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S3 Episode 17



The Annual Masquerade Ball in Springfield...

Upstairs the ladies get ready.


Reva and Annie are standing together.

Annie sighs, "Reva I appreciate you putting everything aside now for Marah's sake."

Reva shakes her head, "Only for today. I still don't trust you and I never will. But Marah deserves to have the perfect day. I will not let anyone ruin that for her."


Marah walks over to them in her wedding dress.

The two smile.

Annie grins, "You are beautiful."

Reva nods, "I'm so happy for you sweetheart."

Marah rubs her stomach, "The baby is so happy today. Today we become a family. Jeffrey is going to make me the happiest woman on earth."

Reva hugs her daughter.


Outside the room Shayne is with Ava.

He looks at her, "Why don't you go in and say hi to everyone?"

Ava shakes her head, "I highly doubt that Marah wants to see me today. We have always hated each other."

Shayne sighs, "Well soon it will be our wedding. Can you at least try to make things okay between the two of you?"

Ava nods, "For you I can. Honestly, I haven't spoken to her in so long. I think it's all water under the bridge by now."

Shayne kisses her, "How did I get so lucky to have a woman like you in my life?"

Ava knows it's not true, "I wish I could be better."

He shakes his head, "You're perfect. It's been a rough week. That Valentines Day special last week..."

Ava nods, "I know that had to be hard. Seeing Kevin and Rocky."

Shayne shakes his head, "It's in the past. I want Rocky to be as happy as I am right now."

Shayne kisses his fiance.


Downstairs Cassie walks inside.

She bumps into someone, "Sorry."

The woman in the mask stares, "Cassie..."

Cassie recognizes her voice, "Hello Dinah."


Dinah nods, "You look nice. I wasn't sure if I would be seeing you here. Since Jeffrey is marrying your niece."

Cassie grins, "Thanks for reminding me. Jeffrey is your ex too."

Dinah shakes her head, "Not the way he is yours."

Cassie sighs, "Well this whole situation is all to familiar for me. I'm sure for you too."

Dinah nods, "Yep. But hopefully this time, no one gets killed."

Cassie shakes her head, "See ya Dinah."

Dinah smiles, "Bye Cassie."

The two part ways.

Neither notice the man in the black mask standing across the room staring at them.


Eden and Coop enter the party.

Both in their masks.

Eden sighs, "I'm nervous."

He nods, "I know but no one will recognize you. As long as we leave before the masks come off. We'll miss the end of the wedding."

Eden sighs, "I'm happy for Marah. I missed her."

The two go to the table.

Buzz smiles, "I recognize my son. Who brought a date?"

Coop grins, "This is Mary."

Buzz shakes her hand, "You look familiar Mary, do you live around here?"

She shakes her head, "No. Just for the moment."

Buzz smiles at Coop.

Coop sighs, "I hope you are ready for Rocky and Kevin. You promised not to make a scene."

Buzz nods, "I won't. Even though he's a bastard who nearly killed my son. And now I find out my son has secretly been seeing him. But for tonight I'll just smile."


Rocky and Kevin walk over.

It's their first date out together.

Rocky grins, "Hey guys."

It's very uncomfortable.


Alan and his family walk in.

Lorelei sighs, "I can't believe we have to sit through a Lewis wedding tonight."

Alan smiles, "Correction Beth, a Lewis shot-gun wedding. At least for once the bride and groom are relatives."

Liz nods, "It wasn't to long ago that you and Natalia got married here was it Granddad?"

Alan takes her arm, "I've had just about enough of your mouth Elizabeth. Now knock it off."


Phillip walks over, "Get your hands off my daughter."

Alan lets go, "We are just talking Phillip."

Harley shakes her head, "Didn't look that way to me. You okay Lizzie?"

Liz looks at Alan, then at them, "I'm fine we were just talking. I'm a Spaulding."

Phillip shakes his head, "You can always stay with me and Harley. Lizzie you can't let him control you."

Alan scoffs, "Elizabeth is perfectly fine at home. She doesn't need to stay at Harley's."

