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S3 Episode 56



The Bauer BBQ continues in Springfield...


Bauer Home:



Ed stands with Rick and Mel.

Phillip and Harley walk over.

Ed smiles, "Good to see you two here."

Harley grins, "Good to be here."

Mel looks at them, "How is Lizzie doing?"

Phillip shakes his head, "I wish I could say she was getting better but unfortunately it's the opposite."

They all worry about her.

Everyone turns their heads.


Gus comes rushing out of the house.

He runs and punches Jesse, knocking him onto a table that collapses.

Gus tackles him.


Michelle and Drew come running out.

Jesse and Gus are wrestling on the ground.

Phillip gets Michelle and Drew out of the way.

Harley and Rick pull Gus off of Jesse.

Ed helps Jesse up.

Ed is angry, "What is going on here?"

Gus scoffs, "Tell them Jesse!"

Jesse shakes his head, "You attacked me you psycho! Is this about Drew?"

Gus nods, "You know it's about Drew! You have been sleeping with my girlfriend!"

Jesse scoffs, "You two broke up ages ago!"

Gus shakes his head, "Says who?"

They both look at Drew.

Michelle sighs, "Drew you need to explain. You have already let this get out of hand."

Jesse looks at her, "You knew about this?"

Ed looks at all of them, "Stop it all four of you! We are the adults here. Their are kids over there. You will go inside and work this out. And if you can't, go out the front doors."

Ed walks them to the house.

All of the teens are sitting on the little stage now.


Zach and Leah walk over to Jude.

Zach sighs, "What was that about?"

Jude sighs, "I don't know man. But I bet it's got everything to do with Drew. She's no good."


Belinda and RJ come over.

Belinda sighs, "Looks like Gus has lost it."

Jude scoffs, "Shut up Belinda."

Belinda sighs, "Nothing against him. Gus was always nice to me and he's great with Angela. I'm just stating the obvious."

Zach shakes his head, "No you are trying to start drama with everyone like you always do."

RJ looks at him, "Like you're one to talk."

Zach starts to stand up but Leah pulls him back down.

Leah sighs, "Belinda could you just... go somewhere else for now? I think I heard a bunch of kids were getting wasted down at the beach. Isn't that where you usually go?"

Belinda laughs, "Wow you are a two-face little-"

RJ pulls her back, "We're gonna go for a walk."

RJ and Belinda walk away.

Zach looks at Leah, "You didn't have to do that."

She nods, "I know. But I am nothing but nice to that girl and she is always rude to me. She hates seeing anyone happy."

Leah rest her head on Zach's shoulder.


Ashlee sits in the hot tub.

She is staring at the area where the fight was.


Dalton walks over, "Hey."

She smiles, "Hey! I didn't expect to see you here."

He sighs, "Well this place is like a ghost town. Apparently everyone who's anyone comes to the Power Barbecue."

Ashlee laughs, "Bauer Barbecue. The Bauer family."

He sighs, "Close enough."

She nods, "My recently discovered family. They may not have Spaulding money but they are something to be proud of."

Dalton smiles, "Nothing wrong with that."

She sighs, "But a Bauer Barbecue wouldn't be complete without the usual drama."

He nods, "Yeah guess I missed the fight."

Ashlee nods, "I think one of them, Gus, is your like... cousin or uncle. I'm not totally sure where Amanda fits into the family tree."

Dalton laughs, "You and I both."

She smiles at him.

He looks at her, "Mind if I get in?"

She stares, "What?"

He nods, "The hot tub?"

She nods, "Oh sure! Yeah of course."

Dalton takes off his shirt.

Ashlee tries not to stare.

Dalton slips into the pool.

Ashlee sighs, "You know. I don't know if this is a good idea."

He stares, "Why?"

She sighs, "It's something your Mom said to be a few weeks ago."

He shakes his head, "What did she say?"

Amanda walks over, "I think it was along the lines of 'stay away from my son'. Was that it Ashlee?"

Ashlee turns to see Amanda standing behind her.



Mallet and Maureen walk up to the party.

Maureen sighs, "I don't know if we should be doing this."

He sighs, "If we act ashamed then people will think we should be ashamed. Is that what you want?"

She shakes her head, "No."

Mallet takes her hand.

The two walk up to the crowd.

A lot of people turn and stare.

