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Episode 109



Roxie coldly tells Lisa of the childhood abuse she suffered while living with Nadine up until the age of 17, when Roxie ran away. Lisa is touched, yet enraged and much to Roxie's disapproval, sets off to find Nadine, while Tom stays with Roxie. Luke attacks Heath and continues punching him until Maddie pulls him off. Luke takes Maddie away and later, lends his shoulder for her to cry on. Margo comforts Katie sharing her past rape experience and giving her a business card of a rape counselor that she happens to know very well. Meanwhile, Henry becomes overwhelmingly upset with himself. Unable to live with himself, Henry seems at the end of his rope. He repeatedly tells himself that if he had never schemed with Katie to trick Stephen into working for KATY, then Stephen would have never tried to rape Katie. Henry realizes that his TV station idea, KATY, is the source of all his problems and sets the TV station that he was almost finished building on fire!!


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