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S3 Episode 18



The Masquerade Ball continues in Springfield...

Guests stand shocked at the wedding party.


Edmund Winslow has just revealed he is the father of Marah Lewis's baby.

Jeffrey pulls Marah aside, "What is going on?"

Marah stares, "He's... he's Edmund, he is making it up."


Cassie is with Edmund, "What is going on?"

Edmund looks at her, "You know I have nothing to gain from this. You know me better than anyone Cassie. I wouldn't be here doing this if it wasn't the absolute truth."

Cassie stares in shock.


Josh walks over, "You can't be serious. We know Marah. Marah would never do anything with you. She knows who you are."

Reva walks over, "Get out of here Edmund before we throw you out!"

Edmund sighs, "You all remember the night that Jeffrey broke up with Marah. She went insane. She physically assaulted Cassie, then she left. She showed up at my place. We were both upset over our losses. And we ended up sleeping together. We didn't use protection."

Marah shouts, "No! He's lying."

Jeffrey sighs, "Marah why? Why would he be doing this? Edmund only wants Cassie, so why would he do this?"

Marah scoffs, "Cassie, Cassie, Cassie! Everyone wants Cassie! No one wants me! People just settle for me if they think I'm carrying their child!"

Jeffrey stares at her, "'Think'. It's true isn't it? You had Edmund get you pregnant in order to trap me. To break me up with Cassie."

Marah is getting cramps, "Stop yelling at me!"

A shocked Jeffrey walks away.

Jeffrey goes upstairs.

Marah chases after him.


Alan stand with Liz.

He laughs, "Just when you thought the Lewis family couldn't make me think any less of them. I'll tell you one thing Elizabeth, those hillbillies have no idea what they are up against."

Liz shakes her head, "Are you always like this?"

Alan looks around, "Where is your mother?"

Out in one of the hallways.


Lorelei pulls Guillespie aside, "What are you doing back in Springfield?"

He laughs, "Come on let me here that hot accent."

She shakes her head, "I lost the accent, this is how I talk now."

He sighs, "What? Are you starting to think you really are Beth?"

She scoffs, "I am Beth."

He shakes his head, "Maybe out here. But in your head? Nope. You are still Lorelei. And obviously the Spauldings haven't figured that one out yet have they?"

Lorelei shakes her head, "I paid you. I got you out of town, I told you we were over, so you have some nerve showing your face here again."

He grins, "You probably think I'm here for more? Nope. I just wanted to see you. And the rest of Springfield. There is just something about this town, it draws people in."

Lorelei scoffs, "This town? You've kidnapped multiple people, burned down homes, and killed an innocent girl. You really think you have a chance in this town?"

He nods, "A judge believed I was not mentally aware of what I was doing. And now doctors believe I am healthy."

Lorelei scoffs, "Well I believe that you are full of crap."

Lorelei is clearly unhappy to see him.


Noah sits Reva down.

He gives her water, "Are you okay?"

She shakes her head, "It can't be. This can't be happening. Did I really just hear that my little girl slept with him. With Edmund Winslow. That monster who has haunted me for years."


Josh walks over with Annie.

Josh is furious, "I'm going to kill him."

Annie takes his hand, "Just wait Josh. We need to talk to Marah and see what is going on."

Reva looks down, "Where is he now?"

Annie turns, "He's talking to Cassie."

Across the room Edmund is with Cassie.

Cassie shakes her head, "You slept with Marah?"

He nods, "Yes. I'm not proud of it."

She sighs, "And I'm just supposed to believe you?"

Edmund sighs, "You know that all I care about in this world is you and Ava. I wouldn't be doing all of this if I didn't believe that Marah was carrying my child."

Cassie is still in shock, "I can't believe this."

Nothing seems to make sense anymore.


Mel stand with Rick.

She sighs, "Okay I think it's best we stay over here, the wedding apparently is not going as planned. Poor Jeffrey."

Johnny looks around, "Apparently Springfield is still Springfield."

Rick smiles, "Well it's good to have you back. You are staying at the house with us, I won't take no for an answer. And tomorrow we'll talk details on the case."

Johnny nods, "Sounds good to me."


Michelle sighs, "Guys let's go see if we can find out what's going on I'm starting to worry."

Rick, Mel, and Michelle walk away.


Roxie looks at Johnny, "Well now I'm missing my nieces wedding."

Johnny sighs, "Doesn't look like much is going on."

Roxie nods, "She's got bad luck, just like me. I know you are going to hear a lot of things..."

Johnny nods, "Like what? Oh how everyone believes that you are the reason that Ashlee Wolfe is in a coma? Ashlee who is the daughter we gave up for adoption years ago."