They keep walking.

They hear a familiar voice.


Dinah rushes over, "No, no, no, no."

Mallet sighs, "Dinah-"

She shakes her head, "How dare you show your faces here? Are you that desperate to humiliate me?"

Mallet shakes his head, "Not here. Not now."

She nods, "Well come on Mallet! Don't be ashamed. If you aren't doing anything wrong, then why not share it with everyone? Why not share this beautiful love story with the whole freakin' town?"

Maureen sighs, "Dinah... don't"


Matt walks over, "What's going on?"

Dinah shouts, "Everyone! Let's give a round of applause for Springfield's newest lovebirds... well I guess I should say Springfield's newest outed lovebirds. They've been keeping the dirty little secret for sometime now. What's the age difference again?"

Maureen's eyes tear up.

Matt takes her arm, "Maureen, let's go somewhere private."

Mallet shakes his head, "We don't keep secrets Matt. If you have something to say to her, no need to hide it."


Jason walks over, "Enough! I'm sick of this."

Dinah sighs, "What are you doing?"

Jason shakes his head, "No. I have something to say."

Everyone stares at him.

Jason sighs, "You all have your issues with each other. But I thought everyone here, loved Maureen. You all are trying to tear her a part. Maybe Mallet and Maureen aren't right for each other. But that's for them to decide. And I don't know about you guys but whatever Maureen decides I'll support her. And if it doesn't work out I'll still be here..."

Everyone is staring at Jason.

An embarrassed Jason walks off.

Maureen looks at Mallet.

Inside the house.

Drew is in the kitchen with Gus and Jesse.

Drew looks at them, "I am so sorry. I never meant for any of this to happen to either of you."

Gus scoffs, "You have no explanation."

Drew sighs, "Gus I fell in love with you. I wanted to have a future with you. I wanted to have everything. But I cannot keep competing with Harley Cooper for the rest of my life-"

Gus shakes his head, "Stop it! Would you just stop it? There is nothing going on between me and Harley so you are making stuff up."

She shakes her head, "I compete with her everyday whether she is around or not. You told me you were never getting married again. And I thought I was okay with that but the more I think about it, it is obvious it's because you want the door open for Harley."

Gus sighs, "You're being ridiculous."

She sighs, "The kids all hate me. I'm the evil step mother without the glory of being your wife. And I resented you for it. And I'm ashamed to say I resented your kids."

Gus turns away.

She looks at Jesse, "And you! You always wanted Michelle. Even when we left Springfield for years you still thought about her! It's always someone else, it's Michelle and Harley."

Jesse stares, "What does that have to do with what's going on now?"

Drew cries, "I... for once I felt like someone wanted me when you looked at me Jesse. You were finally over Michelle. And I was going to leave Gus, but he finally started paying me more attention. For once two guys wanted only me and I couldn't give it up."

Gus nods, "You were selfish."

She looks at him.

He nods, "No other way to say it. You are a selfish bitch. And you aren't even sorry. You are sorry you got caught and sorry that you look bad. But you don't care that you hurt us."

She sighs, "What?"

He nods, "It's sad. I can't even imagine what it will take to make you see. You're so blind to everything you do."

She cries, "Gus..."

He scoffs, "I am done. I'm washing my hands with you."

Jesse sighs, "Get out of here Drew. Nobody here wants to see you."

A tearful Drew looks at each of them before she runs to her car.

Outside at the tables.


Annie and Josh sit with Marah.

Annie sighs, "Wow, it's like one thing after another."

Josh nods, "I can honestly say this might be the most dramatic Bauer Barbecue I have ever seen."

Annie looks at him, "And that's saying a lot. Because there have been some crazy ones."

Josh looks at Marah, "You okay? You're so quiet."

She looks at Annie then back at Josh, "I'm fine."

Annie keeps staring at her.


Reva walks over, "Hey what did I miss?"

Josh sighs, "Everything."

Reva sighs, "Shayne is resting at home. He wasn't up to coming. Ava was officially reported missing."

Josh looks at her, "Oh my."

Reva nods, "Yeah. So would you guys mind passing these out tomorrow?"

She puts fliers on the table.

Marah picks one up.

She stares at Ava's smiling face.

Over at the grill.

Ed flips burgers.

