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Siri holds Trista with a knife against her neck. Meanwhile, two Galahads hold Rocky down to the ground.

Trista: What is it you want? Money?

Siri: Shut up.

Rocky: You better not put a cut on her or I'll...

Otto: Shut up. You're not going to do anything.

Rocky: We'll see.

Otto: (to his henchmen) Shut him up now. He's giving me a damn headache.

One of the henchmen molds his face into the ground. Otto walks up on Trista, smitten by her.

Otto: I can let you go for a price. (plays with Trista's hair) Let me make you woman.

Trista: Oh PLEASE!

Trista kicks Otto in the balls while elbowing Siri in the abdomen and jacking her knife.

Trista: You gutter wench!

Trista roundhouse kicks Siri in the face, knocking her out.

One of the Galahads holding Rocky gets up and runs for Trista she aims the knife at him, stopping him dead in his place. Rocky manages to fight the other one off and joins Trista.

Trista: Didn't know I could do that, huh? Now give me my purse or I'll slice your leader up in here.

Someone tosses Trista her purse. She picks it up and glances inside of it.

Trista: Good. (tosses the knife on the ground) Let's go.

Trista and Rocky exit.

Siri: Stupid --



Ed walks back in the living room, rejoining everyone.

Phillip: Apparently death is spreading himself around today.

Ed: Why do you say that?

Phillip: Emma just called me and told me that she, Natalia, and Olivia are on their way to Switzerland to ID Sam's body. He was killed in a skiing accident earlier.

Ed: Dear God...

Rick: I've called Beth and Harley and informed to send everyone home.

Ed: Good, son.

Rick: This has to be the worst Bauer BBQ in forever.

Alan Michael gets up and walks out on the patio.

Ed: (to Alan) You need to go and talk to him.

Alan: I have nothing to say to him.

Phillip: You can comfort him.

Alan: I think not.

Rick: Alan, you are so cold hearted. He just lost his Grandpa, 2 aunts, an uncle, and his mother in one day.

Alan: We don't know if Hope is dead.

Ed: True. But if she had been missing thus far then there is no hope that she is alive.

Alan: Well I am holding out hope.

Ed: Alan, STOP BEING A SELFISH BASTARD AND GO COMFORT YOUR SON. You always wanted your family together and now they are. Fix your relationship with your son.

Phillip: Dad, he's right.

Alan rolls his eyes and steps out on the patio where Alan Michael is gazing at the stars. A-M looks back at Alan for a second and turns away.

Alan: You alright?

A-M: Don't come out here if you don't mean it. I know Uncle Ed had to strong arm you to come out here.

Alan: And that he did. I honestly right now could care less what you think.

A-M: (laughs hysterically) Then go! But guess what, I am not going anywhere. I'm tired of running away from the Boogeyman that is you. Now I am going to stay here in town and fight you for once. If anyone runs it'll be you. Not me.

Alan: That's nice to know. Sleep well, son.

A-M: What did you--

Mallet steps out on the porch.

A-M: You bastard. You called the police on me.

Alan: This is for your and my own good.

Mallet goes over and handcuffs Alan Michael. Ed and Rick step out on the porch in fury.

Ed: Alan, stop them!

Rick: Don't worry, we'll bail him out, Dad.

Alan: I'm sure you won't be able to meet the bail.

Phillip joins in.

Phillip: I wouldn't be so sure. (to A-M) We'll bail you out, bro.

A-M: Thanks, Phillip but don't worry about me. Thanks, Dad. My world was already shattered and now you have finished me off.

Mallet: Ok, let's go.

Mallet hauls Alan Michael off and put him into his car before driving off into the night.

Ed: (hitting a wall) Get out! Get out my house, get off my property now! Leave here, Alan Spaulding.

Alan walks off.

Alan: I'll see you, Ed.

Ed: No you won't. And if you think about coming anywhere near my family or my property...YOU BETTER JUST ARRANGE A CELL FOR ME NEXT TO ALAN MICHAEL.

Alan disappears into the night.



Lillian and Buzz clean up around the restaurant.

Buzz: Some cookout.

Lillian: I know. Can't believe that Mike is dead. Such a nice man.

Buzz: I feel bad for Buzz. I might just call him tomorrow.

Lillian: You should.

Buzz: This bring back old memories for about Coop dying. And Jenna.

Lillian: (wrapping her arms around him) Oh honey...the world can be cruel.

Buzz: It can. But now I am going to do my best to keep my family together starting with me bringing Rocky home from England.

The door flings opens with Rocky and Trista entering.

Buzz is bewildered.

Buzz: Rocky?

Rocky: Hey dad.

Buzz tears up and runs over to his son, holding him tight.

Buzz: Welcome home, son.

On Buzz's happiness and Rocky's not so enthusiastic reaction,



P&G/Telenext Productions 2009

All Rights Reserved

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