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Episode 183



There are many regrets in Springfield...


Spaulding Enterprises:

Mr. Wallace announced, "Ladies and gentleman, your official CEO, Ms. Annie Dutton."


Annie stands, "Thank you all for your support. And those of you who didn't support me.... well I'm sorry."

Dinah and Olivia stand at her sides.


Alex turns to Alan, "I hope your happy, you know if you had put your pride aside and voted for your son he would be the CEO right and not her. Not Annie Dutton."

Alan is angry, "That is enough Alexandra."


Harley gets up, "I don't feel well."

Cyrus stands, "You want me to take you home?"

She nods, "Yeah I think I should be going."

Gus looks at her, "Babe you okay?"

Harley just walks away with Cyrus.


Rafe and Liz walk over to Annie.

Liz shakes her hand, "Congratulations."

Rafe smiles, "You're going to do a fine job I'm sure."

Annie grins, "I knew I could count on you two to finally see the light. I will remember this."

Alan walks over to his Grandchildren, "I hope you two are satisfied."

Liz turns to him, "If I ever want my daughter to come home, then you need to stay out of power."

Annie smiles at Alan.




Ava is lashing out.

She screams, "Get out!!! Go away!"

Shayne stops her, "You need to stop. Because I'm not going anywhere."

The nurse walks in, "What is going on? Is the patient behaving dangerously Ms. Lewis?"

Shayne looks at her, "No. There is no problem here."

The nurse stares at them.

Ava looks at her, "You heard him. No problem. Now waddle your fat ass out of my room."

The nurse shakes her head and leaves.

Shayne turns to her, "That was nice."

She walks away, "Why did you do that? You could have safely escorted out while they strapped me down in here."

Shayne looks at her, "I told you that you weren't hopeless Ava. I know there must be some good in you."

Ava shakes her head, "Not really."

He sighs, "You keep putting up a tough front. Why can't you let yourself be vulnerable and real."

She looks at him, "I don't need pity. I want people to be intimidated by me. That's what I want."

He laughs, "You are the daughter of Edmund Winslow and Olivia Spencer. That right there would scare the hell out of anyone in Springfield."

Ava tries not to laugh when he says things.




Edmund is in his room.

There is a knock on the door.

He walks to the door, "This better be important."


He opens to door to see Cassie.

He is shocked, "Cassie?"

She sighs, "Hello Edmund. We need to talk."

He stares, "What is going on?"

She sighs, "I've been thinking about you."

Edmund smiles, "Really?"

She nods, "A friend told me today that in order to receive forgiveness we have to forgive."

He is confused, "Who is this friend?"

She answers reluctantly, "Jeffrey-"

He goes to shut the door.

She stops him, "Can I please come in? I just, I think there are things we need to talk about."

Edmund looks her in the eyes, "So you are here to forgive me?"

She nods, "That's the plan."

He sighs, "You really think you can do that?"

She shakes her head, "I don't know. But I am sure going to try. If you can let me."

Edmund steps aside.

Cassie walks in.

Spaulding Enterprises:

Olivia looks at Annie and Dinah, "I'm going to schedule a celebratory party at Towers."

Annie hugs her, "Oh thank you Olivia. You two have been great partners and now we finally won."

Olivia leaves.

Dinah hugs Annie, "Can you believe it! We got you named the official CEO! Everything is working out."

Annie smiles, "We make a great team."

Dinah looks at her, "So you want me to get the press together?"

Annie shakes her head, "It's taken care of. Go home and see your family. Surprise them with something."

Dinah grins, "That's a good idea."

Dinah hugs Annie and then heads home.

Alan sits by himself.

Annie walks over to him, "You okay big guy?"

He scoffs, "As if you care."

She looks at him, "I still have a small place in my heart for you."

He looks at her, "Somehow I think even if I won I still wouldn't be happy. The love of my life is not here."

Annie sighs, "Well I am sorry but maybe it just wasn't meant to be with you and her."

Alan shakes his head, "You don't know what you're talking about."

Annie sighs, "Come on. I hear she was the hotel maid. The sweet little catholic. Not your type."

Alan sighs, "Natalia changed me."

Annie stands up, "Alan, maybe you were never meant to be changed."

Annie walks away.

Alan sits and ponders.


Side of the Road:


Michelle is driving home.

Her car starts to break down.

She pulls over, "No, no, no."

Michelle tries to call Bill.

Her phone died.

Michelle finally gets out and goes to check out the car.

The second she gets under the hood she hears it.

The motorcycle is pulling up.


Jesse gets off, "Having car trouble?"

She turns to him, "Did you follow me?"

He laughs, "No, I was on my bike and I saw you. Luck you huh?"

She shakes her head, "I can take care of this. But thank you very much I appreciate it. See ya."

Jesse walks over, "And what are you going to do."

She looks inside, "I'm going to take this out."

He laughs, "You take that out and you'll never get it going."

She turns to him, "Just let me borrow your phone please and I will call Bill and you will be on your way."

Jesse shakes his head, "Nonsense. Bill would never forgive me for letting his fiance out her by herself."

Michelle is uncomfortable.




Bill is leaving a meeting.

