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S3 Episode 37



One of the most shocking days in Springfield...




Remy is on his cell phone.

He sighs, "Yes we are on our way to the meeting now.... great thank you."

He hangs up and walks outside.

There is a short limo pulled out in front.

Remy is suspicious at first.

The door opens.


Liz grins, "I'm waiting!"

Remy smiles and gets in, "Miss me?"

She kisses him, "Of course. Now will you tell me what this meeting is?"

He shakes his head, "You'll see. Everything I'm doing is for us. I love you Liz."

She grins, "I love you too. And it doesn't matter. As long as the end result is us getting to spend the rest of our life together."

The two kiss again.

He sighs, "I'll tell the driver so he can take us."

The car starts going.

Remy knocks on the partition, "Hey! You don't know where to go."

Liz turns to him, "Why didn't you tell him before?"

Remy turns to her, "I didn't know you were getting us a car."

She stares, "I thought you did."

Remy bangs on the partition.

The driver rolls it down, "Don't worry. I know exactly where I'm gonna take you two."

Liz turns to Remy, "Oh my God. That's one of the drivers for the family. He works for my Granddad."

Remy and Liz stare in shock.

The limo speeds down the road.



There is a big party being held.

Alan is planning on proposing to Blake in front of everyone.



Phillip, Rick, Mel, and Harley all stand together.

Mel sighs, "I can't believe we are here. The only benefit is me keeping an eye on Alan."

Rick sighs, "Blake is like family. My Dad wanted us to come with him. I didn't know Alan was going to be a part of this whole thing."

Harley sighs, "At least you're not here for Alan like we are. Alan practically made Phillip come."

Phillip sighs, "I just want some answers. Beth has been out of town for a week and I have a feeling he is behind it."

Harley looks at them all, "So are Blake and Alan doing this together? Any idea what it is?"

Mel shakes her head, "Whatever it is, it can't be good. I have a really bad feeling about today."


Holly, Ed, and Blake get off the elevator.

Holly sighs, "Blake would you please just give me a heads up as to what is going on?"

Blake shakes her head, "No can do Mom. You are just going to have to wait like everyone else."

Ed sighs, "What's he doing here?"


Alan stands across the room.

Blake grins, "You'll see."

Blake walks over and up the steps.

Alan grins, "You ready?"

Blake nods, "Are Remy and Lizzie here yet?"

Alan sighs, "They will be soon."

The two smile at each other.




Jason is playing pool.

Kevin walks over, "What's up?"

Jason looks at him, "Nice to see you brother, wanna join me for a game. It's been a while."

Kevin grins, "Since when are you any good at pool?"

Jason smiles, "I got better in college."

Kevin laughs, "Well if memory serves I'm still pretty much undefeated against you."

Jason nods, "We'll see."

Kevin sighs, "So I'm guess you're not going to Mom's party?"

Jason shakes his head, "Not a chance. I have a feeling I'm not going to like whatever she has to say."

Kevin sighs, "She's our Mom."

Jason looks at him, "You aren't there."

Kevin nods, "Yep. But I'm the bad kid."

Jason laughs, "Come on. We are not kids anymore. And you are successful, happy, nothing to be mad about. I don't see you as bad at all."

Kevin sighs, "The bad thing is sort of a label that always stays with you. Kind of why I sympathize with Mom."

Jason nods, "If only we could have one parent who didn't let us down."

The two look at each other.


Mallet's House:


Mallet is on his couch.

The doorbell rings.

He walks over.

Mallet opens the door.


Dinah stands with Anthony.

Mallet grins, "Hey buddy!"

Mallet picks up his son.

Dinah smiles, "He's been a very good boy."

Mallet grins, "Well good. We got some cookies in the kitchen so why don't you go get some?"

He puts Anthony down.

Anthony goes to the kitchen.

Dinah grins, "Can I come in?"

Mallet nods, "Sure."

The two walk into the living room.

Dinah sighs, "I have to say I always thought this house would fall a part without me here. But it actually looks nice."

He smiles, "You were expecting sports posters everywhere, beer can pyramids, and of course chip bags scattered about."

She laughs, "Something like that. But you have really done a good job."

He nods, "I'm a Dad. It's what I do."

She sighs, "It's been a rough year. Us not being us."

He sighs, "Yeah."

She nods, "And that kiss on Valentine's Day..."

He turns, "Dinah."

Dinah walks over, "Mallet... letting you go was the biggest mistake of my life."

He sighs, "Dinah."

Dinah kisses Mallet.




Rafe is walking through the mall.

He stops and looks through the window of the baby store.

Clarissa is walking around.

She sees a really nice stroller.

She looks at the price tag.

A disappointed Clarissa moves on to another one.

