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S3 Episode 57



People face the darkness of real life in Springfield...




Jesse sits in the waiting room.

Gus is sitting a few seats away.

Both are very tense and worried.


Michelle walks over.

They both stand.

Jesse sighs, "Is she okay?"

Michelle sighs, "She's alive."

Gus shakes his head, "Is she okay?"

Michelle looks at them, "Drew had her window rolled down. She turned and the firework flew at her and it exploded right in her face. She is lucky that worse damage wasn't done. Unfortunately there was some serious injuries that she suffered."

Jesse nods, "What is it?"

Michelle sighs, "There was too much damage done to her eyes. Surgery didn't help."

Gus looks at her, "Please don't beat around the bush."

Michelle nods, "We were unable to repair the damage. As of right now she has lost her sight."

Jesse stares, "So... Drew is blind?"

Michelle nods, "I'm afraid so."

Gus looks at her, "Does she know?"

Michelle nods, "Yes of course."

Jesse sighs, "How did she take it?"

Michelle shakes her head, "She isn't saying much. Demanding to be left alone mostly."

Gus and Jesse are silent.

Michelle sighs, "Would either of you like me to find out if she wants to see you?"

Jesse nods, "Uh... yeah."

Gus shakes his head, "No."

They both look at him.

Gus sighs, "I'm probably the last person she wants to..."

Gus just goes back and sits down.

Michelle puts her arm around Jesse.

Both men think about the last things they said to her.


Spaulding Mansion:


Amanda Spaulding walks down the hallway.

She can't stop thinking about everything that happened at the Bauer Barbecue last week.

She opens the door to her room.


She walks in and sees Dalton lying naked in her bed still.

She shuts the door, "What the hell are you doing?"

He turns, "Well look who's home?"

She scoffs, "First off I'm not even going to mention how disgustingly lazy you are. But do you know how stupid this is? What if someone had walked in here and saw you?"

He laughs, "They'd think I was waiting to surprise my dear old Mom with a very interesting welcome."

She throws his clothes at him, "Knock it off."

He laughs, "You have been all over me these past couple of days. You sure like sneaking around huh?"

She shakes her head, "Shut up."

He gets out of bed.

She turns away.

He laughs, "Nothing you haven't seen before."

She sighs, "Just get dressed and get out of my room."

He pulls his pants on, "You didn't expect us to start doing this again did you?"

She sighs, "You still don't get it! If someone sees this they are going to figure out what is going on and then we are both screwed."

He walks over, "Relax. Either they will think that we are a screwed up mother and son. Or they will realize that I'm not really your son. Either way would be bad."

He kisses Amanda's neck.

Amanda looks in the mirror and stares at the reflection of the two of them.




Stephanie is packing her stuff up.

Her room is full of boxes.

There is a knock on the door.

She hollers, "Who is it?"


Guillespie's voice responds, "It's me Babe."

She gets up and walks over to let him in, "Hey, I didn't expect to see you until later."

He grins, "I like being early. What is going on here? You getting rid of some stuff?"

She shakes her head, "Oh no. I didn't tell you? I'm moving out of the Beacon it's getting too expensive for my police salary. Though the room service was pretty sweet."

He looks at her, "You aren't moving back in with your parents are you? We wouldn't be able to spend time together."

She looks at hi, "Relax. I got a room over at the Reardon Boarding House. I talked with Matt."

He stares, "What's that?"

She nods, "Oh, the diner Company. Matt Reardon is running it now and he's renting rooms in the boarding house upstairs. It's actually not to bad. I was over there all the time when I dated Coop."

Guillespie scoffs, "First of all, I'm not in the mood to hear about another ex loser. Second, you know that place is like the center of everything in this lame town. Why would you think it would be smart to move in there? You trying to ditch me?"

She sighs, "You are way to paranoid. It's cheaper. And I like the food at Company."

He shakes his head, "It's hard enough getting around here without bumping into someone who hates me. Now my girlfriend is going to be living above the stupid greasy spoon of Springfield?"

She stares, "Don't get grumpy. You always get like this."

