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Episode 24-25



Episode 24-25
Sunday, June 4, 2006

Written by: Ryan Chandler

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[Carly, at GH to pick up medical records for Michael, runs into Monica at the central station. Carly tells Monica why she’s there; Monica thinks something is wrong with Michael. Carly reassures her that she’s only there to pick up the papers for school. A nurse brings Carly the documents and she turns to leave. Monica stops Carly before she can leave.]


[Robin and Mac catch up on time lost while having lunch together. Robin asks Mac about his relationship with Felicia; He tells her that they’re “just friends” and co-parenting is working better than they thought. Robin asks Mac if Felicia and Mac will ever get married again, Mac says he doubts it. He and Felicia are in different areas of their lives right now, and the best thing for them to do is stay on good terms with one another.]


[Jason walks into Sonny’s place while Sonny is playing with Kristina and Morgan. Both kids run to Jason when he enters the room calling “Uncle Jason”. Jason asks Michael to take them both upstairs so he and Sonny can talk. First, Jason asks where Emily is. Sonny tells her that she decided to take a vacation after he broke off their relationship. Sonny tells him that he had a “breakthrough” while talking with Alexis and realized that he is still in love with Carly. Jason wants to know if Sonny will go back to Carly. He says that though he’s still in love with Carly, they won’t be getting back together. She’s happy without him and he doesn’t want to ruin that.]


[Lorenzo is talking on the phone when Dillon and Georgie walk into Kelly’s. They overhear Lorenzo making arrangements for Diego’s return home. Lorenzo makes reference to calling in a favor due to Diego’s good behavior and Dillon explodes.]

Dillon: You have got to be kidding me. You’re pulling strings to get your psycho stalker son out of jail? What bad movie did I just walk into?

Georgie: Dillon!

Lorenzo: Sit down.

Dillon: No, no. I’m just, so angry. He stalked you Georgie! He stalked my niece! He drugged you all!!

Lorenzo (more forcefully): Sit down………..

[Georgie and Dillon sit]

Lorenzo: Now, not that I have to explain anything to you but I will. Diego is my child, and as my child I will do whatever it takes to protect him. What Diego did to you, your sister and your niece (looking at Dillon) was reprehensible. However, are we not entitled to make mistakes? You Dillon, you used to work for me. How many times did you break the law?

Dillon: That was different, I didn’t stalk or drug anyone.

Lorenzo: No, but you had strong parental influences. No matter how much you dislike your mother, she has been a strong influence on your life. Diego didn’t have that. Until a year ago, Diego thought that his mother was his sister. He floated from family to family with no stability and now he does. He was reaching out for attention that I didn’t give to him.

Georgie: But that is no excuse for his actions.

Lorenzo: No it’s not. But I have something to make up for and this is one of them. You can like or not, but it’s happening and it’s happening in two weeks. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m meeting Skye and I have to get ready.

[Lorenzo collects his belongings and leaves for the MetroCourt.]


Tracy (on her cell phone): Dillon, it’s your mother, you must come home for a meeting tonight.

[Lulu walks in with baby Cameron and sits down on the sofa, completely ignoring Tracy.]

Tracy:…….so you just walk into my house and don’t speak? How dare you

Lulu: It’s Monica’s house….

Tracy: Shut up.

Lulu: You spoke to me first.

Tracy: So what. What is that snot bucket doing here?

Lulu: That “snot bucket” has name. It’s Cameron. He’s my nephew.

Tracy: I know that. You still didn’t answer my question. What is he doing here?

Lulu: I’m babysitting for today. We were out, now I’m tired, so I brought him home with me.

Tracy: Why aren’t you in school?!

Lulu: Teacher’s workshop

Tracy: Well, tonight we’re having a family meeting and you can’t be here. So take your little toy and leave.

Lulu: I am family Tracy, but I do have other things to do tonight. Come on Cameron, let’s go. Oh, and before I go, I just thought you should that Cameron had a little accident in your room
Tracy (proudly speaking): What?!!

Lulu: Ha ha ha.

[Tracy glares at Lulu while she’s leaving the room]


[Carly asks Monica what she can do for her, and is asked to sit down.]

Monica: I know that life seems to be going quite well for you right now Carly and I’m really happy to see that.

Carly: ……..

Monica: And I know that part of your therapy was to apologize and try to make amends with the people in your life who you’ve hurt in the past.

Carly: …………..

Monica: I just…

Carly: Just say it Monica.

Monica: The fam..I’d love to see Michael. Now before you become upset, just hear me out.

Carly: Fine……

Monica: Alan and I miss out grandson Carly. We rarely ever get to see him, except for when we’d run into Emily while she was babysitting. Now that she’s on an extended vacation and no longer hanging around Sonny, I don’t know when we’ll get the chance to again. He’s the only link that we have left to AJ. I’m asking you to consider letting us spend time with Michael. You can stay if you’d like or you can send Leticia, I don’t care. We’d just….like to have a relationship with our grandchild.

Carly: I’ll think about it.

Monica: Seriously?

Carly: Yes Monica. I will seriously think about it. Michael’s getting to the age where he’s gonna want to know the Quartermaines. I will consider letting him spend time with you.

Monica: What about Alan and the rest of the Quartermaines’?

Carly: I have no real problem with you Monica, it’s the others that I have a problem with. Just…just give me some time.


[Jason tells Sonny that he’s been out of contact with Sam for weeks. She went to Hawaii to deal with a problem with Danny but hasn’t called or e-mailed him. Jason tells Sonny that he may be unavailable for a few days if he doesn’t hear something soon. He also tells Sonny that Courtney called him and asked for his help, but wanted him to promise that he wouldn’t reveal where she was. He says he turned her down due to him trying to find Sam. This doesn’t sit well with Sonny, who lashes out at Jason for not being ‘considerate’. Jason, angry from not being able to get in contact with Sam and the frustration of dealing with Sonny & Emily, asks Sonny if he took his feeling into ‘consideration’ when he chose to start a relationship with Emily. He has his reasons for not getting involved with Courtney’s mess. She chose to leave town on her own, she chose to hide from Jax and Nikolas, she was in no dire emergency, so he told her he couldn’t get involved. No big deal. Unfortunately Sonny doesn’t think so. Luke arrives shortly after Jason leaves, with a business proposition for Sonny.]

On Next General Hospital….

- Luke suggests that he and Sonny go into business together.

- Nikolas sees more of Carly than he wanted to

- Jason agrees to spend time with the Quartermaine’s on his own terms

- Bobbie shows up for work drunk

- The meeting at the Quartermaine Mansion Begins

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