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Episode 192



Destiny is confusing to the people of Springfield...




Michelle and Bill's wedding.

Michelle and her ladies are getting ready.

Vanessa and Dinah are sitting together.

Vanessa smiles, "I'm so happy for you brother. He really deserves this. Don't you think?"

Dinah sighs, "I will be respectful because this is Bill's day but I really don't want to talk to you."

Vanessa sighs, "Mallet will be home soon. But you need to realize that your family should be your number one priority."

Dinah gets ready to respond but Marah walks out.


Marah smiles, "Ladies, here is the bride."

Michelle walks out in her dress with her hair done, "Hey."

Vanessa stands up, "Oh Darling. You look absolutely beautiful. You look incredible."

Michelle smiles, "Thank you Vanessa."

Dinah stands, "My brother is a lucky man."

Michelle nods, "And I'm a lucky woman."

Vanessa nods, "Yes. You two are going to have a perfect day and it will be everything you imagined."

Michelle turns and looks in the mirror, "Everything is going to go the way it is supposed to."




Emma is in her dress.

Olivia walks over, "You look beautiful honey."

Emma sighs, "We should get going so we aren't late."

Olivia nods, "Okay I'll get my purse and then I'll drop you off there. Do you have your cell phone?"

Emma sighs, "Are you sure you don't want to come?"

Olivia nods, "Yes baby. But don't worry. You are going to have fun. Michelle is a nice woman and she'll make Daddy happy."

Emma looks down, "I like Michelle. But a part of me wishes you and Dad were getting married today."

Olivia sighs, "Oh honey..."

There is a knock on the door.

Olivia goes to answer.

To gentleman are standing there.

She looks at them, "Can I help you."

The first man looks at her, "Olivia Spencer?"

She nods, "That's me."

He looks at her, "We're with immigration, you're going to have to come with us."

Olivia scoffs, "What no."

They nod, "You need to come with us."

She shakes her head, "I have my daughter with me."

The man sighs, "She can come with us. We'll contact the girls father when we get to the station."

Emma is worried, "Mommy?"

Olivia sighs, "It's going to be fine sweetheart."

They all leave together.


Spaulding Mansion:


Phillip is talking with a few of the staff at the house.

Annie walks up to him, "What are you up to now Phillip?"

He turns to her, "Is something wrong Annie?"

She nods, "Rumor is that you are planning something against my good friend Olivia."

He shakes his head, "I'm fighting for custody of my daughter but I'm not planning anything."

Annie nods, "Okay, I'm sure. You're a Spaulding Phillip. I know how you all work."

Phillip shakes his head, "I have no idea what you're talking about Annie. I didn't do anything."

Annie looks at the staff, "You'll see. He says nothings going on but I'm sure before we know it something bad is going to happen to Olivia and we will all know who's fault it is."

Phillip sighs, "Annie, Olivia is fine. What is all of this about? I haven't done anything."

Annie nods, "Come on Phillip. We all know you would do anything to have your daughter back."

He sighs, "Of course."

She shakes her head, "Anything?"

Annie walks away very proud of the ideas she's planting in people's heads.



Bill is getting himself together.

Shayne walks over, "Are you nervous?"

Bill shakes his head, "No. Today I am marrying Michelle Bauer. The woman I've been best friends with my whole life."

Shayne nods, "Well you're much more than friends now right?"

Bill hesitates, "Yeah, of course."


Ed and Rick walk in.

Rick smiles, "There's my soon to be brother in law. How are you doing Bill? Nervous?"

Bill shakes his head, "No."

Ed smiles, "My daughter is very excited. You two deserve to have the perfect wedding."

Shayne looks at them, "Hey have you guys seen my Dad and Uncle Billy?"

Rick nods, "I think so..."

The three of them walk out of the room.

Bill's phone rings.

He answer's, "Hello?... Emma.... Emma baby slow down what's going on?.... Oh God.... Okay Emma don't worry, Daddy is going to fix this okay?... I'm on my way."

Bill sits his phone down and writes a note then leaves it on the table.

Bill quickly grabs his car keys and runs out the door, without noticing he left his phone.