He shakes his head, "Whatever."

She shakes her head, "Don't get grumpy with the girl who is holding your stuff. You left some things here."

She accidently drops his jacket.

A small bag falls out.

She picks it up and sees the pills inside.

She stares at him.



Most of Springfield's teens are at the beach.


James, Jude, and Robbie's band "Light Rampage" is playing on a mini stage they have set up.

James stands on the stage.

Jude looks at him, "You're not screwing up this time are you?"

James sighs, "Shut up."

Robbie laughs, "That was awkward. What was up with that?"

James looks out at Zach and Leah laying on a towel.


Zach is kissing Leah.

The two are making out on the beach.

Zach whispers to her, "Let's go somewhere more private."

She shakes her head, "Why we aren't going to have sex."

He scoffs, "Why can't I be alone with you without you bringing that up? It's starting to get annoying."

She sighs, "I'm sorry. I just always feel like that's what you want."

He nods, "I'm a guy."

She nods, "You don't think I want it too? But I have to wait until I know for sure that we are committed to each other."

He turns away, "Whatever Leah."

She looks at him, "I'm about to go away for Cheer Camp. Let's not ruin the time we have left together."

Zach sighs, "A lot of girls would jump at the chance to sleep with me. I'm just saying."

Leah stares at him.


Belinda and RJ walk over.

RJ looks at them, "What's up?"

Belinda laughs, "Probably Zach. Poor guy got stuck dating the biggest tease in Springfield."

Leah looks at her, "Well why don't you mind your own business? At least my boyfriend isn't dating the easiest girl in Springfield."

Belinda start moving towards Leah but RJ pulls her back.

RJ sighs, "Once again we are leaving."

Belinda scoffs, "Doesn't matter. Little Miss Spirit has cheer camp coming up with all the other preppy bitches. Everyone knows the cheerleaders boyfriends always cheat when they're gone."

Belinda and RJ walk away.

Leah turns and stares at Zach.


Lillian's House:


Phillip is with Lillian in her living room.

Lillian is holding Baby Clay.

Phillip sighs, "I know it must be a lot for you to handle having Lizzie living here with the baby."

Lillian nods, "It wouldn't be. But Lizzie never wants to get out of bed anymore. Even when the baby is crying. It's terrible to watch. It's like she doesn't even...."

He nods, "I know. It's scary. I really thought that after a couple of months she would be getting better. She wouldn't even come to the Bauer Barbecue which I thought would help."

Lillian sighs, "Phillip this is not my area. But I think Lizzie needs help, the help she has been refusing."

He nods, "She has never liked therapists. They make her get nervous and paranoid. The only one she ever liked was Felicia Boudreau. And according to Rick, Felicia hasn't been practicing since Remy died. Remy's death has really changed this town."

She nods, "But Phillip, this kind of behavior isn't entirely new for Lizzie. It's almost familiar. She has that look in her eyes. That look of disappointment, anger, and.... I feel bad even saying this but, selfishness. That's what I see."

Phillip is worried.

Inside the bedroom.


Liz sits against the door.

She is listening to everything they say.


She turns her head and sees the image of Remy sitting by her.

He sighs, "Anything interesting Babe?"

She looks at him, "They think I'm crazy."

He nods, "They see you talking to me and they will think they're right. You should be careful."

She sighs, "I don't like this. I don't like them talking about me like that. I'm not going to be... I'm not going to let them take anything else from me. No one."

Liz stares at the empty space where she sees Remy.



Marah and Annie are in the lobby.

Marah sighs, "You ready to go in?"

Annie nods, "Yes."

The two walk back into the security room.

They go all the way in the back area.

Marah flips the TV on.

They watch Ava still locked up.

Annie nods, "Okay, so there is a toilet, food, water, basically everything she needs right?"

Marah nods, "Yes. But it won't last forever."

Annie nods, "Are those chains on her? Where the hell did you get all of this stuff Marah?"

Marah is stressed, "I don't know! The guys I hired did most of this. I didn't think it through."

Annie looks at her, "Does Ava know where she is?"