Rick looks at him, "I don't know how you do it Dad. I would have been going crazy. I mean everywhere I turn I feel like there is drama. The Bauer Barbecue isn't supposed to be like this."

Michelle stares at the house, "Come on Rick. It's always like this."

Ed nods, "And we all know there is one cure for that situation. We're doctors, we know the treatments."

Rick looks around, "I guess it is getting dark."

Michelle nods, "Fireworks?"

Ed grins, "That's only one of the steps. The first step is the most important. You know that."

Rick grins, "I see. You're going to say something right?"

Ed laughs, "I'm a little tired. And I can see both of you are. I think there is one man up for the job."

Ed looks across the yard at his best friend Ross Marler.



All of the drama is flooding the Bauer Barbecue.

Arguments, secrets, and lies are all over the place.

Ed Bauer stands with his arm around Ross Marler, "Everyone! Everyone may I have your attention please. It is indeed that time where someone is going to say something. And I felt no better way to mark his return to Springfield, than to have Mr. Ross Marler give us some of his words."

Ed steps away.

Everyone claps.

Ross smiles, "Thank you Ed. I'm not sure if I'm the best person to do this. But then again I guess we all are."

He looks around everyone.

He nods, "I look around here and I see all of the families. The Bauer, Spaulding, Lewis, Marler, Reardon, Cooper. I see so many generations of people. It reminds me that even after I'm gone life will still go on in Springfield. And that makes me very happy. And I can't think of a better nation that I would want my family to live in."

He has everyone's attention.

He sighs, "We don't always talk about it. But we live in a country that is so amazing that we forget. It has a way of making us forget that there are so many dark places in this world. We all have our disagreements but we live in a country where you are allowed to disagree. You can fill a small town full of people with different beliefs and backgrounds. And everyone becomes better people because of it."

Everyone looks at each other.

Ross nods, "I'm not a fool. I know that once this is over everything will go back to normal. But the reason we have moments like this, and holidays like today is because we need to take those moments to slow down and appreciate everything that we are given. It's moments like that where we are reminded that we are all people. I know this is the cliche for speeches in Springfield but I feel I must use the famous Edwin Markham quote. 'There is a destiny that makes us brothers, none goes his way alone. All that we send into the lives of others, comes back into our own.' God bless Springfield USA. Happy Independence Day."

Everyone breaks out in applause.

Many are in tears.

Ross smiles and turns as he hears fireworks behind him.

Everyone stares.

Down the block.

Kids are running around the streets without supervision.

They are playing with fireworks.

A kid grabs one, "Hey my Dad showed me one of these before. Watch this one over here!"

The kid grabs the lighter from his pocket.

He keeps trying to light it but has trouble.

He finally gets it lit.

Up the street Drew is driving.

Her face is covered in tears.

She grabs a tissue and cleans her face.

She rolls down her window and throws the tissue out.

She keep driving.

Drew looks up as she sees fireworks in the sky.

Suddenly she sees kids running in front of her.

She tries to slow down.

She hears a kid shout, "Look out!"

Drew turns just as she sees an explosive firework coming towards her open window.

Over on the stage at the party.

All of the teens are watching the fireworks.

Belinda and RJ walk back over.

Belinda looks at him, "Ross was right. I'll be good. But tomorrow I'm not making any promises."

RJ laughs, "Okay."

She smiles, "I still love you."

He nods, "I still love you."

The two kiss.

Leah sits with Zach.

She smiles at the sight of her family all standing together.

Leah holds Zach's hand.

Zach picks it up and kisses it.


James walks past everyone and gets on the stage.

He stands at the microphone.

James sings, "O! say can you see by the dawn's early light,

What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming,

Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight,

O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming.

And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air,

Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there;

O! say does that star-spangled banner yet wave,

O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave."

Everyone listens to him as they watch the fireworks.

Dalton is walking Amanda to the side of the house.

No one can see them now.

Everyone is distracted.

He sighs, "What is your problem?"

She sighs, "You know!"

He shakes his head, "What I do with anyone is none of your business. So knock it off."

She nods, "It is my business. And Ashlee Wolfe? Really?"

He sighs, "It's not like that. She's not even worth anything so don't worry about me getting involved with her."

Amanda nods, "I'm not."

He looks at her, "Then why are you getting so upset?"

She sighs, "You know why. You know why Dalton so don't make me say it out loud. Please."