Roxie scoffs, "No! No! You took her away from me! You didn't even tell me it was a girl. You said I was a danger to my own child."

Johnny looks at her, "Roxie you put your daughter in a hospital bed, so I think you proved my point."

Roxie shoves him.



Shayne and Ava sit down by the stairs.

Rocky and Kevin walk up.

Rocky sighs, "I'm really sorry."

Shayne nods, "I don't even understand what is happening right now."

Ava sighs, "You're sister has been lying to everyone for months. She's been carrying my father's baby all along."


Susan and Sam come over.

Susan hugs Shayne, "Where did she go?"

Shayne sighs, "Upstairs after Jeffrey."

Sam sighs, "Poor Marah."

Ava scoffs, "Poor Marah? Marah is a liar! She brought us all here under lies. She is sick."

Shayne turns to her, "Please don't do this."


Stephanie walks over, "I agree with Ava. People like Marah shouldn't just be forgiven because they have a pretty face and blonde hair."

Susan scoffs, "Wow, Stephanie no one even likes you here."

Rocky sighs, "Stephanie is my friend."

Susan nods, "Good choice of friends."

Sam takes her hand, "Can we not do this now?"

Shayne sighs, "My sister needs help. I understand that. It's not her fault. We all should have done something. Hopefully it's not to late to get help for her before something else happens."

Ava puts her arm around Shayne.

Jeffrey walks into the bathroom.

Marah follows him in.

He scoffs, "Wow you break all the rules don't you?"

She shakes her head, "I know you probably hate me right now. But honestly, if we take a paternity test I'm sure..."

Jeffrey gets angry but tries to hold back, "You are pregnant right now. So I'm trying to stay calm. Even though you are trying to ruin my life. You have ruined my life."

She shakes her head, "Am I that horrible to be with?"

He sighs, "I did all of this because I wanted you to be happy. Did you ever once think about me being happy?"

Marah nods, "I can make you happy. You may love Cassie more than you love me. But I love you more than she loves you. And I can prove that to you. I will do whatever you want."

Jeffrey sighs, "Then leave me the hell alone."

She sighs, "Jeffrey..."

He stops her, "No! Do you know how stupid I feel? I mean the timeline obviously didn't add up. We always used protection. But I still believed you. But you knew didn't you. You knew it was most likely Edmund's baby all along. And you would never have told me that. My God Marah! You slept with Edmund Winslow? Possibly the most evil man who ever set foot in this town. A man that has destroyed your family several times."

Marah cries, "I was so upset and confused. Edmund took advantage of that. Please Jeffrey... please help me."

Jeffrey looks into Marah's tearful eyes


Lorelei and Guillespie are still talking.

She stares at him, "So if you aren't here to cause trouble then why are you here?"

He sighs, "I wanted to see you, Susan, my brother. I don't know how long I'm in town for."

Lorelei nods, "Well you better stay the hell away from me. I have built a good life for myself."

He nods, "Did you divorce old Phillip?"

She nods, "Yes. And now I'm..."

He laughs, "I saw you out there. I know. You're working the big guy this time around."

She shakes her head, "I'm not working Alan. Alan and I have a bond. I want to be with him."

He laughs, "If he knew you weren't really all Beth in your head then he would throw you out to curb."

She sighs, "Well Beth is not right for Alan. I am. Besides, she's gone and is never coming back. I'm Beth Spaulding now and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Now, we're done here."

She walks away.

Guillespie writes a quick note and then puts it next to a yellow purse.

He walks away.

Stephanie comes back over to grab her purse.

She sees the note he left her.

"Thanks for the dance"

Marah takes Jeffrey's hand.

She starts to walk out of the bathroom.

He pulls away, "No! Marah, I'm done. I'm sorry that you are so messed up in the head. But I have to walk away."

Jeffrey goes past her.

She grabs his arm, "No! Please. We need you. There is still a small chance that this child could be yours!"

He nods, "If it is, then I will do the right thing. But no matter what, marrying you is not the right thing."

Marah shakes her head, "You don't mean that."

Jeffrey pulls away, "Yes I do. Marah we were so close once. I'm sorry. But we are over. You need help, get help."

Jeffrey leaves.

Marah is very emotional.

She tries to calm herself down, "Just think, what do you need to do? What would Annie do?"

She starts rubbing her stomach.

She stops, "Oh my God.... Ow. No, no, no, no... OW!"

Marah falls to her knees.

Roxie finishes talking with Reva.

She walks to get her coat.

Johnny approaches her, "What's going on?"

Roxie scoffs, "None of your business. The wedding is cancelled and I'm going home."

Johnny sighs, "I think we should talk first."