Marah shakes her head, "I don't think so. I don't think she knew about that room. And I don't think she was conscious when they snuck her inside. She probably has no idea."

Annie stares at the screen.

Inside the room.


Ava is pulling on her chains.

She screams, "Help!!!!! Somebody please help me!"

She is slowly losing her voice from screaming.

Ava sobs, "Why is this happening to me?"

She continues pulling on the chains but she is only hurting herself more.


Spaulding Mansion:

Dalton finished getting dressed.

She scoffs, "I still can't believe you are putting us both at these risks. You're so stupid."

He shakes his head, "Would you drop it already? I'm not the one who made up the lie about me being your son. What was all that about anyway? I still don't get the point."

She sighs, "I was nervous and you put me on the spot. I didn't expect to see you here."

He laughs, "I surprised you huh? You thought I was going to spill all your dirty little secrets."

She looks at him, "I came up with one of our classic lies. Though I still don't say I'm believable as your mother."

He laughs, "Don't flatter yourself."

He kisses her.

She pulls away, "Knock it off!"

He nods, "It's hot huh? Sneaking around like this. Knowing how freaked people would be."

She shakes her head, "I'm over it. We were partners in crime for a while Dalton."

He nods, "We were two of the best con artists around. But then we break up and you come crawling back to your big rich family. Do you have no more self respect Amanda?"

She looks at him, "Don't screw this up. Let me get more money and power and then I'll pay you off and you can be on your way out of Springfield."

He nods, "Sounds good to me."

She grabs his arm, "Don't get comfortable. This town may seem appealing and it may draw you in. But this place is like a black hole. You do not want to get sucked in."

He pulls away, "See you around Mom."

Dalton walks out of the room.


Zach and Leah sit together.

Zach sighs, "Should we get going?"

She looks at him, "What do you think about what Belinda said?"

He nods, "I'll be honest, I've learned to tune her out. That girl is nothing but trash. Though I try to be nice. I mean I'm pretty sure she is like my second cousin or something."

Leah nods, "You heard what she said. About boyfriends cheating on their girlfriends when they leave."

Zach looks at her, "You really don't trust me?"

She sighs, "It's just... I want you to understand. I'm not like a prude or anything. I am not ashamed of my body. I want to have sex. I just... want to wait."

Zach sighs, "I'll be honest. It's why I wanted to do it before you left. I just need something. Something to tell me that you really aren't just leading me on."

Leah stares at Zach.

Over by the stage.

RJ is walking with Belinda.

RJ sighs, "I love you. But I feel like every time we are around people you are trying to start stuff."

Belinda nods, "Preppy bitches like Leah Bauer get on my nerves. And I like to speak my mind."

James is listening, "Leah isn't a bitch."

Belinda looks at him, "I wasn't talking to you."

James nods, "But she's not. Leah is always nice to you. Even when you treat her like crap. Maybe now she has finally had enough. She's actually a really great person."

Belinda looks around, "What is this? Is it her birthday or something?"

James looks at her, "You're just jealous."

Belinda scoffs, "Trust me I'm not. Leah is just like all of the other ones. She's fake, you'll all see."

Belinda looks over at Leah.


Stephanie holds the bag in her hands.

She stares at him, "What is this?"

He walks over, "Mind your own business."

She scoffs, "Guillespie this is my place! I'm a police officer! What the hell are you thinking?"

He stares, "Don't yell at me."

She sighs, "Why do you have this?"

He looks at her, "I am not using it if that's what you mean. I'm not stupid. I don't do that stuff anymore."

She nods, "Then why do you have it?"

He sighs, "Do you know how hard it is for someone like me to get a job? Especially in this town."

She scoffs, "Oh my God. You're serious? You are selling this crap? And you have the nerve to hide it here."

He shakes his head, "I didn't mean to leave it here, stop accusing me of stuff okay?"

She stares at him, "What the hell is wrong with you? How can you be so freaking stupid?"

He gets angry, "Do not ever call me stupid."

She looks in the bag, "Is this all that's in this room? Or is there more somewhere else?"

He scoffs, "That's it."

