who settles for someone less is a fool."

Leah nods, "Yeah."

Spencer nods, "If you really want to be with someone you won't let stupid petty things get in the way."

Leah stares, "Oh my God."

Spencer looks at her, "What?"

Leah cries, "I have to go talk to your brother! I made a huge mistake!"

Leah runs past her.

Spencer turns, "No Leah!"

Spencer worries about her going back to Zach.

Leah goes running through the dance.

She runs past everyone.

She goes to the front door and swings it open.

She sees him standing outside.

She shouts, "Wait!!!"

Museum Apartment:

Kevin and Rocky are together.

Kevin turns, "I know I scared you that night. Just like I scared you the night I attacked you."

Rocky nods, "I don't like bringing that up, but yeah."

Kevin sits on the couch, "Lately I've been thinking about my Grandfather. Everyone keeps telling me how horrible and scary he was. All the things he did to people in this town."

Rocky sits by him.

Kevin sighs, "You know he was married to your Mom? He was horrible to her too."

Rocky sighs, "What's all this about?"

Kevin nods, "Maybe I'm just another Roger Thorpe."

Rocky shakes his head, "No. Don't do that Kevin."

Kevin sighs, "It's in my blood Rocky! Maybe I'm just naturally a dark, angry, hateful, violent person. Maybe I can't change that."

Rocky scoffs, "So what you're not going to even try?"

Kevin shakes his head, "I didn't say that."

Rocky stands up, "I'm trying to sympathize with you. But it's hard when you act like this. Can't you just grow up and deal with it like an adult."

Kevin sighs, "What do you want me to do?"

Rocky nods, "Go to anger management again."

Kevin scoffs, "Those people are stupid. That stuff doesn't work."

Rocky nods, "It worked last time."

Kevin shakes his head, "No! I told you, it was you that made me change. I changed because I was falling in love with you."

Rocky sighs, "Well apparently I'm not cutting it these days. You need to get help Kevin, before something worse happens."

Kevin gets up, "Whatever."

Rocky looks at him, "Please! Do something, before it destroys everything we've worked through."

Rocky leaves to take a shower.

A frustrated Kevin tries to calm down.


Annie and Marah stare each other down.

Marah looks at her, "Are you really threatening me again? Is this the kind of person you are Annie?"

Annie scoffs, "Don't act innocent Marah! You are so selfish!"

Marah shakes her head, "I'm selfish? You slept with the man I love! You ruined my relationship!"

Annie nods, "And you ruined mine! Josh and I were happy! I had turned my whole life around. Everything was perfect. Then you came to me and told me that you had kidnapped Ava. And I helped you. Ever since then my life has been falling a part. All because of you Marah."

Marah shakes her head, "I didn't make you help me."

Annie nods, "But I did. Because I love you."

Marah cries, "I was messed up in the head! I was devastated over my miscarriage! I felt abandoned by Jeffrey, Shayne and my family. You should have turned me in before it got out of hand."

Annie shakes her head, "Don't act like you really want that."

Marah nods, "You should have. Maybe then things wouldn't have gotten out of hand. And things would have been easier for both of us."

Annie scoffs, "I did it all for you!"

Marah shakes her head, "Don't act like you got nothing out of it. You loved me being in the palm of your hand. You made me into a mini version of you!"

Annie scoffs, "There is only one Annie Dutton!"

Marah shakes her head, "I lost my sense of self because of you!"

Annie grabs Marah, "I did what was best for you! I love you! You, Shayne, and your father are my entire world. You always have been."

Marah pulls away, "Stop! Stop! Stop doing that! Stop acting like you're married to Dad! Stop acting like you're Shayne's Mom. Stop acting like you're my Mom."

Annie shakes her head, "How can you say that?"

Marah stares, "You can try all you want but you'll never be in my real mother. You will never be Reva!"

Annie slaps Marah across the face.

Marah holds her face.

She turns and stares at Annie in shock.

A very upset Marah turns and storms out.

Annie's cold face watches as Marah leaves and slams the door behind her.

Springfield High:

Leah goes running out of the school.

She sees him in the parking lot.

She shouts, "Wait!!! James!"

James turns around.

She cries, "I am so sorry! I was so stupid. You were there for me the whole time. You always tried to protect me. I never even realized that you liked me that way."

He stares at her.

She sighs, "I never realized that I liked you that way."

James looks at Leah.

Leah sighs, "If you can find it in you heart... will you give me a chance... please?"

Leah hopefully looks at James.

Inside of the dance.

Zach walks out of the bathroom.

He has cleaned his face up.

Marti is outside of the bathroom.

She hands him his coat.

He takes it, "Thanks."

She sighs, "Do you want to talk?"

He nods, "I would like that."

