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Episode 190



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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A memorable night in Springfield...


Bauer Home:


The ladies get together for Michelle.

Marah smiles, "Ladies! Thank you all for attending Michelle's bachelorette party."

Vanessa shakes her head, "No, you mean her bridal shower. Bachelorette parties are... well let's not even go there."

Marah laughs, "The night is young Aunt Vanessa."

Michelle stands up, "Well I'm not that young anymore. This is going to be a bridal shower."

Dinah smiles, "I'm thrilled. My little brother is going to be marrying an amazing woman."

Michelle hugs her, "Thank you Dinah."

Marah smiles, "And I couldn't be happier that my best friend and my cousin are getting married."

Vanessa looks at Michelle, "You are going to be a Lewis woman now. I hope you're ready for it!"

Michelle laughs, "I'm no Vanessa Chamberlain and I'm certainly no Reva Shayne. But I think I am going to enjoying being Mrs. Bauer-Lewis."

Marah nods, "Dr. Bauer-Lewis."

Michelle smiles, "Yes thank you."

Dinah raises her glass, "To Bill and Michelle!"

The ladies all toast, "To Bill and Michelle."


Cross Creek:


Bill sits with the guys.

Billy laughs, "My little boy is going to become a married man. Can you believe it?"

Bill sighs, "Well this will be my third marriage."

Billy smiles, "3rd times a charm."

Bill sighs, "Well 4th sorta."

Billy sighs, "Just let us have this moment son."

Josh laughs, "We are all very happy for you Bill. Michelle is a great girl. You two are lucky to have each other."

Shayne nods, "I'm happy for you cousin. Congrats."

Rick smiles, "I want you to take good care of my little sister Lewis or there is going to be hell to pay."

Bill laughs, "Don't have to tell me twice."

Ed smiles, "In all seriousness, Bill you are a great man. I've watched you grow up and I'm so happy that Michelle has you in her life now. You have been good for her and great for her children. I'm grateful that Michelle and the kids have you."

Bill smiles, "I'm grateful to have them."

Shayne raises his glass, "To Bill and Michelle."

The men raise their drinks, non alcohol out of respect for Billy and Ed.

They toast, "To Bill and Michelle."

Aspiring Writers Seminar:


Coop is standing in the library after the seminar.

He smiles, "Wow that was incredible. I just met one of my all time favorite authors."

A woman overhearing him turns to him, "He's just great isn't he?"

Coop nods, "Amazing. I mean everything he said was just exactly what was in my head."

She smiles, "I know right?"

He grins, "I noticed you in front asking all the questions that we were afraid to ask."

She laughs, "Well I believe if you don't ask then you don't deserve to know. I used to not be a big reader before I started working here."

He looks at her, "Do you work here?"

She nods, "Oh yeah. I'm a librarian. I know boring."

He shakes his head, "No I've just never seen such a beautiful librarian before."

She laughs, "Well thanks."

He grins, "I'm Henry."

She shakes his hand, "I'm Mary."

He looks at her, "I don't usually ask this right after I meet someone but would you want to grab some coffee?"

She nods, "I would love to? Right now?"

He smiles, "Yeah."

The two leave together.




Cassie and Edmund are sitting in a booth together.

Edmund sighs, "Do you feel uncomfortable?"

She shakes her head, "No we are friends Edmund. And this is what friends do remember?"

He shakes his head, "No."

She turns to him, "I hope that one day people can forgive me and when they do I want them to be able to sit and have a meal with me the way that I am with you."

Edmund sighs, "Cassie you've already proven to me that you have forgiven me. You don't have to prove it to anyone else."

She nods, "Yes I do."


Buzz walks over, "Uh..."

Cassie looks at him, "I'll have my usual Buzz."

Buzz shakes his head, "Uh okay."

Edmund sighs, "I'll have whatever she is having. Thank you Buzz."

Buzz stares for a moment then walks away.

Edmund laughs, "Old times."

She nods, "I remember all the looks we got when we used to date. No one understood."

He sighs, "No one did."

She nods, "But it didn't matter. I mean as long as we understood it, no one else's opinion mattered."

Edmund smiles, "Typical Cassie. Never caring what anyone thought about her. That's why so many people love you."

Cassie smiles at Edmund.


Old Cabin:


Lorelei knocks on the door.

Guillespie opens, "Hey gorgeous."

She walks in, "I wanted to drop by and say hi."

Guillespie smiles, "Awe so nice of you to check on me. Now why are you really here?"

She scoffs, "What you don't believe me?"

He looks at the bag in her hand, "What's that?"

She laughs, "Okay! Well I got a job for ya buddy."

She takes the bag and dumps it on the table.

Jewelry comes falling out.

G looks at it, "Nice!"

She nods, "I know! Beth has got some classy stuff there. That could by me a house."

He looks at her, "You selling it?"

She shakes her head, "Nope you are."

