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S3 Episode 7



Secrets are hard to keep in Springfield...




Mary is walking through the cemetery of Springfield.

She is holding a bouquet of flowers.

She's looking for one in particular.

She stops, "There you are. Wow it has sure been a while. This town sure has changed since you died. It's not like anyone misses you. Well some I guess. But they are much better off without you."

She looks around.

She shakes her head, "Why am I doing this? I could very well be ruining people's lives. But a part of me knows that I love Henry Cooper Bradshaw. But if I had any idea that he was one of the Cooper's from Springfield.... This just all is too complicated."

She stares at the headstone.

She lays the bouquet down, "Imagine the look on everyone's face when they find out that you're alive. That you have been in the witness protection program, and that I'm you."

The headstone reads: Eden August, Beloved fiance of Bill Lewis and sister of Gus Aitoro




The Cooper's are having a poker game.

Buzz is dealing the cards, "It's too bad Frank isn't here."

Harley nods, "I know it would make my victory a whole lot sweeter. I love getting to see the look on his face."

Lucy laughs, "I know the one your talking about. Anytime someone beats him, let alone a woman."

Harley nods, "Let alone one of his little sisters!"

Coop laughs, "Well sorry Harley but I'm certain I will be winning. I can feel it already."

Rocky smiles, "I think that's just wishful thinking brother. We do this a lot at the station and Harley is pretty good."

Lucy sits up, "Hey that's not fair the cops get to be practicing, you got an advantage."

Harley laughs, "Don't hate."

Buzz looks at his daughter, "Where are my grandchildren? First of all Susan, she's should be playing."

Harley nods, "Susan had to pass this time. She's spending time with her boyfriend Sam."

Buzz smiles, "Good for her. How are the others?"

Harley grins, "Zach is doing great at Lincoln Prep. Jude is enjoying Springfield High. Angela is doing well."

Lucy is pretty quiet.

Buzz looks at her, "Come on usually you're non stop with the Davey stories. What's going on?"

Lucy is uncomfortable talking about Davey now.




Dinah and Blake walk off the set.

Everyone compliments them, "Great show you two."

They walk down the hall towards their dressing rooms.

Blake looks at her, "You need to work on your attitude Dinah, I think you're making it obvious that there is tension between the two of us and the audience is picking up on things."

Dinah shakes her head, "Well maybe we can explain everything to the audience and then they'll agree with me."

Dinah opens the door to her dressing room.

Blake follows her in and shuts the door.

Dinah is furious, "Blake get out!"

Blake shakes her head, "We need to talk about this Dinah! Or else the whole show will suffer."

Dinah scoffs, "There is nothing to talk about. You messed up big time Blake. I mean the Alan stuff... that was pretty embarrassing for the family. But everything else is a million times worse."

Blake shakes her head, "You have to understand why I did what I did. It's not like it was all my fault."

Dinah looks at her, "Blake! How do you think we felt when we found out Daddy was alive? The great Ross Marler! And then we find out that you, you knew he was alive! You kept that from us."

Blake just stares at Dinah.


Main Street:


Ashlee is walking to work.

Roxie approaches her, "Ashlee."

Ashlee keeps walking.

Roxie follows her, "You can't hide from me forever."

Ashlee turns to her, "What do you want? Do you want me to call the police? Because I will."

Roxie sighs, "Don't you think you've got your revenge? Rick left me and now he's married to Mel again! No one in this whole damn town likes me and everyone knows how messed up I am in the head."

Ashlee shakes her head, "Do you really think I wanted revenge? You think that's like my goal?"

Roxie sighs, "What do you want from me? I can't take back the things I did to you."

Ashlee looks at her, "What do you want from me? Forgiveness? Do you want me to tell everyone in town that I forgave you so that way they can too? Forget about it."

Roxie sighs, "I just want you to understand that your mother-"

Ashlee gets angry, "My mother! The reason you did all of it! I'm sorry that my Mom hurt you. But she hurt a lot of people. And she is paying for it. But lucky for you, soon she'll be here."

Roxie is confused, "What?"

Ashlee nods, "Doris was sentenced to two years in prison. That was in 2009. Doris has paid her debt to society. She will be back home in Springfield soon enough."

Roxie is very surprised to hear this.




Marah is sitting in the waiting room.

She has a sonogram today.

Jeffrey is supposed to get there soon.

