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Cyrus kicks the door in while carrying Mel. The two passionately kiss, devouring each other. Cyrus lies Mel on the bed gently and stand above her, examining this goddess. He is in awe at what he sees.

Cyrus: My God. I have never seen something so beautiful in my life.

Mel: Then make love to me. Take me now. I am yours.

Mel willingly stretches across the bed. Cyrus turns away, dejecting her. Mel notices this and his hurt.

Mel: I thought you said I was beautiful? What is wrong?

Cyrus: I don't know -- are we moving too fast? Mel, should we be doing this?

Mel: ...Umm YEAH! I have not had any in a long time and I desperately need it.

Mel grabs Cyrus by the hand, turning him back to her.

Mel: Cyrus, we can't deny our passion any longer. We just can't.

Cyrus gives in and rips off his shirt. He climbs on top of Mel and they two kiss again while pulling each other clothes off.



Beth is curled up in the backyard swing, sipping a glass of wine. Worry plagues Beth. She is then startled by Caroline, who touches her shoulder from behind.

Beth: You scared me.

Caroline: I'm sorry. I just wanted to see how you were doing. You seem a little down.

Beth: A little? Try a lot. India returning has totally brought my day down.

Caroline joins Beth on the swing.

Caroline: What is it about this...India woman? Who is she to Alan -- I mean Mr. Spaulding?

Beth gives Caroline a friendly pat on her leg.

Beth: You really care about, Alan. Don't you?

Caroline: Why -- uh yes. He is my boss. I have a right to care, don't I?

Beth: You do. But you shouldn't. Now that India is back in town, Alan is going to use this to his advantage. And that woman -- (starts to seethes) That woman! She is going to wreak havoc on us all. India is nothing but trouble. Everything she does is either motivated by money or vengeance.

Caroline: But she claims to love Phillip and Alan.

Beth: Yes, their money. Let me tell you about India. She came to town to get one on Alex and ended up marrying Phillip in the process. She tried everything she could to get Phillip to get over me but her plan failed. Then she went for Alan and they become lovers but it never went further than that. That woman is just sick. Watch her. I mean WATCH her.

And on a disturbed Caroline,



It's pitch black dark but through a window we see a car light as it pulls in. A door slams.

Leah: (O.C) Bye, Mia. Call me when you get home.

The sound of a key opening a door is heard and enters Leah.

Leah: Damn its dark in here. Mom! Mom are you here!

Leah flicks the light switch on next to the door. She tosses her coat and bag next to the door and closes the door.

Leah: Guess she is sleep.

Leah makes a b-line into the kitchen where she sighs at the sight of no food on the stove.

Leah: Great. So she did not cook either. Mom, what is going on with--

WHAP! BANG! Leah jumps in fear at this loud crash.

Leah: Mom...

No answer back. Leah starts to panic.

BANG! Another sound is heard. Leah squats down on the ground, distraught.

Leah: Ok. So I know it came from the basement.

Leah creeps over to the counter and grabs a knife.

Leah: Please let this be Mom.

Leah opens the door to the basement and


flicks on the light where she stands at the top of the stairs.

Leah: Who is there?

No answer.

Leah: Aww damn...

Leah slowly makes her way down the stairs breathing heavily. She clutches the knife tightly to her side with dear life. She stops at the bottom of the stair and flicks on another light switch which lights up the bottom half of the basement.

Leah: Who is in here?

Grady, leaned up against the side bookshelf, watches on. Then a book falls from the shelf. Leah aims the knife at the shelf.

Leah: Come out dammit or I will --

Grady: You will do what?

Grady comes from behind the bookshelf.

Grady: Gut me like a fish?

Leah: Who the hell are you?

She eyes him down and suddenly her face drops as she remembers who he is.

Leah: You -- you're Grady...

Grady: (in a game show host voice) CORRECT!!

Grady grabs Leah and draws her in near to him. He takes the knife from her and holds it to her throat as he places his hand over her mouth.

Grady: Looks like you got yourself into some trouble, sweet pea.

And on Leah panicking,




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