Marti takes his hand.

The two walk out together.

Outside of the school.

Leah stares at James.

James walks up to her.

She smiles at him.

He smiles back at her.

James puts his hands on Leah's face.

The two lean close and kiss.

They stare into each other's eyes.

James and Leah smile at each other.


Teen drama continues

Another episode of "Light Talk"

Marah gets a shocking surprise

Clarissa goes to someone for help

Liz bonds with Colin

J has a proposition for Michelle


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I have so much to comment about this episode. One of the things that I appreciate on FTL is that even if I tune out for a few episodes, I can always be invested to tune back in and know what's going on. FTL acts just like a real daytime drama. What GL should have been when DK/EP were writing it.

I was hoping the whole time for someone to punch someone during the teen drama and when Zach hit James, it was a sigh of relief. I was kind of hoping for Leah (in the heat of the moment) to slap James but in the end true love conquers all.

I ran into Karla Mosley on the streets in Times Square and thought of your blog. She was nice, all smiles, but like everyone else in NYC she was on her way somewhere and had no time to talk. Remy's death seems very similar to how Coop went on GL. It just seems like no one can ever stay together in Sprinfield so I'm not to sure if these two will last.

Rocky and Kevin's relationship seem abusive so why don't they just cut their loses? Or are they truly meant to be together and they want their relationship to survive? I'm rooting for these two but I'm sort of hoping for Shayne to try to make it some sort of love triangle.

Michelle getting a new man? For me it will always be Danny. I swear if it were PP, a Danny clone would emerge during Michelle's wedding. And of course Ash is there for bleeps and giggles.

My favorite scene was between Annie and Michelle. It was as if I could picture Cynthia giving that amazing Annie passion that she had when she was on the show. Thank you for that psychotic/delusional slap. I'm hoping that Rena gets wind of this and puts an end to Annie's need for a "family" that was never hers. (Though I would still be rooting for Annie).

I'm glad to see that you still write this blog. I feel like mySONtv has changed since a year ago. Almost true to real soaps. Eerie isn't it?

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  • Members

I find it really ironic that Leah continually calls people "slut", "whore", etc. I know that she has been hurt by people and has every right to be angry, but this girl has one major case of "I'm better than you". It was totally uncalled for Belinda to send that text, but truthfully Leah's mouth seems to be an issue. Truthfully, I think that Leah, Belinda, and Zach need to get their respective asses kicked. Leah for her mouth..Zach for what he has done to his brother & Leah...and Belinda for what she did to Leah.

And with that said, I hope that if Leah and James get together, that James is good to her and that Leah isn't using him as a rebound.

As for this Kevin and Rocky thing...I'm not sure I like where this is going. Kevin has some major anger issues and I'm afraid that they stem from his father disappearing for a few years. I'm not sure if there is abuse in the relationship, but I have a feeling that there is the possibility for it to arise. Kevin needs to get some major help. If not, he may end up like his grandfather, Roger. Always angry at the world and never stopping to think before doing.

Speaking of Marlers....I have a prediction that Clarissa will place baby Adam up for adoption. That little one needs some serious support and not just the money type. AND what's going on with Jason, Blake, and Ross respectively? Uh!

My favorite scene? Annie with Marah. Right now Marah IS miniature Annie. Blaming people for her problems, but I just kept picturing CW in the role of Annie with that passion of hers. Especially with that slap. I hate to say it, but Marah did kinda deserve it. Not to say that Annie is blameless, but she did pretty much screw up her relationship with Josh to help Marah... Wait till Reva gets wind of this!!!

All I know is this...FTL is the Guiding Light that I remember. I can't wait to "watch" the next episode, the characters are well rounded, and I can't help but love people I hate AND hate people I love.

Keep them coming!

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I love big comments lol!

I'm so glad people enjoy reading my stuff. I've a hard time keeping up but I love getting comments, it really helps me keep it going.

I think it will always be a question to James if he is really Leah's second choice. But at the end of the day it's clear that even though Leah liked Zach more, James loved Leah more than Zach could.

Karla Mosely seems really sweet when I see her interviewed.

Rocky and Kevin have a big storyline coming up. And it will tie in Kevin's family as well. We'll be seeing a lot more of the Marler's very soon. Kevin's anger is going to get worse before it gets better.

Michelle and J were young love interests in the 90's. Michelle knows Danny is the love of her life and right now J isn't trying to hard to impress her. But that might be what she wants.

I'm loving writing the Marah and Annie story. I love everything about Annie's character, the good and the bad. And Marah has definitly molded into a little Annie. Though it's sort of back firing on both of them. Some good twists in this story coming up.

I'm so glad you guys enjoy this! There will be so many other big things coming up.

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