The Spauldings argue.

Harley looks over and waves at Susan who's across the room.


Susan waves back to her mother.

Sam and Susan are dancing.

Sam sighs, "I can't believe Marah is getting married today. I'm glad, she deserves to be happy."

Susan nods, "I hope they are as happy as we are."

The two kiss.

Susan turns, "Great."

Sam is confused, "What?"

Susan sighs, "Stephanie."

Sam sees her enter the room.


Stephanie is standing by the door.

She watches them dance together.

A few feet from her is a tall long haired man in a green mask.

She grabs him, "Don't talk, just pretend to be my date. I need to make that guy jealous."

Stephanie takes his hand.

The two walk out to the dance floor.

Sam can tell she is trying to make him jealous.


Roxie is walking by with flowers for the wedding.

She walks by the Bauer table.

She stops, "Hi."


Rick shakes his head, "Just keep walking Roxie."

Mel sighs, "Congratulations, your family must be very excited for today. Marah is a lovely girl."

Roxie nods, "Yes she is."

Rick looks down.

Roxie looks at Michelle, "It was nice seeing you at the bridal shower the other day."

Michelle nods, "Marah's my friend."

An uncomfortable Roxie tries to think of something to say.

Roxie turns to go and bumps into someone.

She apologizes, "I'm very sorry..."

Roxie stops and stares at the masked man.

Something is familiar about him.


Jeffrey is standing in the middle of the room.

That's where the wedding is being held.

Josh walks up to him, "Hello. You nervous?"

Jeffrey sighs, "A little. I'm new to the whole wedding thing."

Josh laughs, "That's right. You are one of the few people in this town who has not been married."

Jeffrey nods, "Never thought I would. But Marah, the baby and I are going to be a family."

Josh sighs, "I am trusting you to be good to my daughter."

Jeffrey nods, "I know Josh. I wouldn't be standing here today if I didn't plan on being committed to my child and Marah."

Josh smiles, "I'm glad to hear that."

Reverend Ruthledge walks over, "Okay, I believe we should start getting everyone together. It's time."

People start to take off their masks.


Kevin and Rocky sit down.

Buzz sighs, "You two... happy?"

Rocky nods, "Very happy. Dad I know this must come as a shock to you. But I am in love with Kevin."

Buzz looks at Kevin, "I hope you can understand my concern."

Kevin nods, "Absolutely. The things I did were inexcusable. It took us a long time to get past that."

Buzz nods, "Well I just started so don't expect me to get past it any time soon."

Kevin nods, "Yes sir."

Buzz sighs, "No one knows forgiveness like me. I've been forgiven more times than I deserve. But I will tell you one thing. Once you are in the Cooper family. You are in for life."

Rocky smiles.

Shayne walks over "Hi."

Rocky looks over "Hey... uh."

Shayne shakes his head, "I just wanted to say that the wedding is about to start so..."

Buzz gets up, "Of course."

The Coopers start to take off their masks.

Coop sighs, "Uh hey, we actually have to get going. Mary has to get home soon. But tell the Lewises we said congratulations."

Buzz hugs him, "We will. It was nice meeting you."

Eden nods, "You too."

Coop and Eden leave.

They hope Buzz is that calm when he finds out about them.

Roxie stares at the man she bumped into.

He sighs, "You always were clumsy Roxie."

Roxie gasps, "Oh my God."


He takes off his mask.

Roxie shakes her head, "Johnny? Is it really you?"

Rick jumps up, "Johnny? Oh my God! It's great to see you. What are you doing here?"

Johnny hugs him, "It's good to see you too."

Rick smiles, "Michelle you remember our cousin Johnny. Mel this is my cousin, Johnny Bauer."

Michelle hugs him, "Great to see you."

He smiles, "I can't believe how grown up everyone is."

Rick grins, "So what brings you back to town?"

Johnny looks at Roxie, "I heard there was a special patient that needed my help."

Roxie knew telling Johnny about Ashlee being their daughter would get him here.

