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Episode 213



While boarding the plane the next day, Katie walks up to Carly and again apologizes for the incident the other night. Carly reluctant mumbles her acceptance and sits down. Moments later, Katie recalls that she was having a martini and shrimp at the time that Carly bumped into her. Two tell-tale signs that she's not pregnant. Realizing that she needs to make sure Brad never finds out, Katie asks Carly to keep the run-in incident to herself. Intrigued, Carly nods, and later, wonders why Katie asked her to keep it a secret. She must be hiding something, Carly concludes, and she's deadset on figuring out what it is.

Emily waltzes into her office and finds a dozen roses on her desk. "Sorry about the other night. I'll make it up to you. My place, 5:00. -Dusty," the card reads. Emily smiles. Later, Dusty has prepared an eventful agenda for their romantic night full of lasagna and make-up sex. When Emily arrives, things soon turn sour when Emily revisits the previous night's events and asks Dusty to spill why he seemed to be pusing Lisa and Clark together. Dusty tries to keep the fighting to a minimum, and before long, apologies are said and clothes are shed. While Dusty takes a shower, Emily snoops in his phone and is intrigued by the amount of calls from Lucinda. After showering, Dusty returns to find Emily nowhere in sight.

Driving through town, Jade spots Luke and Kevin's cars at Lily's and decides to stop by for a visit. Lily jokes that Jade must have left something to come to the house twice in a row. Sparing her from his mother's intimidating questions, Lily excuses them to go ride horses. Holden returns and thinks it's strange that Jade has come by. Lily takes up for Jade, but starts doubting herself when Holden reveals that he saw Alison and Jade's "boyfriend" acting more than cozy last week. Meanwhile, Luke informs Jade that Alison has bowed out of their plan to expose Colin. Jade starts to fret, until Luke reveals that they'll just have to come up with a Plan B.

Across town, at Worldwide, Lucinda's finishing up some last minute plans for a flight to D.C. on business when Noah comes in. Noah tells Lucinda that he's almost done working on the merger that she asked about. Lucinda applauds Noah for doing as well as he is with her company and promises to talk about a promotion once time allows. Noah thanks Lucinda and directs the questions towards Luke. Lucinda confides that she's not sure if Noah and Luke will ever regain the trust they once had, especially now that he's with Carrie. Noah sighs that he wants to be with Carrie, but part of him misses Luke, too. Matter-of-fact-ly, Lucinda tells Noah that he's going to need to decide between the two soon. On his way out, Noah brushes against Emily. Lucinda hisses that it's late and she was just about to leave for the day. Emily sternly counters that it can wait; first, she's going to tell all that she knows about why Dusty would want to push Clark and Lisa together.


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