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All eyes are on Alan as he stands before the court.

Judge: Mr. Spaulding, so you're saying your son never embezzled money from the company?

Alan: Uhh...yes. I was the one who made it look like he did.

Judge: And why is that Mr. Spaulding? -- Let me take a guess, to punish him?

Alan: To spare him.

Judge: From what? He seems to be a pretty level headed man in my opinion. Unlike his father...

Alan: Judge DuBois--

Judge: Shut your mouth! I am the only to speak. Not you.

Alan: Yes, your Honor.

Judge: It's rich people like you that think you can manipulate the system and people's lives. You should be ashamed! Do you hear me?!

Alan nods his head in agreement.

Judge: Mr. Spaulding, I ought to charge you for embezzlement and fraudulent crimes. (to A-M) Do you wanna press charges?

Rick cheers in the background until Mel gestures for him to be quiet. Alan turns white in fear. Then, Alan Michael stands up.

A-M: I don't want to press charges against him.

Everyone is stunned again by this revelation except for Judge DuBois, who is impressed.

Judge: Good. Glad to see you are nothing like your father. You must take after your mother.

Caroline slightly grins at the sound of this.

Judge: (to A-M) Today is your lucky day. I am going to award you not only your freedom but a haven as well. Mr. Tyrant aka your daddy, will provide you with a home until you can pick yourself back up and regain your stability.

Alan: You can't do that!

Judge: THE HELL I CAN! This is my courtroom. (pointing her gavel at Alan in a threatening tone) Let me catch you back in here and I swear, your going to jail. I'm going to have to show you I ain't the one! You better not even step foot in here and let me catch you or I swear--(in a rage) Get out of my courtroom before I step down from this bench and do something I regret!

Alan walks out the courtroom:

Judge: (to Bailiff) Don't let him back in here. (to everyone) Court is adjourned.

The crowd exits out the entrance. Alan Michael hugs Mel and they are then joined by Rick and Ed.

Ed: Thank you, Mel.

Mel: No problem, Ed. I am only doing my job.

Rick: A good one at that.

Mel rolls her eyes.

Mel: Excuse me. (to A-M) Congrats, sweetie.

A-M: Thank you, Mel.

Mel leaves the courtroom.

Ed: You're a free man, nephew. How does it feel?

A-M: Damn good.

Ed pats Alan Michael on the back and they all head for exit when they notice Caroline sitting on the bench alone.

Alan Michael: Thank you, Caroline. I know you had a hand in my freedom.

Caroline: No problem. I know a good boy when I see one.

Alan Michael, Ed, & Rick exit.

Caroline: My baby boy, you are free. If only I could celebrate your freedom with you.




Reva and Josh are sound asleep while Shayne and Marah sits behind them. Shayne is buried in a magazine and Marah glances out the window in defeat.

Marah: I cannot believe that I am going back to Springfield. Back to a place I tried so hard to leave behind.

Shayne: It's not so bad.

Marah: That's your opinion.

Shayne: Marah, stop being a brat.

Marah: Then shut up and leave me alone, Shayne.

Shayne stares at Marah, annoyed.

Shayne: What is wrong with you? Why are you so adamant about going home?

Marah: Who says I am adamant?

Shayne: What is it? Marah, what is it?

Marah: Shayne, leave me alone.

Shayne: Marah...

Marah: I can't! I just can't go back there! I can't!

Shayne: Whatever...

Marah: Shayne, I can't face her.

Shayne: Who?...Olivia?

Marah: Yes...

Marah drops her head in disappointment, and



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