Roxie turns to him, "It's been over 20 years. You ruined my life. My life hasn't been the same since."

Johnny shakes his head, "I got cancer, and I became physically ill which made you mentally ill. And I will never forgive myself for letting that happen to you."

She shakes her head, "So you took my baby from me."

He sighs, "I was not going to let our mistakes hurt our child. I didn't know if I would live long enough, and I was not going to leave you with the child, not in your condition. They wouldn't have let you raise the child anyway in your condition. All I did was help find her a good home."

Roxie scoffs, "You are such a bastard. This has been haunting me for decades and now I find out that my child was living in Springfield all along? That Ashlee Wolfe is my daughter."

Johnny sighs, "I had no idea that it would end like this."

Roxie walks away.

Johnny goes to visit with his family.

Cassie is still talking with Edmund.


Dinah walks over, "Well wasn't this interesting?"

Edmund turns to her, "Hello Dinah."

She smiles, "You always are good for surprises aren't you Eddie? This was a good one."

Cassie sighs, "Shut up Dinah."

Dinah shakes her head, "I can't say I blame Marah for doing what she did. She was desperate."

Cassie nods, "Of course you wouldn't blame someone for pulling the same stunts you did."

Dinah laughs, "And once again, Cassie stands all high and mighty. As if you're the victim in all of this."

Cassie scoffs, "I'm sorry if you're life is crappy right now, and you have nothing better to do then try to pick and argument with me but I'm a little busy right now."

Dinah gets angry, "Okay. Bye."

Dinah walks away.

Jeffrey walks past everyone.

Cassie walks after him, "Jeffrey... I'm sorry."

Edmund looks at him, "Jeffrey..."

Jeffrey shakes his head, "I have nothing to say to you Edmund."

Upstairs Marah walks out of the bathroom clearly in shock.

Ava is standing outside.

Marah turns and stares at her, "You."

Alan is walking his family to the door.

Mel walks over, "Well look who's here."

Liz sighs, "Hi Mel."

Mel shakes her head, "I have no idea what is going on but I don't like it. We haven't seen baby Clayton in months. Remy says he gets to see him once a week but I'm starting to wonder."

Liz sighs, "Mel I..."

Alan stops her, "Elizabeth, no need. Mel is no longer a Spaulding. She gave that life up for another go around with Dr. Bauer."

Mel nods, "Yeah I realized that a Bauer man is better than a Spaulding man. Didn't you used to agree Beth?"

Lorelei scoffs, "Go bother someone else Mel."

Liz sighs, "I'm so sorry Mel. If there was any way-"

Mel looks at her, "Lizzie, you are an adult. They don't control you. If you don't like living in the mansion then leave."

Liz sighs, "It's not that simple... you wouldn't understand."

Mel shakes her head, "No I wouldn't. I don't understand this at all. I don't understand my brother, you, or your family."

Alan sighs, "Don't bother. The Spaulding family was good to you Mel and you stabbed us in the back. My son Alan Michael is paying the price in Ravenwood right now."

Mel nods, "Yeah and Natalia is hiding with your little boy because of your control issues."

Alan walks past Mel with his family.

Marah looks at Ava.

Ava sighs, "What?"

Marah stares, "You did this to me. I was a normal person, people loved me. Jeffrey loved me. Then you got into that fight with me when you were pregnant, you threw yourself down an elevator shaft. After that nobody ever treated me the same."

Ava laughs, "Wow you have lost it Marah."

Marah scoffs, "You've always been jealous of me."

Ava shakes her head, "Jeffrey and Edmund? You really are a whore. Going after your aunt's sloppy seconds."

Marah stares, "Everyone thinks you are so perfect now. Everyone forgave you."

Marah thinks to herself, What would Annie do?

Ava sighs, "I think it's obvious that you are the jealous one."

Marah keeps staring at Ava.

Ava scoffs, "What?"

Marah gets really close to her.

She starts shaking Ava, "Ava no! Ava no!"

People start looking up at the balcony where the two are.

Ava is confused, "What the hell are you doing?"

Marah screams, "Please Ava no!"

Marah throws herself back into a chair.

But to Marah's surprise she misses the chair.

Marah falls to the steps.

Ava tries to stop her but Marah falls.

The whole party watches in horror.

Marah tries to catch herself as she slams down step by step.

Marah falls down the entire stairs.

She hits the ground hard at the bottom.

Her family runs over.

Marah lies unconscious with blood coming out from under her wedding dress.


Marah gets horrible news!

Clarissa leans on her friends

Maureen and Mallet discuss Dinah

Guillespie approaches Stephanie

Lucy upsets David

Ava goes to see Alan Michael


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