She nods, "Okay."

He looks at her, "What are you doing with it?"

She starts to walk towards the bathroom with it.

He grabs her by the arm, "Don't walk away when I'm talking to you!"

He pulls her toward him by the arm.

Stephanie cries out, "Oww!"



Drew Jacobs sits up in her bed.

She has bandages over her eyes.

A small part of her hopes that the bandages are the only thing keeping her from seeing.

But she knows it's not so.

She sits perfectly still.

Jesse opens the door and steps in.

She calmly speaks, "Hello Jesse."

He is surprised, "Uh... how did you know it was me?"

She nods, "My senses are heightened now remember? Plus they had to get my permission to let you in."

He stares.

She sighs, "You can laugh, that was a joke."

He smiles, "Yeah."

She continues facing him but not moving.

He sighs, "Are you..."

She nods, "Blind? Yes."

He shakes his head, "I know. I wasn't going to ask that. I was going to ask if you were okay."

She responds sarcastically, "I'm great thanks. I'm in an incredible amount of pain. My car is probably messed up. And to top it all off, I will never be able to see again. But I hear they're having a sale at the mall, so I guess I go that to look forward too."

He sighs, "Drew..."

Drew nods, "You were right. Nobody wants me here."

He doesn't know what to say.

She nods, "I remember every word you and Gus said to me. Gus didn't even have it in him to come in and see me. But you, you're my ex husband. You had to come in. You feel obligated. Because we were so madly in love at one point in our lives."

He nods, "Believe it or not, I still care about you Drew?"

She nods, "You know what I care about? Nothing, except for myself. And now I finally have a real reason to feel sorry for myself. So why don't you leave me to it?"

Jesse stares at her.

She continues sitting up but not talking.

Jesse walks out of the room.

Lillian's House:

Liz is still sitting against her door.

She still sees Remy sitting next to her.

He looks at her, "Are you going to do something stupid?"

She nods, "That's what they think. They think I am back to being selfish, crazy Lizzie again."

He nods, "I don't see that."

She sighs, "I was so much different when I was a teenager. When Olivia was pregnant with Emma, I tried to make her fall down the stairs and miscarry. I sent Ben Reade to go find Marina and he ended up killing himself. I made it my mission to take everything Tammy had. I ruined so many people's lives. And people kept saying my karma would catch up with me. What do you think?"

She turns.

Remy is gone.

An emotional Liz gets up and walks back over to her bed.

Out in the living room.

Phillip and Lillian are with the baby.

Lillian sighs, "I'm really scared for her Phillip. It's bad enough that... Lorelei is back. But it's like everything is going wrong for this family again. I have a bad feeling."

He nods, "I know. But I can't let my Grandson suffer. Enough people have been hurt by this."

Lillian looks at him, "What do you think you'll do?"

He nods, "I hate even thinking this. But if Liz doesn't get better, I might try to get temporary custody of Baby Clay."

Lillian stares at Phillip.

The two look down at the little guy.


Annie and Marah are sitting in the room.

Marah is nervous, "How long can we keep her there Annie?"

Annie shakes her head, "Not for to long. If anyone finds her then you are screwed Marah."

Marah wipes her tears, "I just want this all to go away Annie. Please make it go away."

Annie looks down, "I just keep imagining what your father would do if he knew about this."

Marah stares, "Oh God! You're not going to tell him are you? He would never look at me the same way again?"

Annie nods, "What do you think he'd do about me? If he found out I was helping you hide Ava in the hotel, it would be over! He would leave me and my life would fall a part again."

Marah nods, "We can't let that happen. That's what Ava would want. She'd want everyone to suffer."

Annie looks back at the screen.

Ava is in the room.

Ava sobs, "I don't want to die. I don't want to die. I haven't even got to see my son."

Ava thinks about all of the horrible things she has done these past 3 years.

She thinks about Shayne.

Ava cries, "Please find me Shayne... please find me."


Marah and Annie worry

Leah makes a shocking decision!

Drew has words for Michelle

Stephanie questions her relationship

Roxie confronts Amanda

Jason questions Maureen


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