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S3 Episode 1



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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It's New Year's Eve In Springfield...




Josh Lewis stands before the crowded room.

Josh grins, "Can I have everyone's attention please? Thank you all for being here this evening. Thank you to the Beacon for allowing us to host here this year. It's been a crazy year. Lewis Enterprises has truly succeeded far greater than I think anyone expected. And we thank you all for your great support."

The room applauds.


Ava walks up, "As co owner of the Beacon Hotel, I would love to thank Lewis Enterprises for choosing us to celebrate the end of a successful year. Of course I am biased as soon I will be Mrs. Shayne Lewis."

She holds up her hand showing off her engagement ring as the room applauds.


Shayne walks up and kisses her, "I love you."

Josh takes the attention back, "I know my son owes a lot of his success to his lovely lady. And I too would like to thank my special woman who help us get where we are now. Come on up here sweetheart."

Everyone cheers as she enters the stage.

Josh gives his love a kiss.

She is Annie Dutton and she smiles and waves while at Josh's side.





Alan stands up, "Everyone?"

All eyes turn to Alan.

Alan looks at them, "I would like to thank you all for your support this year. I know it's been rough to say the least. But I assure you, Spaulding Enterprises is not going to fall. We are going to take on the new year as a challenge. And we will not disappoint."


Liz stands by her grandfathers side.

After the crowd turns away Liz steps out onto the balcony.

Remy is hiding out there.

Liz walks towards him, "Sorry I got caught up in there."


Remy smiles at her, "I would wait a million years for you."

She walks over to him and kisses him.

Inside Alan looks around.


He walks over to Beth, "Where is Elizabeth?"

She sighs, "Oh Alan. Can't you just leave Lizzie alone? It's bad enough you keep her locked up in the house. Let her take a break."

Alan shakes his head, "Where's your husband?"

She sighs, "He is with you-know-who."

Alan is angry, "Phillip has no idea what he is giving up."

Alan and her go talk to the guest.




Phillip walks back into the kitchen.

He grins, "Well something to look forward to. My resolution is to finally get my divorce from Beth. Officially."


Harley smiles, "That's great! Finally it'll all be over."

Phillip grins, "Then we can finally really be together."

Harley kisses him, "We have gone through so much. It's time we get the happiness we deserve."

Many people are sitting around Company.

Buzz walks to the counter, "It has been one hell of a year. I'm just ready for a new year. And new changes. Starting with you getting a girl."


He looks a Coop.

Coop sighs, "Dad we've been over this. I'm focusing on my career now."

Buzz shakes his head, "Ever since things fell a part with Stephanie you've been single. Come on people are starting to talk."

Coop laughs, "Dad... I just have other things."


Lucy walks over, "Dad. Stop bothering Coop. Listen, I'm gonna head out now. David's picking me up."

Buzz sighs, "What? Now? It's not even midnight."

She bends down, "I know but I have to get this guy home."

She picks up her little boy."

Buzz grins, "Aww how is little Davey?"

She smiles, "He's sleepy. He needs to get home. Maybe next year he'll stay up for the celebration."

The Coopers all smile at the little guy.




Blake smiles into the camera.

She begins, "Hello everyone. We're counting down Springfield. I'm Blake Marler host of 'Light Talk'-"


Dinah interrupts her, "Co-host."

Blake laughs, "Oh I'm sorry. Co-host, with my lovely co-host Dinah Marler."

Dinah nods, "Yes and we are very excited to ring in the new year. So keep your TV's on WSPR. We'll be right back."

They are off.

Blake turns to Dinah, "Wow real nice taking my line at the end."

Dinah shakes her head, "Oh please, miss host! That was on purpose. Either that or your just a crappy co-host. Which is why they hired me to work with you and add some fun to the show."

Blake scoffs, "Please. We both know how you got this job. Don't act like you earned it."

Dinah laughs, "Yeah I'm really proud to earn a job where I get to sit next to the town tramp."

Blake grins, "Oh and I'm so lucky to work with the psycho bitch of Springfield."

The director looks at them, "Ladies, get ready."