Marah rubs her stomach, "It's okay honey. Daddy will be here very soon. Once he sees you it will all become very real. And your Great-Aunt Cassie will be kicked to the curb."


Jeffrey walks up, "Hey."

Marah smiles, "You made it."

Jeffrey nods, "I hope we're still on time."

She is confused, "'We'?"


Cassie walks up, "Hey Marah."

Marah looks at Jeffrey, "Really? You brought her? Can you two seriously not go more than five minutes without screwing each other?"

Jeffrey sighs, "Cassie is going to be a part of this child's life. She should be here."

Marah grins, "Oh I can see it now. On parents day at school you got the Mommy, the Daddy, and the crazy aunt that's nailing Daddy. Oh how lovely that will be to explain."

Cassie sighs, "Marah I didn't come here to upset you. I'm supporting Jeffrey. Jeffrey has always been there for my children and I plan to do the same for his."

Marah sighs, "Well my child doesn't need you."

The nurse walks over, "Everyone ready?"

It's time for the sonogram.


Spaulding Mansion:


Alan walks down the hallway.

He opens the door to let Liz out of her room.

Liz walks out, "The baby is sleeping."

Alan nods, "I'm sorry it took me a while to get to the door Elizabeth. I was rather busy."

Liz nods, "Well maybe if you didn't lock me in there."

He sighs, "Now Elizabeth we wouldn't have to if I didn't have to worry about you trying to run off with the baby."

Liz scoffs, "My baby! My son. You just want to control him and everything else in our lives."

Alan shakes his head, "He is perfectly happy and healthy. And I won't allow him to end up like little Sarah. Well she's probably not so little anymore. It's been years since you've seen your daughter."

She is angry, "You are a bastard."

Alan just shakes his head and walks away.


Rafe walks down the hallway.

Liz grabs him, "I need your help."

Rafe sighs, "Here we go again."

Liz sighs, "I need to get out of the mansion. I have to go see... him."

Rafe shakes his head, "If Granddad found out that you left to go see him, he would lose his mind. You and the baby will probably be sent off to some other country."

She looks at him, "Rafe you know how important this is to me. He is the father of my child. And Granddad is ruining our lives. You have to at least let me see him. Then we can finally get out of Springfield."

Rafe feels guilt to help his cousin.


Main Street:

Roxie is still with Ashlee.

Roxie looks at her, "So Doris is going to be released soon?"

Ashlee nods, "Yep."

Roxie sighs, "Ashlee if you understood what Doris did to me then you wouldn't be-"

Ashlee shakes her head, "I don't care! Nothing you can say will justify your actions. You pretended to be my friend. Then you used me. You tried to ruin my career, my life, everything. You practically tried to kill me Roxie. And there is no excuse for that."

Roxie sighs, "Your mother took..."

Ashlee stares, "What Roxie? Took what?"

Roxie looks down, "You wouldn't understand. But your mother is a sick and twisted person."

Ashlee laughs, "You wanna talk about sick and twisted? Thank God that you don't have children."

Roxie smacks her across the face.

Ashlee stares at her, "You..."

Roxie pulls her arm back, "Oh God! Ashlee I didn't..."

Ashlee backs up, "You stay away from me!!!"

Ashlee runs away from Roxie.

Everyone is staring at Roxie who storms off.


Marah is sitting with the doctor.

Jeffrey and Cassie walk in.

Marah rolls her eyes, "Great."

Jeffrey sits down, "How is it all going?"

The doctor smiles, "We're about ready."

Marah looks at Cassie, "You can leave if you want to Cassie. I mean I wouldn't blame you."

Cassie shakes her head, "Why would I leave?"

Marah sighs, "Come on. It must be really upsetting knowing that you will never again know the feeling of a beautiful life inside of you. I mean it's just sad really."

Cassie can't believe the low blows Marah keeps giving her.

Jeffrey looks at Marah, "Stop it."

Marah scoffs, "How dare you! How dare both of you come in here and upset me! I'm pregnant!"

Jeffrey sighs, "We aren't trying to upset you. You keep playing the victim Marah and that's always your problem."

Marah gets angry, "No! My problem is that two faced slut you have at your side."

The doctor interrupts, "Everyone... look."

They all turn to see the baby's heartbeat.


Dinah and Blake are arguing in the dressing room.

