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Harley sits in a booth alone sipping on coffee as Mel enters, glowing. Harley looks from behind her paper to notice Mel. Mel smile at her and Harley waves for her to come over. Mel walks over and joins her at the booth.

Mel: Hey you. What is going on as of late?

Harley: Nothing much. Just slowly settling back into life in Springfield. Who knew leaving here and coming back would be so hard.

Mel: Well life goes on.

Harley: That is does. It does so much that you've got a new man.

Mel tenses up.

Mel: So -- So you know about me and-

Harley: Cyrus? Yep. Rick told me about you two.

Mel: He did!

Harley: Mel, calm down. It's fine with me.

Mel: No that is not the point. He has not right to tell you. If anything you should've heard about it from me.

Harley: Hey, hey, if it makes you feel better, Rick only mentioned it while he was having a rant. A jealous one at that.

Mel: I don't care about what he was having. He needs to mind his own damn business. When he signed his John Hancock to the divorce papers, I was wiped cleaned of him telling me what to do. The only thing we have in common now is Leah -- only Leah. My personal life is off limits to him.

Harley: Now, Mel--

Harley looks over at the entrance where now Rick enters looking around. Harley gestures Rick to leave but Rick stand there confused. Mel spins around to see Rick.

Mel: Oh no. Call him over here now.

Harley: Mel...

Mel: No. Call him.

Mel waves for Rick to come over. Rick does as he is told and joins them.

Rick: Hey everyone. What is going on?

Harley: Nothing...

Harley anxiously sips her coffee.

Mel: Well apparently you told Harley about me and Cyrus.

Rick searches for an answer.

Mel: No need for you to come up with some excuse. You've been caught. Might as well fess up.

Rick: Mel, regardless you are the mother of my child and anything that affects Leah affects me.

Mel: (laughs) Funny. So funny. Now if you care so much about me when we were married and you were screwing Beth...

Harley rises up.

Harley: Maybe I should leave...

Mel pulls her back down.

Mel: How about not. You're in it now. Thanks to this nosy bastard.

Rick: Nosy? I wouldn't have to be so nosy if you weren't sleeping with Foley.

Mel: I can sleep with whoever the hell I want?!

Everyone in the restaurant watches on.

Mel: (getting up) And may I add, last night I had the most incredible sex with Foley. Better than anything I had with you. The man oozes passion and loyalty -- something you to learn from him. He is a real man.

Rick: A real criminal.

Harley: Dear God. Mel, please sit down. Rick, stop.

Mel: Oh no worries. I am about to leave anyways. Gotta date with Cyrus. Another rump in the sheets. Adios.

Mel exits. Rick sits in silence, raging hot mad.

Harley: That was so my fault...

Rick: Of course.



Mel skyrockets down the sidewalk and in a blind rage bumps into Cyrus.

Cyrus: Ouch. (noticing Mel) Hey what is wrong?

Mel: Let's go.

Cyrus: But I thought we were going to eat at Company.

Mel: Not to today. Rick is in there. And he has been telling people about you and me.

Cyrus: ...And the issue is?

Mel: It's none of his business. Can we just go? Go to Towers.

Cyrus: It's not gonna matter. You can't escape him. It is not like you can escape him unless you leave Springfield.

Mel: Do you wanna do that? I am all for it.

Cyrus: No. We are not gonna run from Rick. We'll just deal with him. OK?

Mel looks into Cyrus' eyes for solace. He smiles at her reassuring her things will be just fine.

Mel: OK. I trust you. I trust you.

Cyrus: Good. I'm glad you do.

Cyrus and Mel hug. And on Cyrus' smile turning into uncertainty,



- Hawk reunites with his grandchildren.

- Rusty meets someone that affects his future


-The Foley Bros. time in Springfield comes to an end with Alan and Phillip at the root of it all.

- Alex makes a move to resume control over Spaulding, starting an all out Spaulding war with lines drawn.


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