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The park is filled with various Springfield citizens. Rick attends to the grill wearing his chef hat and apron. His phones goes off.

Rick: Hello?


Ed: Son, its me. I need you to come home now.

Rick: Dad, I can't. The festivities are about to begin.

Ed: Rick! Listen to me, this is serious.

Rick: Then just tell me over the phone. Did you burn the pies? Dad, please tell me you took them out.

Ed: Rick, SCREW THE DAMN PIES! Meta, Trudy, Bruce, and Mike are dead. Michelle just called again and got word their plane went down.

Rick holds the phone to his ear with no reaction. The color from his face slowly starts to drain.

Rick: What about Hope?

Ed: They have not found her yet but I am assuming she died too.

Rick: (stifles his tears) We have -- have to find Alan Michael then and tell him.

Ed: He's already here.

Rick: He is?

Ed: Yes. Look, Rick, just get here as soon as you can. You might want to bring Phillip and Alan as well.

Rick: Yeah...

Ed hangs up the phone. Alan Michael lies on the couch look up at the ceiling, still fighting back tears.

A-M: Why, why did you tell him to bring Alan?

Ed: He needs to know about your mother and know that you are here. No need in hiding it now.

A-M: (sits up) Do you not realize that I am an fugitive!

Ed: We'll Alan to fix that.

A-M: Like he ever will.

Ed: Out of respect for your mother, he will.

A-M: Hmph.



Olivia collapses into Jeffrey's arms in a panic.

Olivia: Please tell me this a dream. TELL ME!

Jeff: Unfortunately not. Olivia--

Olivia breaks away from him and sits on the couch, holding her head down.

Olivia: This is a joke. This is a cruel joke. Sam is not dead. HOW DID HE DIE?

Jeff: It was an accident. He was in Switzerland with some friends--

Olivia: Switzerland?

Jeff: Yes. You didn't know?


Jeff: Olivia, calm down.

Jeff reaches out to comfort her and Olivia snatches away.

Olivia: Hell no! Don't comfort me. Tell me why Sam was over there?

Jeff: He was meeting up with Marah to go skiing--

Olivia: Marah? She was in the accident too?

Jeff: Yes.

Olivia: Is she dead?

Jeff: No. Sam managed to dig her to safety.

Olivia: Dig her? They were in avalanche?

Jeff: Olivia--

Olivia: So Sam is dead due to Marah?

Jeff: Olivia, that is just crazy.

Natalia and Emma come out the room.

Emma: Surprise!

Both of them read Olivia's reaction.

Emma: Momma, what is wrong.

Olivia turns away and wipes the tears away.

Olivia: Nothing. Nothing at all.

Natalia: There is something wrong. Has Jeffrey upset you?

Jeff: Hold on, don't shoot the messenger--

Natalia: What is going on?

Olivia walks over to Emma and kneels down to her.

Olivia: Go and pack some clothes. We are going on a little trip.

Emma: Momma, we gotta go to the cookout. Maureen and Clarissa are going to be there.

Olivia: Emma...

Emma storms off and slams her room door.

Natalia: Olivia, what is going on?

Olivia: Sam is dead.

Natalia: Ay dios mios! How?

Olivia: Apparently in an accident. (to Jeffrey) Where is Josh and Reva? Why aren't they here?

Jeff: Why would they be here?

Olivia: To tell me the news. Why send you? Why? Is it because Marah is ok and safe so they don't have to worry about Sam?

Jeff: That is ludicrous.

Olivia: Not when it comes to Josh and Reva it doesn't! As long as their family is safe, its screw everyone else. Why the hell aren't they here?

Jeff: I told them to go ahead to the cookout. Josh was--

Olivia: HE WAS. But did he? No. He should've came to me before going to Reva. Marah is fine and living. Sam is dead. Oh God...

Olivia eases back onto the sofa in tears.

Olivia: Dammit!

Olivia picks up an ornament from the table and tosses it at the TV, shattering it.

Olivia: (to Jeff) Just leave!

Jeffrey nods his head and leaves. Natalia goes to sit with Olivia on the couch but Olivia gesture her to stop.

Olivia: Please, don't. I want to be alone.

Natalia: Ok...I'll go pack.

Olivia: Thank you.

Natalia exits. Olivia sits on the couch deep in thought. Her demeanor changes from sadness to disdain. Anger runs through her veins.

Olivia: (utters) I love you, Sam. I will avenge you. I will make Marah Lewis pay if it is the last thing I do...



Rocky and Trista get off the bus, sharing a laugh.

Trista: Wow. Must've been great to grow up in England.

Rocky: It had its perks...

The two walk over to the side of the bus and grabs their luggage.

Rocky: Good old Springfield. Have not been here since my mom died...

Trista: Well I'm sorry to hear about that.

Rocky: Don't be. I've learned to deal with it along with my brother Coop's death as well.

Trista looks saddened by Rocky's story. Even though he is hurting himself, he masks his pain to cheer Trista up as well.

Rocky: Hey, where are you staying?

Trista: I don't know. Campus dorms don't open up until August so I was probably going to get a room at the Springfield Arms Inn.

Rocky: Eww, no.

Trista: But its cheap.

Rocky: Yeah and on the bad side of the town. Come and stay with me at Company.

Trista: Umm, Rocky, I know we just met and all but you're moving a tad bit to fast for me...

Rocky: I am talking about you getting a room at Company until school starts in the fall.

Trista: I don't know...

Rocky: Come on. It's on the house.

Trista: I don't think so. I can't live off someone for free. Just not in my blood.

Rocky: Then you can work in Company to pay for your room and board.

Trista: Are you sure your father is going to allow this?

Rocky: He has no choice. When he sees me, he'll be too happy to say no.

Trista thinks for a second and then a grin comes on her face.

Trista: Deal.

Rocky: Good. (he wraps his arms around her) You'll enjoy it.

Suddenly a man in a mask comes from out of nowhere and snatches Trista's purse and picks up running down the street.

Trista: Hey!

Rocky takes notices and chases after the man, luggage and all.

Rocky: You son of bitch, get back here!

Trista: Rocky! Rocky, wait! (to self) Just great. Just great!

Trista grabs her suitcases and runs after Rocky.



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