He sees Olivia drinking at the bar.

He rushes over, "What the hell are you doing?"

She turns to him, "What? Oh this is water Bill."

He sighs, "Oh I'm sorry. I just saw you here and I.... I'm sorry."

She shakes her head, "No. Don't be. I'm actually quite flattered that you would be concerned."

Bill nods, "Of course."

She sighs, "Yeah I'm Emma's Mom."

Bill laughs, "Believe it or not I would care even if you weren't. I care about you Olivia. I always will."

She sighs, "Well thanks I needed to hear that. I've been craving a drink lately with everything going on."

Bill looks at her, "What's going on?"

Olivia sighs, "Well Gus has been sleeping with Susan. Your niece Susan. And Ava is only getting worse in Ravenwood. And to top it all off, Phillip is going to try and be in Emma's life again."

Bill looks at her, "Well, I'm sorry about Gus and Susan. I had no idea. I really hope Ava gets better. I feel horrible for what happened to her. And there is no way in hell that you and I are going to let the Spauldings in Emma's life."

Olivia smiles at Bill.

He makes her feel safe.



Harley's House:

Cyrus walks Harley inside.

Harley sighs, "I'm sorry if I've been leaning on you too much lately Cyrus. I just needed a friend."

Cyrus looks at her, "No problem. I'm always going to be here for you."

She smiles, "You're a great guy."

He looks at her, "You seem tired. Let's get you in bed."

The two walk up stairs.

They go into the bedroom.

Harley laughs, "It's been a while since we've been in here together."

He nods, "Yep. But I think some of our best sex was while we were on the chase."

She smiles, "I fell for you while we were chasing your brother and my daughter all over the country. I never expected to fall for a guy like you."

He laughs, "Do you think I expected to fall for a detective/soccer mom?"

Harley looks into his eyes, "I'm not feeling so tired anymore."

Cyrus and Harley kiss.

The two begin to make out and lay down on the bed.

Harley begins to unbutton Cyrus's shirt.


Edmund and Cassie are sitting together.

Cassie looks at him, "I forgave you a long time ago for everything that happened when I was with Richard."

Edmund smiles, "And you forgiving me made me a better man. Maybe I can be that man again."

She sighs, "I hope so. Because that man was a great man, that man was a man.... that I loved."

Edmund looks into her eyes, "I am so sorry for what I did to you and Dinah, and Michelle. I was trying to hold onto you and I shouldn't have done it that way."

Cassie has tears in her eyes, "Giving Hope to Danny and Michelle was one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make."

Edmund sighs, "And I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry that you ever had to do any of that."

She wipes a tear, "Things were so much better between us before we got married."

He nods, "Maybe that was the one mistake. We should have kept on living in sin."

She laughs, "Well you were really good with RJ and Will."

Edmund sighs, "If there was ever any good in me it was because you put it there. I hope I can find it again one day. I'm so sorry Cassie. I'm so so sorry."

Cassie takes his hand, "I forgive you Edmund. I forgive you."

Edmund has tears rolling down his face.

Words he has longed to hear.

Side of the Road:

Michelle stands a few feet away from the car.

Jesse walks over, "I got good news and bad news."

She sighs, "Of course you do."

He looks at her, "I found the problem with your car. But you need a new part to it."

She sighs, "Unless it's a tire I don't have anything."

He nods, "There's a shop not to far from here. I can go get it."

She nods, "Okay. Thank you."

He looks at her, "I have a second helmet."

She shakes her head, "I'm not getting on the back of your motorcycle Jesse. Sorry."

He looks at her, "I'm not leaving you out here by yourself. Bill would never forgive me."

She sighs, "I'm not a kid anymore. I'm a Mom. And a Doctor. I've seen so many idiots after they crash on these things."

Jesse smiles, "I'll go slow. But I have a feeling once we're on you'll be begging me to speed."

He hands her the helmet.

Michelle puts it on and gets on the bike.

She wraps her arms around him.

The two drive off.


Mallet and Dinah's:

Dinah gets out of her car.

She grabs a cake from the back.

Dinah has her hands full and rings the doorbell.

No one answers.

She continues ringing it.

Finally she puts her stuff down and opens the door.

Dinah carries everything in, "I'm home! Mommy had a great day and we are going to celebrate!"

Dinah walks in.

She gets no response.

She hollers again, "Come on! Where is everybody? Mallet, Maureen, Belinda? Where is Anthony?"

Dinah sees a note.

It's from Mallet, "Dear Dinah, I'm taking the family on a little trip, spur of the moment, You and I always loved spur of the moment. Or we used to. Anyways Maureen will be helping me. We'll be back, but hopefully you'll take this time to finish whatever project your working on and when we come home you can remember the children that you've been doing this for.... And maybe even me. I miss you. Love Mallet."

Dinah shakes her head, "No! Mallet!"

She goes to the garage and the car is gone.

Dinah runs into the rooms upstairs.

Every one's stuff is packed.

Dinah falls down in the hallways, "Oh my God! Oh God what have I done?"

Dinah cries alone in her hallway.


Ava lays on her bed.

Shayne looks at her, "You know, you say you're this bad girl. But I have a feeling you weren't always a bad girl."

