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Fall Previews



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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  1. 1. Which Character Do You Prefer?

    • Kendall
    • Greenlee


Reva's Cancer:

Will this be the end for Reva Shayne? Or will Noah save her? And what does this mean for Josh and Reva? Reva is going to lean on Noah a lot but Josh won't be left out of her life.


Big Bad Alan Spaulding:

Alan is back to his old ways. Working with Annie. Working with Blake. But when Natalia comes home will she remind Alan of his good side? And what will she do if she finds out about Alan and Blake's affair. Blake is determined to keep Remy away from Lizzie but she may push them together.



Lorelei is getting into trouble with help of Guillespie. Is she going to ruin her marriage to Phillip who thinks she is still Beth? Especially with Phillip getting close to a certain ex.


Marina's Baby:

Lucy and David are in a deep hole. Lucy has enlisted Cyrus. But can she trust him? This story will have a lot of twists. And it's building up a big ending. Marina's partying may cost her everything. Will she drag Susan down with her?

Coop's New Romance:

Coop has met Mary and fallen in love. But Mary has baggage he didn't expect. Soon we will learn who Mary really is. Coop is in for a surprise!

Rocky and Kevin:

Rocky returns realizing his love for Kevin. But Kevin is afraid of hurthing him. Will Rocky fight for Kevin? Or is Kevin's pushing him away for the right reasons? Will anyone ever learn of their relationship or will it be swept under the rug?

Ava's Up To No Good:

Ava gets out of Ravenwood yes. But do to some shocking events we will be very confused. Will Ava be a good girl or a bad girl? Or both? Ava turns to an old friend for help but finds a new friend who may be good for her.


The hottest love triangle. Michelle has all their attention now. But will two ladies distract these guys from her? And who will she choose, the good boy Bill, or the bad boy Jesse?


Goodbye Olivia?:

Olivia Spencer might be on her way out of Springfield. But how will she leave? Will Emma go with her? Olivia has a lot of action and excitement this fall.


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