Most of the guests are all standing in the wedding area now.


Noah walks Reva to the front.

Josh walks with Annie.

Shayne and Ava go next.

Finally Marah enters.

Everyone smiles at her in her lovely dress with her small baby bump.

Marah walks.

She sees her prince charming smiling back at her.

Jeffrey knows he has to give up everything for Marah and the baby.

He knows he's doing the right thing.

Cassie tries to watch but decides to make her way to the door.

Marah walks over to Jeffrey, "Hi."

He grins, "You look beautiful."

Reverend Ruthledge begins, "Everyone we are gathered today to witness the joining of this man and this woman in the bonds of holy matrimony. Jeffrey and Marah..."

Everyone watches to lovely couple.

The masks are all off.

Except for one.

The man in the black mask is walking closer.

Guests begin staring at him.

He keeps walking.

Reverend Ruthledge stops.

Everyone turns and stares at him.

Jeffrey looks, "Umm... hello?"

The man speaks, "I'm sorry everyone. I have something I need to say and it can't wait."

Marah's eyes widen as she recognizes the voice.

He removes his mask.

The guests all gasp.

Cassie comes walking back over, "Edmund?"

Edmund Winslow stands unmasked in front of everyone.


The Spauldings continue their argument.

Alan looks at Harley, "I just love the side of my son that you bring out Harley. It really reflects on you."

Harley nods, "Nice to see you too Alan."

Phillip shakes his head, "Some things never change."

Liz sighs, "The wedding already started in the other room. I know it's the Lewises but it won't kill us to watch."

Alan nods, "Let's go."

Lorelei nods, "I have to make a phone call really quick."

She walks away.

Phillip follows his family.

Harley walks over to Susan and Sam.

She smiles, "Hey, you guys we're going to go watch the wedding. Come keep me company."

Sam sighs, "I don't know, you're hanging with the Spauldings."

Harley laughs, "Exactly, don't leave me hanging."

Susan and Sam follow her.

Stephanie watches them walk away.

She steps away from her dance partner, "Well thanks anyway. I don't know you but if you ever need a favor just let me know."

Stephanie walks away.

The longhaired man in the green mask walks towards the door.

Lorelei is on her phone, "Yes it should be under my name. It should be under Beth Spaulding..."

He whispers in an Australian accent, "Why don't you try Lorelei Hills?"

She turns to him, "Guillespie?"

Guillespie removes his mask, "Hello Lorelei. Long time no see."


Edmund Winslow stares at the wedding party.

Marah gasps, "No, no someone get rid of him. Now please Daddy do something please."

Josh walks over, "What are you doing here Edmund?"

Reva shouts, "Get the hell out of here."

Cassie looks at Edmund, "What is going on?"

Annie looks at her, "Cassie did you bring this monster?"

Edmund shakes his head, "No. I came on my own. Cassie I am so sorry. I just want you to know this is not about you."

Cassie is confused, "What?"

Ava walks over, "Dad? What is going on?"

Jeffrey is angry, "You picked the wrong day to come back to town Edmund belive me."

Edmund nods, "I should have done this sooner."

Marah shouts, "No! Edmund no!"

Josh looks at him, "Edmund you have been nothing but a cancer to my whole family. But I'll be damned if I'm going to let you ruin this for Marah. Get out of here."

Reva scoffs, "Edmund you are the devil. No one wants you here. Get out of her now."

Marah shouts, "Go!"

Edmund sighs, "Jeffrey listen to me. You can't do this. You cannot marry Marah. Because I don't think that child is yours. I'm the one who got Marah pregnant and I'm the child's father."

Marah's face goes pale.

Jeffrey stares in shock.

Cassie stares at Edmund.

Josh and Annie stare in horror.

Reva collapses into Noah's arms.

Ava is almost smiling in surprise.

Everyone looks at Marah.

Marah Lewis carrying the spawn of Springfield's Satan.


The Masquerade Ball continues!

Edmund explains!

Roxie confronts Johnny!

Guillespie questions Stephanie!

Marah does the unthinkable!


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