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S3 Episode 8



Parents want the best in Springfield...


Spaulding Mansion:


Alan's is walking Liz into the house.

Remy is finally at the top of the hill.

He runs up to the gates, "Liz! Liz!!!"

Liz turns, "Remy!"

Alan has her taken into the house.

Remy shouts, "You can't keep her locked up forever Alan! It's not going to happen."

Alan laughs, "Oh no? With all of the power and information I have, you and Elizabeth have no other choice. Go to the police? You'll be sorry. I've warned you once Remy do I have to do it again?"

Remy shakes the gate, "You bastard!"

Alan lights up a cigar, "You know Remy they all tried to take me down. Annie Dutton, Cassie Winslow, Phillip, Alan Michael, Gus, Harley Cooper, and the entire Lewis Clan. But all have failed."

Remy shouts, "I won't let you get away with this!"

Alan laughs, "Remy you are nothing but a pathetic loser. And I going to tell you this right now, give up. You are in over your head Remy. Believe me. You are out of your league."

Remy shakes the gate, "It's on Alan! I swear to God it is not over. I will get my son and I will get Liz if it's the last thing I do."

Remy attempts to climb the gate.

Alan calls his security.


Aitoro House:


Gus walks into his house with Eden.

Eden looks around, "Wow you have a new house. It's beautiful. You guys must love it here."

Gus sighs, "Yeah... I should probably tell you, Harley and I divorced years ago."

Eden's mouth drops, "What? Oh my God what happened?"

Gus sighs, "A lot of things. Anyway she's back with Phillip Spaulding right now."

Eden is very surprised, "I can't believe that."

He nods, "We have a daughter. Angela."

She grins, "After Mom. That's beautiful Nicky. You're a Dad."

He sighs, "Well get ready for this one. I found out about a son I had a long time ago. Rafe Rivera."

Eden gasps, "Natalia had a baby? Oh my God! So are you back with Natalia?"

Gus shakes his head, "No. Natalia is a whole other very long story. We don't have time for that."

Eden sighs, "And Bill?"

Gus looks down, "Long story short, Bill married Olivia Spencer. He and her ran off to protect her daughter from the Spauldings."

She sits down, "A lot of information to take in."

He nods, "And not it's my turn. You have to explain to me why you came back to Springfield."

Eden looks at her brother.




The Coopers have finished their game.

Buzz and Coop sit alone at the table.

Buzz looks at him, "You know you and Lucy are both acting like zombies today. What's up with that?"

Coop sighs, "I don't know. I just feel like everyone is pressuring me to get into a relationship."

Buzz nods, "Well when you go over a year with out even dating people begin to wonder if something is wrong."

Coop looks at him, "Excuse me? When's the last time you were in a relationship?"

Buzz scoffs, "Please. I'm to old. I had fun with Olivia and with Lillian. But your Mom was the love of my life. I think it's time you found the love of your life."

Coop changes the subject, "What about your other children? Do you think they found the loves of their lives?"

Buzz sighs, "Rocky's young. And I think Lucy and David are probably the real deal. And Frank and Eleni are happier than ever."

Coop nods, "But what about Harley and Phillip. Because you always told us that Harley belonged with Gus."

Buzz sighs, "I think Harley needs to do what's right for Harley right now. Okay?"

The guys clean up the table.




Dinah is having some drinks.

She decides to go out on the balcony to be alone.

She stands out there and looks at the view.

She hears the door open behind her.

Dinah sighs, "Oh please... I just want to be alone."


He gets closer, "Not even to see an old friend Didi?"

Dinah turns around, "Cyrus Foley? What the hell are you doing back in Springfield?"

He laughs, "Don't be so happy to see me."

She shakes her head, "Unbelievable. You couldn't have any worse timing to come back.'

He sighs, "I take things are not so good between you and Mallet?"

She scoffs, "There is nothing between Mallet and I anymore."

He laughs, "I knew it. I knew it wouldn't last. You will never allow yourself to be happy."

She looks at him, "Coming from the guy who had a great life with Harley but gave it all up to go back to a life of crime?"

He shakes his head, "No, you don't know what your talking about Didi. It's more complicated than that."

She turns away, "Whatever."

He sighs, "So how is she?"

Dinah looks at him, "Who?"