He scoffs, "If anyone knew what I knew. They would know just how sick and messed up you really are."

She nods, "How sick and messed up we are. I am just as guilty in this game as you are."

Dalton rubs he arm.

She puts her arms around him.

Dalton looks into her eyes.

Dalton leans down and kisses Amanda.

The two kiss passionately on the lips.

Inside the Bauer kitchen.

Jason is pacing.

Maureen sees him through the window.

She comes in, "Jason, there you are. I've been looking for you. What was that back there?"

He shakes his head, "I didn't plan any of that. I just said what was going on in my heart."

She sighs, "Look you confused a lot of people. I don't know what you meant exactly but everyone got the wrong idea. You are my friend Jason but they think there is something going on between us. So you need to go out and explain that it's not like that."

Jason turns.

He grabs Maureen and kisses her.

She is caught by surprise.

After they pull a part she stares.

She sighs, "No Jason... don't."

He nods, "I can't say that."

She shakes her head, "Stop."

He nods, "I can't do that Maureen. I came back to Springfield to see you. I wanted to see you so bad."

She stares at him.

He sighs, "Tell me this Maureen, do you really think you are the love of Mallet's life? Or do you think he might belong with Dinah? Is there even the slightest chance that you were meant to be with me?"

She has no idea what to say.

She turns and looks out the window and sees the fireworks.

Outside the whole crowd is together.

Reva stands by Josh and Annie.

Marah stares at the picture of Ava.

Annie looks at her.

She puts her arm around Marah, "It's going to be okay."

They look up at the sky.

Phillip stands with his friends.

He turns and sees Harley putting ice on Gus's hand.

She sighs, "Why are you such and idiot sometimes?"

He laughs, "Don't judge, you used to be in love with this idiot."

Without missing a beat Harley responds, "I'll always love you Gus."

Gus stares at Harley who isn't looking at him.

A few yards away Michelle is putting ice on Jesse's face.

She sighs, "I'm sorry about Drew."

He shakes his head, "Drew who? Honestly for now let's just not talk about her. Drew is just... dead right now."

The sound of ambulance sirens comes from down the block.

Michelle and Jesse turn to the sound.

Over in the crowd.

Rick puts his arm around Mel.

Mel looks around and thinks about her brother, "He's really gone isn't he?"

Rick nods, "Yes he is sweetheart."

Mel starts to cry.

Rick holds her close.

Jude and Leah both walk over.

They stand next to Rick and Mel.

Rick puts his arm around Jude and Mel puts hers around Leah.

Across from them Ross stands next Blake.

He slowly feels Blake take his hand.

She is looking up at the sky.

Dinah walks over and takes his other hand without noticing Blake is doing the same.

Both women have their eyes faced on the sky.

Ross grins.

Ed Bauer stands by and smiles at his loved ones.

Springfield stares at the guided lights in the sky of red, white and blue as the night goes on.


Everyone gets news on Drew!

Amanda warns Dalton

Belinda and Leah have another argument

Stephanie confronts Guillespie

Ava worries for her life

Phillip and Lillian worry about Liz


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It only takes the 4th of July for Blake and Dinah to see what is really important.

WTF? Amanda and Dalton?! Me thinks that these two are not really mother/son. If they are...ewww!

I think Drew is right about something. Jessie came back to town to hook back up with Michelle and Gus doesn't seem to be able to get passed Harley. That being said, Drew seems to have regressed to being spoiled Drew from before she knew about her adoption.

Speaking of adoption, where is her adopted son Max?

Belinda may irritate me, but someone needs to smack Leah for that crack. Belinda may have drama issues, but Leah seems to have that "arrogance" that both of her parents (Rick with Blake when he thought Kevin was his/Abby all the way & Mel with A-M) either have or have had in the past.

Great job, Jay. Just reading the blog reminds me of the GL I watched with my Paw-Paw. It pulls at my emotions and plays true to characters, not plot!


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Thanks for reading blossiegirl :)

Yes, Dinah and Blake opened their eyes.

lol you'll have to wait and see about Dalton and Amanda ;)

Yes, Drew has a good point about why she did what she did. But it's not enough for Gus and Jesse.

Yep a lot of the issues with the Bauer family, including the arrogance will be brought up soon ;)

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! It means so much to read comments like that :)

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