Rafe approaches her, "Hey kid."

She turns to him, "How..."

He smiles, "I was doing a little shopping and saw you in the window."

She laughs, "Stalker much?"

He looks at the strollers, "Get this one. It's good."

Clarissa sighs, "I can't afford that one."

Rafe looks at her, "I wasn't bluffing at the clinic. I want to help you in any way that I can."

She sighs, "Rafe you don't have to."

He sighs, "I want to. I read online that this is the best stroller you can get right now."

She laughs, "Why were you looking up strollers?"

He looks away.

She laughs, "That is so cute."

He shakes his head, "I don't do cute, okay kid?"

Clarissa nods, "I'll remember that."

Rafe hollers at employee, "Hey! Whatever she wants, put it on the Spauldings okay?"

Clarissa shakes her head, "What?"

He nods, "We're getting everything you're gonna need."

She stares, "Do you do this with all the girls you meet?"

He shakes his head, "Only the ones I'm about to be related too."

She is confused, "Huh?"

He sighs, "You haven't heard? Rumor around the mansion is that my Granddad is about to propose to your mother."

Clarissa's jaw drops.



The limo is speeding down the road.

Remy turns to Liz, "We're gonna have to jump out."

She turns to him, "How? He isn't making any stops!"

Remy sighs, "Tuck and roll."

Liz scoffs, "No! Remy! Just... face it."

Remy shakes his head, "No!"

He starts to get out of his seat.

Liz pulls his hand, "Remy stop please!"

Remy kisses her, "Buckle up."

He sticks his head and arms through the partition.

The driver turns, "What do you think you're doing?"

Remy pulls out his badge, "I'm a cop! Pull over now!"

The driver speeds up.

Remy grabs the driver by the collar, "No! I will not let Alan Spaulding hurt any more of the people I love. Not Liz, not Clay, not Mel, no one!"

Liz cries, "Stop!!!"

Down the road a taxi is coming towards them.

The limo is swerving all over the road.

The driver sees the taxi coming towards them.

He swerves out of the way and goes off the road.

Liz screams.

The limo flips down the hill.

It hits the bottom hard.

The taxi stops on the street.



Jason and Kevin continue playing pool.

Kevin sighs, "So what do you think Mom is announcing?"

Jason shakes his head, "No idea. Probably starting her own company or trying to take over the whole talk show."

Kevin laughs, "Well rumors are that the execs prefer Dinah. So if anyone goes it will be Mom."

Jason sighs, "Believe it or not I actually would feel bad if Mom lost her job. She has done good with it."

Kevin nods, "It helped me profess my love for Rocky. Mom does still have good in her. She's just... I don't know."

Jason gets a text and looks at his phone.

Kevin turns to him, "What's up?"

Jason sighs, "Clarissa..."

Kevin stares, "She okay?"

Jason nods, "She told me that Alan is proposing to Mom. That's what the party is for."

Kevin turns away.

Jason sighs, "I can't believe this."

Kevin throws his pool stick across the room.

Jason sighs, "Kevin..."

Kevin storms out.


Ed and Holly stand together.

Ed looks at her, "You okay?"

Holly shakes her head, "What is my daughter doing? Blake is smarter than this. I know she thinks she is doing the smart thing. But getting involved with Alan Spaulding..."

Ed nods, "I know. I'm worried too."

Across the room.

Rick and Mel walk back over to Phillip.

Mel looks around, "Where did Harley go?"

Phillip sighs, "She got a call."

Mel nods, "Well Leah said she had a good time with Zach at Prom. And she got home on time."

Phillip sighs, "Glad he's doing something good now."

Harley walks over, "Hey there was a big car accident down the street. I'm gonna check it out real quick. I guess the ambulances are having trouble getting there soon."

Phillip kisses her, "Be careful."

Harley nods, "I will."

Harley leaves.

Up the steps.

Blake and Alan look down at the party.

Blake sighs, "No sign of Remy or Liz. Did you get a hold of the driver?"

Alan shakes his head, "No. But I'm sure they'll be here soon."

Blake grins, "Well good. Because I know when Remy sees you propose to me he will go crazy."

The two smile.


Rafe and Clarissa sit down.

Rafe looks at her, "You okay?"

Clarissa sighs, "Yeah.... no."

He sighs, "I shouldn't have just told you like that. I'm sorry."

She shakes her head, "No. I'm glad I heard it from you before I heard it somewhere else."

Rafe nods, "Well first my Granddad has to find a way to officially end his marriage to my Mom. I'm not sure how it works when your spouse leaves like that. I'm sure it'll be annulled or something."

Clarissa sighs, "My Mom hasn't even been engaged since my Dad. I know she was dating Remy but... I don't know. I guess once we found out Dad was alive I always thought he'd come back for her."