Blake and Dinah put their smiles back on.


Main Street:


Michelle is walking with Hope.

Hope is texting on her new cell phone.

Michelle sighs, "Honey remember what we talked about."

Hope doesn't respond.

Michelle sighs, "Well at least text your brother and remind him what time to be home after the party."


Rick walks up behind her, "Stressful I know. I can't even enjoy myself knowing Jude and Leah are both out."

Michelle sighs, "Since when did we become the worried parents?'

He laughs, "My wife is a little more calm then I am. Come on sweetheart."


Mel walks up pushing a stroller, "Hey guys."

Michelle smiles, "Look at my little nephew. He's getting so big. Hey little Freddie. Hi."

Rick grins, "Yeah. I think this guy is keeping me young."

Mel laughs, "Good luck with that one."

Michelle smiles, "You ready for the new year little guy? I sure am."

The Bauers have had a good year.




Jesse and Drew are having great success with their club tonight.

Drew grins, "This place is doing great."

He smiles, "We make a great team."

Drew nods, "We sure do. Hey I gotta go check on my man. I'll talk to you in a little bit."

Drew walks down the steps.


Gus is standing there with a drink, "What took you so long?"

She smiles, "Shut up."

The two hold hands.


Across the club Rocky Cooper is on the phone, "Yeah.... I know I wish we could be together too..... ok, love you too. Bye."

Rocky hangs up.

He turns around and is very surprised.


Kevin is standing a few feet away, "Hi."

Out on the dance floor.


Sam is with his girlfriend Susan.

Susan smiles, "Thank you for taking me out but you know I'm not comfortable in places like this."

He sighs, "I know but I figured you needed to have some fun. Fun! Remember that. Now you did very good on your finals. So you deserve to have some fun before you start classes again."

Susan kisses him.

Sam stops, "Damn it."

Susan is confused, "What?"

They turn around.


Stephanie walks up to them, "Wow. Of course you two are here."

The three are very uncomfortable.



Dinah is getting her make up touched up.

Blake walks over to her, "It's almost time for the countdown."

Dinah sighs, "I'm well aware Blake."

Blake sighs, "Dinah, you know what. It's a new year. A new start. We are family and-"

Dinah stops her, "No. After everything that has happened this year... you destroyed our family. Everything is ruined."

The camera aims at them.

They get their cue.

Blake smiles, "The time is here Springfield!"

Dinah grins, "Let's countdown together!"


Buzz shouts, "Everyone! Look at the TV. Blake and Dinah are about to do the countdown."

Harley looks at Phillip, "I'm ready. I'm ready for the happiest year of our lives to begin."

Phillip nods, "All I want is for us to get everything we've ever wanted no matter what."

The two kiss.


Jesse talks into his microphone, "Everyone let's count it down!"

Rocky looks at Kevin, "Wow."

Kevin laughs, "Together on New Year's eve."

Rocky sighs, "Again."

Gus and Drew get ready to kiss.

Everyone is counting.

However Sam is trying to calm things down with the girls.

Stephanie looks at Susan, "Of course Samuel would bring his criminal girlfriend."

Susan shakes her head, "Shut up Stephanie because I'm not in the mood for your crap today."

Stephanie laughs, "Keep in mind I'm a cop. You're worst nightmare."

Susan grabs her purse, "I'm leaving."

Stephanie laughs, "Come on. Like you could ever really change. You're still a trashy whore."

Susan jumps at her, "You stupid bitch!"

Sam tries to keep the two from fighting but is having trouble.

Main Street:

Rick looks at Mel.

She smiles, "What?"

He takes her hand, "I'm so happy that we found our way back to each other. This has been an amazing year. And I'm sad to see it end."

The two kiss.

Michelle sits on the bench.

Hope has fallen asleep in her lap.

Michelle isn't sure what to hope for in the new year.


Liz walks back in to get her purse.

Alan stops her, "Where have you been Elizabeth?"

Liz sighs, "I was getting some air."

Alan takes her by the arm, "Come on now. Your mother has been looking for you. It's time for the new year.