Ava sits up, "No. I wasn't. I used to be a good girl. Just like my adopted mother Connie Peralta. I was in love with Sandy Foster."

He looks at her, "Sandy?"

She nods, "That's what brought me to town."

Shayne nods, "Sandy was a good guy."

Ava looks down, "He loved Tammy though. He was over me. So I found another guy Coop. But he was with Lizzie Spaulding. Eventually we got together. And I hurt him the same way Sandy hurt me. I fell for a rich loser. And pushed him away."

He nods, "Everyone makes mistakes."

Ava sighs, "I finally thought Bill was the guy I was meant to be with. But he couldn't keep his hands off my mother."

She laughs.

He looks at her, "I can't even imagine how that feels."

Ava sighs, "The good girl thing didn't help me, the bad girl thing isn't working out. I'm just giving up on love."

Shayne shakes his head, "No. Never, ever give up on love. I know that I never will."

Ava stares at him.

Shayne looks at his watch, "I have to get going."

Ava nods, "Goodbye Mr. Lewis."

He smiles, "No. See you later Ava."

An annoyed Ava rolls her eyes.

Shayne leaves.

Ava lays back down and stares at the ceiling.

She is trying to fight the smile that is appearing on her face.


Spaulding Mansion:

Alan walks into the dining room.

He has been drinking.

He is frustrated with everything going on.

He kicks a chair, "Damn it! Damn it!"

Alan is knocking everything around.

He looks at the picture of him and Natalia's wedding.

He takes it and sits down, "Where are you Natalia? Why are you hiding from me? How am I supposed to be happy without you and my son? How am I supposed to know if you are ever coming home?"


Blake walks up with a drink in her hand, "It hurts, knowing that the love of your life would rather hide from you than be with you?"

Alan sighs, "What would you know about that?"

Blake knows she can't tell him about Ross, "Oh Alan. Just accept it. Maybe Natalia just couldn't handle your lifestyle."

Alan nods, "She made me feel good. Then she just took it all away. Not only has she made me at my happiest, she has hurt me more than I thought anyone could. I trusted her."

Blake sighs, "Life is so screwed up. People like us never get to have what we want. And if we get it it's taken away."

Alan looks at her, "I have to say Blake, I'm kind of glad that you're here right now."

She sighs, "Well I'll deny saying this when I'm more sober, but I'm kind of glad I'm here right now too."

Alan looks into Blake's eyes.

The wedding picture falls from his hands.

Alan and Blake lean in and kiss.

They drop their drinks.

Alan picks Blake up and lays her down on the dining room table.

Blake starts loosening Alan's tie.

The two begin to take their clothes off as they continue to kiss.


Blake regrets her actions

Michelle and Marah make more plans

Annie runs into Josh

Reva goes for more treatment

Cyrus gets a shocking visitor!

Dinah confronts Vanessa


Recommended Comments

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I have to admit that Ava has some points about what has happened to her with men. I kinda hope that Shayne can change that with her, starting with a great male friendship.

Seems like Dinah has been "working" so much that she has forgotten about her family. I don't blame Mallet for wanting to take Mo and the kids on a holiday.

Somehow, I think Michelle is really trying to fight the chemistry with Jesse. I mean, after all, why is she fighting being around him so much. Speaking of Jesse, where is Drew or are you not going to let us know what happened?

OMG. :blink: Alan and Blake? I might be a Blossie, but this would be a great little pairing.. To a certain point, these two have always had a basic understanding of each other.

Great Job. :)

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  • Members

Yep I think Shayne will be a good influence on Ava.

Dinah really loves her family but she is working so hard for them that she is missing everything. Hopefully this is a wake up call.

Jesse and Michelle. There story was never really finished. Michelle has feelings that will comeback. Funny you should mention Drew ;) Not going to spoil but... let's just say some things you will wait for others you won't have to wait to long. :)

I'm glad you feel the same way about Blake and Alan. They do have an understanding. But Ross was the love of Blake's life, and Blake also has feelings for Remy. But remember what I told you, this is all leading to something much bigger. ;)

Thanks for reading!!!!

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  • Members

Ava is triping talking to her nurse like that.

Loved the opening scene with everyone's emotion. I be its war for Alan nd Annie and I cnt wait

What did cassie do that needs forgiving?

jesse and Michelle. U r setting that up real nice and slow. Good writing skills

R u headed for Bill and Olivia? I like that a lot

Ok so harley ur daughter slept with the man u love and ur catering and getting on with Cryrus?

Love the Bike ride with Jesse ad Michelle, so classi so romantic

OOH So Mallet took the kids and left. Good twist.

Blake and Alan? What in the hell is going on....ButI like it. A LOT. Good episode.. FTL is so romantic. U have lots of romance in ur series

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  • Members

I decided to focus on more romance now that the business is settling down for a bit.

Ava's still a bitch! :)

Bill and Olivia... you'll have to see. :)

Harley is really messed up right now. She'll get over it eventually. But she is using Cyrus to get over everything.

SO MUCH coming up in the Bill/Michelle/Jesse story!!

Blake and Alan! A big twists and more to come.

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