The door sends a small wind, blowing the note to the floor.




Gus is going for a walk.

After a while he sits on the bench.

He has a lot on his mind.

Susan and he can't be together anymore.

Olivia doesn't want to see him again.

Harley is furious with him.

Gus feels completely alone.

He talks to himself, "You screwed up big time. You never should have broke up with Harley in the first place. Then none of this ever would have happened in the first place."

Gus is trying to let go.

He knows it is time to move on.

He is having trouble excepting that it may be over with Harley.

She will always be the love of his life.


A young woman is walking by.

She stops and looks at him, "Well look at this depressing little man right here."

He looks up, "Well aren't you peachy?"

She laughs, "Sorry but you are moping in the park. You're kind of asking for it."

He nods, "Well my life isn't going the way I planned."

She laughs, "Who's is?"

He nods, "Good point."

She sits next to him, "No offense buddy, but you're being a baby."

Gus is very amused by her.



At a nice hotel.

Inside a honeymoon suite.

Henry Cooper Bradshaw wakes up in his bed.

He thinks to himself if it was just a dream.

He looks to see Mary opening her eyes.

He smiles, "Good morning."

She grins, "I was afraid this was all a dream."

He laughs, "So was I. I mean I never do anything like this."

She laughs, "I hope not."

He nods, "No. I mean I am not a spontaneous person. I wasn't even sure if I believed in love at first sight. I thought it was something silly my Dad used to talk about with my Mom."

She looks at him, "You really seem to miss her."

He nods, "I do."

She sighs, "My parents are both dead. I miss them. But I have to believe that they are still with me."

Coop smiles, "You think they would like me?"

She grins, "If you made me happy. What about you? Do you think you're family will like me?"

He nods, "How could they not?"

She grins, "Well I'm excited. I know it's going to be a lot to explain to people though."

Coop nods, "Yes. A lot of stuff to explain. But I think that when they see how much we love each other, they will be more than happy for us. Trust me they'll like you."

The two kiss.



Gus is still sitting on the bench next to the woman.

He looks at her, "You know I don't think I've seen you around Springfield before."

She nods, "Well I just got here."

He nods, "Oh I see. Well if you ever need someone to show you around, just let me know."

She smiles, "I can show myself around thank you."

He laughs, "I don't know. It is a very nice town but it can be dangerous sometimes."

She nods, "And what are you going to do to protect me?"

He smiles, "Well I'm a cop. That's a start."

She laughs, "That's nice. Well, I guess I got your number already then. So we're good."

Gus looks at her, "Well if you ever want my personal number...'

She shakes her head, "I don't know how long I'm going to be here. It might not be for long."

Gus nods, "What are you in town for?"

She sighs, "Well there's a few things I need to take care of. But today I'm hoping to make it to a wedding."

Gus looks at her, "A friend?"

She nods, "Something like that."


Michelle is getting herself together.

She looks at the clock, "Okay just in time.

Michelle goes to the door.

Ed walks in, "Hey."

She smiles, "Hi Daddy."

He grins, "You look lovely. Your mother would love to see you like this Michelle."

She shakes her head, "Don't make me cry Dad."

He kisses her on the cheek, "I love you."

Marah slowly walks in.

Michelle smiles, "I'm ready."

Marah walks over, "Michelle honey, there's a problem."

Michelle worries, "What?"

Marah sighs, "Shayne is having an issue with Bill."

Michelle is confused, "What kind of issue?"

Marah sighs, "We don't know where he is."

Michelle is in shock and confusion.

Spaulding Mansion:


Annie walks into the living room.

Alan is sitting down, "Hello Annie."

Annie grins, "I hope you know that the plan is going perfectly. Olivia is in deep now."

Alan looks at her, "Already? You haven't even told me what you had planned for her."

Annie sighs, "Well let's just say I got in contact with immigration and may have pulled some strings."

Alan grins, "Really? Wow. So are you sure? Is Olivia Spencer really on her way out of the country."

Annie nods, "She should be."

Alan laughs, "Perfect. I'm so sick and tired of that woman. Emma will be better off without her."