Blake looks at her, "I didn't know Ross was alive at first. After I came out of my coma and you were shot in the head, he came to town to see how we were and he found me. And he told me why he had to hide and told me he wanted me to move on for the sake of the kids and myself."

Dinah turns to her, "And you never once thought you'd tell me? Or maybe the boys when they turned 18?"

Blake sighs, "Dinah you were shot in the head. You had so much going on, you couldn't even open a door on your own let alone handle this information. Then you got pregnant. And eventually I realized that maybe it was for the best that I kept it to myself."

Dinah nods, "Because you're selfish. That's what you are Blake. God, you are reminding me so much of your father. This is something Roger Thorpe would have done."

Blake shakes her head, "And unfortunately you are nothing like your father. Ross would be so disappointed in you right now! You have thrown away your life with Mallet, putting your family through hell!"

Dinah scoffs, "Don't talk about him like he's dead! That coward is out hiding! I could have used a father all these years but he abandoned me! And now my Mom is gone taking care of Bill. I have no one! Just like when I was a kid. So my father can go to hell!"

Dinah throws a very upset Blake out of her dressing room.


The Coopers continue their game.

Harley looks at Lucy, "So have you and David talked about how you're going to deal with Davey's adoption yet?"

Lucy is confused, "Why?"

Harley nods, "Well he's starting to get to that age where you have to decide. I mean we were open with Angela. Told her all about her biological parents you know?"

Lucy looks down, "I don't know yet..."

Buzz looks at his sons, "So when are you two going to give me more Grandchildren? Because I gotta tell you 6 just isn't enough for me anymore. I need more."

Rocky laughs, "Well when I find the right guy I'll let you know. I'll let you have a big help with the adoption process or whatever we decide to do okay Dad?"

Buzz nods, "I'm going to hold you to that."

Everyone looks at Coop.

Coop sighs, "Look I have plenty of time to find the right woman, and have children."

Lucy laughs, "Don't forget marriage little brother. But I got a feeling marriage is a while away for you."

Coop has never told any of them about his wife.


Mary (Eden) sits by her headstone.

She sighs, "Who am I supposed to go to? Jeffrey O'Neill? He warned me to stay hidden. Harley and Gus.... I can't disturb their life. I bet a million dollars Bill has already found someone better."

She gets up.

She looks down, "Happy Birthday Eden August. Someone should probably say it to you."

She turns around and starts leaving.

She stops in her steps.


Gus is standing a few feet away with flowers.

Gus stares at her.

She pauses, "Oh my God! Nicky."

Gus walks over to her, "Eden? Oh my God Eden what are you doing here?"

She looks at him, "I just... I had to come here today. Oh God you look great! I can't believe it's you!"

She hugs her big brother.

He smiles, "I still can't believe your here."

She sighs, "Oh there is just so much I have to tell you."



Liz is walking around.

She sighs, "Oh Rafe please come through for me. Granddad's going to realize I'm gone soon."

Suddenly she hears footsteps.

She turns around.


Remy walks towards her, "I've never been more happy to see you."

Liz runs over and jumps into his arms, "Remy! Oh Remy I love you so much. I miss you."

He kisses her, "I miss you too. I didn't expect this. Rafe called me. I wasn't sure."

She nods, "It's dangerous. If Granddad finds out..."

Remy nods, "Well now we can really talk and we can make a plan. A plan to get out of this town and escape Alan. Before he has a chance to follow through with his threats."

Liz kisses him again.

She then reaches into her purse, "I brought some pictures for you. Of our little guy."

Remy smiles, "Look at my Son. He's amazing."

She nods, "He looks just like you."

Remy kisses her.

Alan walks into the woods with two other men.

Alan looks at them, "Well done Elizabeth. You have proved to me just how foolish you can be."

One man picks up Liz, "Let's go Ms Spaulding."

She kicks, "No Granddad! Stop this!"

Remy goes to grab her but the other man stops him.

Remy shouts, "You can't do this Alan!"

Alan looks at him, "I suggest you remember our deal Detective Boudreau. Because believe me, I wasn't bluffing. You stay away from Elizabeth and her child."

Liz is pulled into Alan's limo.

The tires to Remy's car are slashed

The limo drives off.

Remy chases after it.


Remy tries to get to Liz

Dinah gets a surprise

The Coopers continue their game

Eden and Gus catch up

Marah prepares her plans

Roxie's BIG secret is revealed!


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