He laughs, "What?"

She sighs, "Beth Spaulding can't be seen doin' that. And I can't send someone else or Phil's gonna find out. I just want some money to stash. You can get a cut of it."

He nods, "Okay. So you trust me?"

She sighs, "I just figured I'd see how you do with this job."

He walks over to her, "I won't let you down babe."

She grins, "I'm glad to hear it buddy."

The two laugh and go through the jewelry.


Harley's House:


Harley and Cyrus are kissing.

The car outside honks.

Harley sighs, "The kids are getting impatient. I have to get them over to Gus's."

Cyrus sighs, "Okay then I'll meet you at Company?"

She smiles, "Sounds good. Then we'll come home and spend our alone time together."

The two kiss.

Harley goes to take the kids to Gus's.

Later Cyrus is getting ready.

The doorbell rings.

Cyrus goes downstairs and opens the door.

No one is there.

A nervous Cyrus steps out, "Hey? Little brother?"


Lucy walks from behind the corner, "Busted."

Cyrus turns to her, "What the hell?"

She smiles, "You thought I was you're brother?"

Cyrus shakes his head, "No."

She grins, "Don't deny it Cyrus. I already knew. I saw you taking groceries up to the old cabin. This was just for fun."

Cyrus scoffs, "You spying on me?"

Lucy nods, "You're dating my sister. You also dated my niece. I have a right to."

Cyrus walks away, "I'm not going to do this with you."

She follows him, "Oh yes you will. We got a deal to make. Otherwise I'm going to tell my sister that you have been hiding your hitman brother behind her back."

Cyrus turns and stares at Lucy.


Coffee Shop:

Mary and Coop have been talking.

Mary smiles, "I totally agree! I mean his early work was good but I think his later stuff was brilliant."

He nods, "I know. Most people always say the old stuff is good no matter what. But a lot of authors peaked in their writing with the later stuff. Wow you are great to talk to."

She laughs, "It's weird that we are having such a passionate conversation about literature."

He nods, "Well I am an English teacher."

She nods, "That's really cool. I recently got my associates degree. I went to community college for a while."

Coop smiles, "It's never to late to learn."

She grins, "Well if I had you as a teacher I would have enjoyed classes even more."

Coop laughs, "Well thank you."

She smiles, "A librarian and a teacher. How awesome are we?"

He laugh, "Two underrated jobs."

She sighs, "So I'm assuming because you're so great that means you don't live here?"

He shakes his head, "No. I'm just in town for this. I'm leaving soon. Unfortunatly."

Mary sighs, "Just my luck."

He nods, "I have to ask you a question and please don't laugh."

She smiles, "What?"

Coop looks into her eyes, "Do you believe in love at first sight."

She grins, "If you had asked me this morning I would have said no. But now... I think so."

The two smile and look into each other's eyes.


Cassie and Edmund are eating.

Harley walks in.

She sees them and walks over, "Hi."

Cassie smiles, "Hey!"

Harley looks at them, "What's going on?"

Cassie grins, "I am having dinner with a good friend of mine. Edmund Winslow. What about you?"

Harley sighs, "I'm meeting Cyrus here."

Cassie smiles, "Oh good."

Harley looks at her, "Can I talk with you over here for a moment? Girl talk really quick."

Cassie follows her to the other side of the diner.

Harley looks at her, "Okay if there is something you can't tell me then blink twice."

Cassie laughs, "Stop it."

Harley is confused, "Why are you here with him?"

Cassie sighs, "Listen I'm trying to get people to give me a second chance. How can I deny that to Edmund?"

Harley sighs, "Honey this is like his 1,000,000th chance."

Cassie shakes her head, "I have to do what's right."

Harley turns her head, "First Blake now Cassie."

Cassie looks at her, "Wait. What's up with Blake?"

Harley sighs, "Nothing. Go enjoy your meal. I am gonna look for Cyrus."

Cassie hugs Harley then goes back to Edmund.

Harley doesn't want to tell Cassie that Blake has been hanging out with Alan.

Old Cabin:

Lorelei and Guillespie go through the jewelry.

Lorelei plays with it, "Isn't this stuff cool? I mean just knowing how expensive it all is."

Guillespie looks at her, "Aren't you used to it by now?"

She shakes her head, "Baby you never get used to this."

He looks at her, "Do your Beth voice."

Lorelei sits up, "Give me something to say."

Guillespie smiles, "Say something very Spaulding-like."

She clears her throat and drops the accent, "You know Mr. Guillespie, I must take the opportunity to inform you that messing with a Spaulding is just as dangerous as putting a loaded gun into your mouth."

Guillespie is laughing, "That is crazy!"

She looks at him seriously, "But I am not kidding. Alan Spaulding taught me a lot. If you mess with me then I'm going to get you back twice as hard. I promise you that."

Guillespie looks at her, "You are so hot."