Remy is sneaking out.

On his way out he sees Blake on the TV.

He has a quick flashback to the first time they ever made love.

Remy sighs, "Happy anniversary Blake."

He then gets in the elevator.



Cassie is with Ava.

Cassie looks at her, "Things are going well. We make a great team."

Ava smiles, "I think so too. Our Hotel is only going to get better."


Jeffrey walks over, "Will you excuse us Ava?"

Jeffrey takes Cassie aside, "I don't want to miss our kiss at New Year."

Cassie sighs, "Jeffrey after everything we've been through. I just need this year to be better. That's all I need."

Jeffrey kisses Cassie.

Josh is with Annie.

Annie smiles, "Josh I couldn't have asked for a better year."

Josh laughs, "Well maybe you should. Because I want things to keep getting better and better for us."

Annie sighs, "I know probably feel guilty because of..."

Josh nods, "Let's not talk about that right now. Just not right now."

Annie kisses Josh.


Reva Bend:


Marah is sitting on the couch.

Roxie is next to her, "Well... at least it's almost over. A year of being the most hated woman in Springfield."

Marah sighs, "Which one of us are you talking about?"

Roxie puts her arm around her, "I know honey. But you know what, Jeffrey and Cassie are not the victims here, you are."

Marah smiles, "Thanks. He I have to use the bathroom. I'll be right back."

Roxie sighs, "You'll miss the countdown."

Marah shuts the door, "I'll be quick."

Roxie goes into the bedroom.

On the bed, an old looking woman lays down breathing loud.

She is wearing a cap over her bald head.

Roxie smiles, "Hey sis. It's almost the new year."


Reva smiles, "Tell Marah that I'm sleeping. I don't want her to see me like this. It's bad enough she wouldn't go out tonight."

Roxie sighs, "Well this year you're gonna finally beat this cancer. I just know it."

Roxie and Reva hold hands as they count the final seconds.

Marah is waiting for a countdown of her own.

She sits on the tub waiting.

A box for a pregnancy test lays on the floor.

3... 2.... 1!!!!

Springfield enters the New Year.....



Springfield gets ready for the new year!


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  • Members

Wait, what? When did Drew come back to town?! OMG, Saundra's back as Lucy? Yey!!!

What is Dinah talking about Blake ruined their family? I must have missed something. Oh well

Great way to bring back the show!

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  • Members

LOL! Well you may not have noticed but Springfield just entered the year 2011!!!

So there is a lot that readers missed.

The big twist is that FTL is taking place in Springfield one year from now.

Glad you liked it! :)

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  • Members

Wow that was a twist. So it's like a fresh start?? Year later like the show lol.

Annie and Josh together again? Crazy, I just could never see it after the past.

Jeffrey and Cassie? Interesting, as I was liking Jeffrey and Marah. And now Marah having a "dark" side and being manipulative?

And Reva alone w/ cancer? Noah no longer around? I guess she will lose the battle as you hinted she might be written off before.

Guess I'll keep reading and see where you go w/ it. Hope you don't keep us waiting long!

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  • Members

LOL! In a way it is but so much drama is going to unfold. :)

Annie and Josh are still taking things slow but you'll be surprised at how much Annie has changed, but it's only a wonder of how it happened and how long it will last.

Marah was slowly leaning towards crazy town and now she has officially become a little villian of Springfield.

We'll see more of Noah later. Reva wants to fight this battle without having a man and we'll get an update on Reva's condition soon.

Yep this episode was almost a preview. It took place on New Year's Eve 2010, the last season ended in fall of 2009.

Thanks Amanda, next episode is up tomorrow. :)

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  • Members

One year from now. Very interesting. I am not a fan at all of jumps in the stories. I still wanted to see that wedding play out. And a few other things.

But what I read in this ep was good and look promising

I'm really feeling Liz and Remy. They look so good together.

I loved Dinah's and Blake's hi jinks at the studio

That damned Jesse. He does look good with Drew though.

Annie and Josh a couple and Reva is dying of cancer ( it seems yet again).

A lot of new faces as well.

Good episode, good start

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