Rafe sighs, "As horrible as my Granddad is I actually liked him with my Mom. They were good together. Before...."

Clarissa nods, "Before my Mom."

Rafe nods, "I guess they bring out the worst in each other."

Clarissa sighs, "Well supposedly my Dad was at my brother's graduation hiding. So maybe he'll come to mine without me knowing. He'll be quite surprised when he sees the big bump under my gown."

The two laugh.

Clarissa finds it hard to be upset around Rafe.


Liz wakes up.

She rubs her cheek.

She can feel little bits of glass in her face.

She goes across the seat and opens the door.

The door falls off.

She climbs out.

Liz is very dizzy.

She turns and looks in the front seat.

The driver is unconscious and does not look like he survived the crash.

Liz looks in.

She sees Remy.

His face is covered in blood and he has a wound in his head.

Remy isn't moving.

Liz freaks out.

She starts pulling on the door.

She can't open it, "Somebody help! Please! Oh God! Somebody!!! Help me!! Please!!!!"

She can hear the ambulance coming up the road.

The male passenger from the taxi runs down the hill to help.

Liz turns, "Help-"

Liz stares when she recognizes him.

Harley comes running down the hill.

The EMTs are behind her.

Harley gets down there and sees the man, "Oh my God..."

Mallet's House:

Mallet and Dinah are kissing.

Mallet pulls away, "No. Dinah I can't."

Dinah sighs, "Come on Mallet."

He shakes his head, "No."

She sighs, "I know we haven't been the same in a long time. But I don't think we have stopped loving each other."

He sighs, "I will always love you Dinah."

Dinah nods, "Then what's the problem? Neither of us has moved on."

He stares at her.

She sighs, "Mallet?"

He turns away, "We've been broken up for a long time now."

Dinah scoffs, "You have got to be kidding me!"

Mallet sighs, "Dinah."

She shakes her head, "Who is she? Do I know her?"

He sighs, "It is not your business."

Dinah nods, "Oh yes it is my business. If this skank is going to play mother to my children!"

He shakes his head, "Would you stop it? You don't know what you are talking about."

Dinah nods, "I'll call Maureen. She would know who you are dating. And she is my sister so she'll tell me."

Mallet shouts, "Enough! Get out."

Dinah stares at him, "This is not over."

Dinah storms out.


Blake and Alan stand together.

Blake sighs, "People are leaving. Let's do this now."

Alan nods, "Are you sure?"

She smiles, "Unless you are getting cold feet?"

He laughs, "I never get cold feet."

She nods, "Well good. I guess Remy and Liz will just have to find out when they get here."

Alan gets attention of the room, "Everyone. I would like to make a toast, to Blake. The most beautiful woman in the room."

Mel rolls her eyes.

Alan smiles, "Blake I want you to know that we will be there for each other. Through every step we take to get what we want we will stand together side by side. From now on."

Blake grins.

Phillip stares at his father.

Holly shakes her head.

Alan continues, "We are a team Blake. So I think we should make it official. You deserve it."

Alan gets down on one knee.

He pulls the box out of his pocket.

Everyone stares.

Blake grins.

Alan opens the box.

Suddenly the elevator door opens.

Harley steps off, "Wait!"

Everyone turns.

Harley steps aside so the passenger from the taxi can walk in.

Rick's and Phillip's eyes widen.

Ed's jaw drops.

Holly can't believe her eyes.

Alan heart starts racing.

Blake faints.

It is Ross Marler stepping out of the elevator.



Blake finds out everything

Remy is rushed to Cedars

The Police Station is informed

Ross approaches Dinah

More Shocking Returns!


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I saw what happened on the current episode so I had to back track to play catch up. WOW! What an amazing ending! The whole ex-husband returning plot hasn't been done in such a long time but I'm glad that it happened to Blake. I was always a fan of Blake and Ross.

Dizzy Lizzy. That was the first thing I thought about whenever I read that she was dizzy from the car accident. So did Alan hire someone to kidnap them or was it just Lizzy being overdramatic with Remy?

My eyes also went to my ALL TIME favorite couple. Dinah and Mallet. They were getting along so well but then Dinah has to go and be Dinah, which ended up ruining things. I hope she doesn't ruin her future with him. He is being stupid though if he can't see what a good thing he has in front of him.

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  • Members

I'm glad you enjoyed it! So much drama coming up.

Yes Alan is responsible. But he wasn't trying to hurt them necessarily. He was forcing them to come to Towers and witness the proposal. It was part of his plan with Blake.

Dinah and Mallet are my favorite too!!! So I hope that doesn't spoil to much ;)

But yeah they have a lot to deal with.

Thanks for reading!

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