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Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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The usual busy lunch crowd. Buzz is in the kitchen flipping burgers while Phillip sits at the bar sipping a cup of coffee. Cyrus awkwardly slides into room, grabbing a seat next to Phillip. Phillip glances over at Cyrus, clearly annoyed.

Phillip: What now, Foley?

Cyrus: I know what you did to my brother. You're gonna pay.

Phillip: (facing Foley) What are you talking about? Is this some new scheme of yours to try and scam someone? If so, you might wanna go back to the drawing board.

Cyrus: No scams here. Just solid evidence.

Phillip: Really? Then shoot.

The two lock eyes. An unbearable silence overcomes them. The tension is so thick it can be cut with an knife. Suddenly, the door opens and in walks Harley.

Phillip & Cyrus: (stunned) Harley?

Buzz, not paying attention, comes from the kitchen whistling Dixie, carrying a plate with a burger.

Harley: Dad...

Buzz, noticing Harley, drops the plate on the floor.

Buzz: Harley...is that you?

Harley: In the flesh.

And on Buzz shocked:


OPENING CREDITS http://www.youtube.c...feature=related


Buzz rushes up to Harley pulling her into a huge bear hug.

Buzz: Sweetie, I missed you so much.

Harley: Me too, Dad. Me too.

Buzz pulls away from Harley with a look of concern.

Buzz: Where are the boys?

Harley: They are with Rick.

Phillip (joining them): How are they?

Harley: Good. Happy to be back home.

Buzz: Home? So does that mean you're back for good?

Harley: (heavy sigh) Unfortunately.

Buzz: Harley!!

Harley laughs.

Harley: I'm joking. Just joking.

A belligerent customer storms up to Buzz.

Customer: Hello? I asked for a burger like ten minutes ago. I thought the service was speedy.

Phillip: Well can you wait! The man's daughter just came home. Damn!

Buzz: (mediating) It's ok. He is right. (to customer) I'll be with you shortly and this will be on the house.

The customer heads back to his booth.

Buzz: (to Harley) Later?

Harley: Later.

Harley kisses Buzz on the cheek. He lights up in the face and heads back into the kitchen.

Harley: (to Phillip) So what did I just walk in on?

Phillip: Nothing much.

Harley: Yeah...

Cyrus joins in the convo.

Cyrus: Harley...umm...how are--

Harley: I'M FINE. Thank you.

Cyrus: Well if you two would excuse me.

Phillip: Bye.

Cyrus exits.

A tad bit of awkwardness between Phillip and Harley.

Phillip: Do you wanna talk?

Harley: Might as well. You weren't going to quit bothering me until I said yes anyways.

Phillip guides Harley to a booth nearby where they have a seat.




Holly sits at her desks, going over the budget when a KNOCK is heard on the door.

Holly: Come in!

Dinah peeks her head and Holly is thrilled to see her.

Holly: I was wondering when you were going to arrive.

Dinah: Sorry I am late. Shayne and I got into a bit of an argument.

Holly: You ok? (points to the seat in front of her) Come, come sit down.

Dinah grabs a seat across from Holly.

Dinah: I'll be fine. So what did you want?

Holly: Since your mother signed over the position of general manager back over to me, I was wanting to make some changes. I want WSPR to go back to being the hardcore news station we use to be. What I am trying to say is Dinah -- I want you to come back and be an anchor for the show.

Dinah. I don't know...

Holly: Dinah. You have what it takes. You have that pizazz, that spunk that will draw crowds in. I am trying to build a strong team of anchors and I want you to be one of them. I won't take no for an answer.

Blake: (off-screen) Mom--

Blake barges into the room and all the attention is turned towards her.

Blake: (snarky) Dinah. What are YOU doing here? I thought you wanted out of WSPR when Vanessa signed things back over to my mom?

Holly: That's the reason she is here. I want Dinah to join the new team of anchors.

Blake: What?!

Holly: Yes.

Blake: Mother, are you crazy? Dinah is all shades of controversy. Do you think the sponsors really want to invest in a two time killer? She killed Hart and now she is on trial for killing some Edmund look-a-like.

Holly: She is innocent until proven guilty, Blake.

Blake: Guilty my behind. I can tell you now that gun wielding Dinah was behind this man's death.

Dinah: Can you two just stop for a second?

Holly: (to Dinah) Hold on a second, honey. (to Blake) Why don't you think Dinah is good enough for the position? Do you know someone who could do it better?

Blake: Actually I do.

Holly: Who?

Blake: Me.

Dinah burst into laughter.

Dinah: Are you serious?

Blake: As a heart attack.

Blake and Dinah argue amongst each other like the old times. Holly watches on grinning from ear to ear. I think Holly might be onto something....

And on Holly grinning,


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