Cyrus scoffs, "You know who."

Dinah shakes her head, "Go away Cyrus."

He walks closer to her, "Tell me about Belinda. Just let me know our daughter is okay."

Dinah is not in the mood to deal with this.


Reva Bend:


Reva is sitting on the couch.

She starts to get up.

Roxie stops her, "Whoa don't get up! Just tell me what you need and I'll get it for you."

Reva sighs, "Roxie I love you but lay off. I'm fine. I can get up and off the couch just fine."

Roxie nods, "I know. I just am trying to be a good sister. I just love you that's all."

Reva smiles, "I love you too. Mama would be very proud of you right now. I know she would."

Roxie grins, "It's so good to hear that."

Reva gets up, "But I have to go to the bathroom and if you try to help me in there I'm gonna be really mad."

Roxie laughs, "You're on your own Sister."

Reva goes into the bathroom.

Roxie sits by herself.

A part of her hopes she can redeem herself by helping her sister.

But she knows some things can never be forgiven.

She knows that all to well.




Marah, Jeffrey and Cassie are arguing.

The doctor stops them, "Look."

They all stop and stare.

They look at the baby's heartbeat."

Marah gasps, "Oh my God."

Jeffrey smiles, "That's our child."

The doctor nods, "Yep. That's the baby's heartbeat."

Jeffrey nods, "Can you tell the sex?"

They all laugh.

Cassie looks at him, "It's way to early for that honey. But wow this is amazing."

Jeffrey nods, "I can't believe there is a little person growing inside of their."

Marah sighs, "Not just any person Jeffrey. This is your child, this is our child."

Jeffrey just stares, "I am going to be a father. That's my child inside of there."

Marah looks at Jeffrey with a smile.

But her smile soon fades.

Jeffrey is holding Cassie's hand.

The two are smiling at the screen.

Marah feels as if her moment is being ruined.



Cyrus is with Dinah on the balcony.

Dinah shakes her head, "Belinda is not your daughter anymore. You signed away your rights remember?"

Cyrus scoffs, "You and your friend Annie blackmailed me into it. I didn't have a choice."

Dinah shakes her head, "I'm not letting you ruin my daughter's life. Besides Mallet's her father now."

He turns away, "Of course he is."

Dinah nods, "Yep. Belinda is probably closer to Mallet than she is to me. She resents me for a lot of things."

He sighs, "How much does she know about where she came from?"

Dinah sighs, "What do you mean? I wasn't going to tell her that we were two criminal con artists who were running all over Europe and had to give her up so we could live life on the run."

Cyrus nods, "Does she know why you were on the run? Do your children know about your past?"

Dinah shakes her head, "They don't need to worry about that right now. What happened to Hart was a long time ago."

Cyrus laughs, "You know Didi, I'm not going to ruin Belinda's life. I'll leave her alone. But you are sure acting high and mighty. As if you are any better than me. At least I'm not a murderer."

Dinah scoffs, "Go to hell Cyrus."

He smirks, "See ya there Didi."

He leaves her alone on the balcony.



Harley and Lucy are cleaning up.

Lucy isn't paying very good attention to Harley.

Harley is chatting about Phillip, "He makes me so happy. I mean I didn't think I'd be this happy after Gus. I mean I was happy with Cyrus but..."

Lucy turns to her, "What did you say? Did you say Cyrus?"

Harley nods, "Yeah. My ex boyfriend."

Lucy is confused, "Why? Why did you bring him up?"

Harley laughs, "You really weren't listening were you?"

Lucy shakes her head, "Sorry. Just glad that guy is out of your life. I hope we never see him again."

Harley sighs, "Yeah Marina warned me about him."

Lucy gets even more uncomfortable.

Harley continues, "Man am I worried about her. It's been so long since we've seen her. That last intervention.... I just knew if it didn't work we'd never see her again and I was right."

Lucy nods, "Well I mean she still works at that strip club right?"

Harley sighs, "Yeah. Every now and then I'll hear about someone seeing her at the Beacon or Outskirts. Things just haven't been the same for her since her baby died."

Lucy drops a plate.

Harley turns to her, "Are you okay?"

Lucy shakes her head, "I'm just not feeling very well today."

Lucy goes into the bathroom and vomits.