She shoves him, "Hey! I'm married woman!"

He laughs, "Not really. Phillip loves Beth. Not her alter ego."

Lorlei sighs, "I don't love him either. I have loved some men. Bill Lewis. Edmund Winslow, Alan Spaulding. But Alan thought I was Beth too. They all prefer her."

Guillespie shakes his head, "I don't."

Lorelei scoffs, "Well you're opinion means squat to me."

Lorelei continues to go through the loot.

Cross Creek:

Bill is laughing and joking with the guys.

Shayne looks at him, "So are you going to miss being single?"

He shakes his head, "I'm not single. I've been with Michelle for a while now. I was not single for long."

Shayne nods, "Exactly."

Billy laughs, "No. My son wants to be married. I can see it in his eyes. He is ready to be tied down again."

Josh nods, "I think that you and Michelle are going to have a lot of happiness."

Bill smiles, "So do I."

Ed looks at him, "I want you to know that I appreciate you making Robbie and Hope so welcome. And I want you to know that I plan on making Emma and Harlan feel the same way."

Bill nods, "I'm glad to hear it. Michelle, Robbie, Hope, Emma, and Harlan Billy, we're going to be one happy family. We all fit so well together. It makes sense."

Billy nods, "Those kids could use a good Mom like Michelle."

Bill sighs, "Dad let's not do that."

Billy laughs, "Come on. It's no secret that Olivia and Ava aren't anything like Michelle."

Bill sighs, "Ava is sick. And Olivia is a great Mom. I'm lucky that she brought Emma into my life."

The men get a little uncomfortable.

Bauer Home:

Vanessa and Dinah sit on the couch.

Dinah looks at Vanessa, "So Michelle says that Maureen told her she wouldn't be back in time for the wedding."

Vanessa nods, "Mmm hmm."

Dinah sighs, "You're just not going to tell me anything."

Vanessa sighs, "Let's not do this Dinah. This is Michelle's night."

Marah walks out, "Ladies, Michelle is ready to show you girls her dress! It looks great on her."

Vanessa smiles, "Oh let's see it!"

Michelle walks out in her wedding dress.

Dinah jumps up, "Ah! You look gorgeous!"

Vanessa hugs her, "You look beautiful. Marah did a great job."

Marah smiles, "Thank you."

Michelle grins, "I like it too."

Vanessa hugs her, "Your Mother is going to be so proud of you."

Marah looks at her watch, "Okay Michelle you go change out of the dress and we're gonna go set up some games.

The ladies leave Michelle alone.

Michelle grabs her phone and sneaks outside.

She is trying to call Bill.

She dials his number.

Footsteps are coming up to her.

She turns.

Jesse is standing there.


Harley's House:

Cyrus is with Lucy.

Cyrus looks at her, "So you are looking to make some kind of deal with me?"

Lucy sighs, "I hope you don't think it's some sexual thing. Because you aren't my type. I don't really get why Marina and Harley were so crazy about you. You're a loser."

Cyrus scoffs, "What do you want?"

Lucy sighs, "I need you to go out on a hunt for me. There is a missing person I need you to find."

He laughs, "Aren't you dating a cop?"

Lucy nods, "The cops have to follow the laws. You don't. And there are more details the cops don't know."

Cyrus shakes his head, "I'm not a PI."

She nods, "But you can find people. This person is on the run and you have to locate them."

He shakes his head, "I can't just leave."

She nods, "Yes you can. And you will."

He sighs, "Who are we even talking about?"

She takes a deep breathe, "Aubrey Cross."

He scoffs, "What? Why? What reason do you possibly have to go after Aubrey Cross?"

Lucy looks at him, "I have my reasons."

He walks away, "This is crazy."

She sighs, "Do it for Marina."

He turns to her, "What does this have to do with Marina?"

Lucy sighs, "Marina's baby didn't die in the fire. Aubrey kidnapped him and let Marina think the baby died. But she has him. She has had him this whole time."

Cyrus stares at Lucy in shock and disbelief.


Cyrus is angered by Lucy's demands

Michelle and Jesse share a close moment

Bill defends Olivia

Lorelei comes home to Phillip

Blake meets with her publisher

Coop has a shocking proposal for Mary!

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Trust is a big thing between G and LL. I like how she is feeling him out with the jewels.

Harley is always geting hurt. Some one is always keeoing something from her that will end up hurting her.. Why would Lucy do that to her family anyway?

Coop, for real, love at first sight. Sounds to good to be true.

I LOVE LL and G. I think it's so hot how he finds LL hot. And than LL threating him and he likes it. I can't wait to see where this goes.

DAMN JESSE A [!@#$%^&*] STALKER. Im scared. GO AWAY!!!!!!

Good ole Aubrey.

Sorry it took so long to read. but ur blog hasd never been better. U r a great writer. Hope u post more eps soon. Don't know what is goings on.

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