Annie nods, "But that's only part one."

He is confused, "And part two?"

She sighs, "We need to make sure that everyone is suspecting Phillip. So when everyone finds out what happened to Olivia, all eyes will be on Phillip. And how many mothers would hate him after that?"

Alan laughs, "You are brilliant Annie."

She smiles, "Don't I know it."

The two sit and ponder their next move.


Police Station:

Bill runs inside.

Emma is sitting alone.

Bill walks up to her, "Baby..."

She hugs him, "Daddy! Daddy you have to stop them! They are trying to take Mommy away."

The immigration officer comes over.

Bill turns to him, "What's going on?"

He sighs, "Ms. Spencer is going to be deported. And we have been instructed to do it ASAP."

Bill shakes his head, "No not today. This is all happening way to fast. You guys can't do this."

He nods, "Sorry it's out of our hands. Now she will eventually be able to try and work this out but for the time being we need to get her back to San Cristobal."

Emma cries, "No!"

Bill sighs, "Please don't do this. Look at her daughter. Olivia and Emma are very close you can't separate them."

He shakes his head, "We can't take her. You are her father, I assume you can take care of her."

Bill sighs, "God! This isn't right. This is... Phillip."

Emma is confused, "What?"

Bill turns to her, "Go sit down honey, I'm going to straighten things out for your Mom."

Emma goes to sit down.

Bill looks at him, "This is the Spauldings isn't it? Phillip is trying to get rid of Olivia. I'm not going to let that happen!"

Bill is furious.


Coop and Mary are getting dressed.

Mary smiles, "I still can't believe we're married."

Coop grins, "I know! This is crazy."

She turns to him, "Okay so what's next?"

He laughs, "Uh... I don't know. We can go meet with my family and introduce you."

She nods, "Okay. I can stand to go to England."

He laughs, "Well that will have to wait. My Mom's family lives in England. But my Dad actually lived near Chicago."

She pauses, "Chicago?"

He nods, "Yeah. You okay with that?"

She turns away, "No I just... I'm not really a fan of the windy city you know? Not for me."

He laughs, "Well that's fine. It's not really in Chicago. It's near Chicago. The town I'm from is Springfield."

She stands still.

He looks at her, "You okay?"

She turns to him, "What did you say?"

He nods, "Springfield."

She shakes her head, "No. That's... I can't go there."

Coop is very confused.


Michelle is standing with Ed and Marah.

Ed looks at Marah, "Do you have any idea where Bill could be?"

She shakes her head, "No. Shayne said you guys left to find Billy and Josh. When he got back Bill was gone."

Michelle isn't saying anything.

Rick walks in, "It's filling up out there and people are starting to worry. What's going on?"

Ed sighs, "Bill left."

Rick is confused, "What do you mean?"

Marah sighs, "We don't know. But Bill left without telling anyone and we can't get a hold of him."

Rick is confused, "You call his cell phone?"

Marah sighs, "He left it."

Michelle has tears in her eyes, "Bill wouldn't..."

Ed turns to her, "Honey..."

Michelle walks away from him.

Marah tries to hug her but Michelle pulls away.

Rick sighs, "Sis don't..."

Michelle goes running out, "No!"

Michelle is running around the downstairs of the church.

She sees the backdoor and runs out.

She looks around, "Bill's car is gone."

Michelle cries, "Why?"

She then hears the motorcycle.

Jesse pulls up in front of the church.

Michelle stares in shock.



Michelle and Jesse can't fight it anymore!

Bill makes a promise to Olivia

Coop questions his new bride

Gus gets to know this new woman

Alexandra has words for Alan and Annie

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Poor Olivia. Is she coming back?

Annie is setting Phil up. I love it`

Bill left the wedding, not a good sign. I love how Olivia'sdram tied into Bills wedding.

All these stranges in Springfield talking. What is going on?

OMG this coop and mary mess is insane. THEY R MARRIED?!!!

I love Alan and Annie working togehter. They always have great scene together.

Mary got a secret already. Already the drama starts. Coop what did u get ur self into?



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