Aitoro House:

Gus sits next to his sister.

He looks at her, "Eden. You need to tell me what is going on. Why did you come back to town?"

She sighs, "Okay, it was two summers ago. There was a book convention thing at the Library I was working at. I met this great guy. He was so charming. It was love at first sight."

Gus nods "And what happened?"

She sighs, "We decided spur of the moment to get married. I know it sounds crazy but... I never met someone so passionate like he was so unbelievably beautiful on the inside and out."

He sighs, "So what happened?"

She looks at him, "The next day, he told me he wanted me to go to his hometown. Here, Springfield."

Gus shakes his head, "Whoa. Okay so..."

She sighs, "I ran off and I haven't seen him since. I couldn't let him find out who I really was."

Gus nods, "I need this guy's name and I can look him up. Springfield's a small town I might know him."

Eden looks at him, "You do. His name is Henry Bradshaw."

Gus's mouth drops, "Henry Bradshaw? That's Coop. That's Harley's little brother Henry Cooper Bradshaw."

She nods, "I found that out now. He's my husband."

Gus is in shock.

Spaulding Mansion:

Remy is trying to climb the gates of the Spaulding Mansion.

Liz watches out her window, "Remy stop!"

Alan has his guards running out.

Alan looks at them prepare to shoot.

Suddenly a car pulls up.


Blake comes running out, "Remy! Remy stop it right now! Get away from there. Are you nuts?"

Remy goes over to her, "What you trying to keep me from getting to your boyfriend?"

Blake shakes her head, "I'm keeping you from being killed. Now get in the car. I'll take you home."

Alan waves, "Blake! How have you been?"

Blake sighs, "Let's go Remy."

Alan hollers, "Detective Boudreau, if you try that again you will regret it. I promise you."

Remy starts to run towards the gate, "You bastard!"

Blake grabs his arm, "Remy stop it!"

Remy goes into Blake's car.

Alan waves as they leave.

Liz watches from her window as Remy leaves in Blake's car.


Jeffrey and Cassie leave the room.

Jeffrey can tell something is bother Cassie.

He looks at her, "What's wrong?"

She sighs, "I just feel like this is the way it's always going to be. We are always going to be dealing with Marah when we want to be around your baby. It's never going to get better."

Jeffrey takes her hand, "Cassie we have dealt with a lot worse than this. Marah is not Edmund or Alan. We can get through this. I think maybe being a mother will be good for her."

Cassie nods, "I hope so. Because I can handle myself. But I don't want to see you and your baby suffer because of you having to choose between Marah and... me."

Marah is listening from the other room.

She smiles, "Oh Cassie. You are so close to breaking. It's only a matter of time before Jeffrey is back in my arms."

Marah walks out, "I have to get going. I'll call you later and we can talk about-"

Marah trips and falls into Jeffrey's arms.

Jeffrey helps her, "Are you okay?"

She stands back up, "I'm fine I just tripped. Ow."

She expresses pain in her foot.

She looks at Jeffrey, "Maybe you could walk me to my car?"

Cassie sighs, "Jeffrey maybe you should take her home."

He looks at Cassie, "You sure?"

Cassie nods.

Jeffrey walks Marah out.

Marah smiles at Cassie, "Thank you."

She smirks at Cassie as she walks out with Jeffrey.

Reva Bend:

Roxie sits alone in Reva's living room.

She keeps having flashbacks to before she came back to Springfield.

She has images of being strapped down to a bed.

She is screaming and crying, "Where is he!?!?! Give him back to me!!!! Please!!!"

Doctors and nurses holding her down.

A woman walks in, "Hello I'm Doris Wolfe. Sorry to tell you Ms. Shayne. But the doctors and I agree that you are not fit to handle this responsibility. It's in everyone's best interest that we go on with what our original plan was."

Roxie screams, "No!!! No you can't take him! No! He's my baby! He's my baby! Let me see him!"

Roxie wipes the tears from her eyes.

She sighs, "Doris Wolfe. You helped them take my child from me. So now I think it's only fair that I take yours."

Roxie has that dangerous looks in her eye again.


Doris is released

Cassie finds Marah in her house

Lucy argues with David

Marina makes a discovery

Gus goes to Coop

Mallet and Maureen try to make decisions


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