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AOTH Episode#11: Dad at 16!



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The Penthouse Grille

Jeremy and Alexis are seated at a table.


“You look very lovely tonight.”


“You don’t look so bad in that tuxedo. I surely was not expecting you to clean up so nice.”


“Why is that?”


“You just didn’t look like the type to wear a suit.”


“Come on, I’m a Horton.”


“That you are” She says as the waiter comes over.


“I’ll talk a sex on the beach.”


“Give me a whatever is on tap.” Then the waiter walks away.




“What’s yuck about?”


“Beer. It’s so gross. Why would you even drink beer at a fine restaurant like this anyway?”


“I had no idea you had to drink certain things at certain places.”


“I guess I’ll have to teach you a thing or two.”


“You do that.” He says as the waiter brings over their drinks.


“Are we ready to order?”


“No, please give us a few more minutes.” The waiter obliges and walks away from the table.


“Let’s toast.” he say picking up his mug of beer.

Alexis, picking up her drink,

“Ok, what are we toasting to?”


“To us.”

Alexis, smiling

“I can drink to that.” She says before taking a big gulp of her drink then spitting it out all over Jeremy as she sees Mike Horton walking into the restaurant.



Episode:11,Dad at 16!

Written by: ML Cooks

Salem University Hospital

Lucas, Marlena, Anna, and Tony with Stami in the background all look at Will, a baby girl and Destiny.


“Will what is going on? Are you alright?”

Will, speechless at the moment, not wanting to tell his dad he has a daughter under these circumstances and especially in front all of these people, looks at Destiny. Destiny gives him a look like” Go on and tell him”

Will takes a deep breath as Arianna continues to cry.

“Dad, meet my daughter, Arianna.” Everyone gasps.


In Greta’s Room

A nurse walks in and takes vital signs as Greta sleeps. Greta, awakens from the touch of the nurse’s hand taking a pulse. Greta grabs the nurses hand and bites down on it. The nurse tries to holler out but Greta jumps up and covers her mouth.


“Shut the hell up you whiny Bitch! “

The nurse tries to break free of the crazy woman’s grip but can’t. Greta, realizing the nurse won’t calm down takes matters into her own hands and begins choking the dear life out of the nurse.


“Don’t mess with me damn it!” The nurse’s face turns blue and she passes out. Greta realizes she needs to leave the hospital and walks over to her door and opens it and walks out of the hospital with out any one noticing.

In Nicole’s room,

Brandon and Faye walk back in after having an evening dinner in the lounge.


“Great ,are you two here to drill me about my lies?”


“Nicky, don’t you think we have a right too?”


“Look I am really sorry for lying to you both. I needed some cash. So I lied to get the Dimera monies. I was desperate.”


“Honey, if you needed some money you should have come to me or Brandon.”


“Yea right. Like you two are rolling in millions.”


“Oh, wow thanks sis. I really can’t believe you took things this far. I can’t even look at you right now” He walks out of Nicole’s room after saying his last statement. Faye just looks on at her daughter in disgust.


“Don’t look at me like that. You’re no saint.”


“But I have learned from my mistakes.”


“And is that why you are lonely and miserable? Sorry mom I will not end up like you. A dried up prune.”


“Nicole, don’t speak to your mother like that.”


“Oh yea some mother. Left your kids behind to sell your self to smoke crack. Yea some mom aren’t you?”

Faye can’t even say another word and leaves her daughter’s room. Nicole breathes a sigh of relief now that she has driven her mother off. After seeing Faye walk out the room and down the hall, Nicole gets up and leaves her room and walks back into Greta’s room but is stunned to see a blue faced nurse on the floor and no Greta.

Flight 559 of Friendly Skies Airlines based out of Pasadena lands at Salem International Airport.


“Thank you for flying our Friendly Skies. Welcome to Salem.”

The fliers leave the airplane as each passenger is greeted by first and lat name.

Flight Attendant

“Thank you for flying Carrie Brady.” Carrie takes a deep breath as she walks down the stairs. She looks out onto Salem and a flood of memories come rushing back to her. Her weddings to Austin two times each one stopped by her half sister, Sami. Then she remembers being scarred by Alan Harris with acid which ruined her chances of being the New Face of Bella. She remembers falling in love with Austin and the hard time Roman put them through to be together. She then remembers her affair with Mike Horton. Carrie tries to shrug everything by pulling out her phone and calling Marlena.

Back at The Pent house Grille.

Jeremy stands up in shock, trying to brush off some of the drink his date just spit on him,

“What the hell is your problem?”

Alexis, wiping her mouth

“I am so sorry.”


“I hope so! Do you know how much this suit cost?!”

Alexis, grabbing her purse,

“I’m sorry Jeremy, I have to go.” He stands up and runs out the restaurant, right past Mike Horton. Jeremy begins to run after her but stops when he sees his dad.


“Everything ok?”


“It was until you got here?”


“Listen, Jeremy I can explain.”


“No! There’s no need to. You left me and my mother by ourselves while you here having affairs with Carrie Brady. Where were you at when I was playing baseball? Were you there when I first learned how to ride a bike or when I graduated from high school? Now you want to make up for lost time!? I got news for you Mike! It’s not happening. I am my own man now and I have been fine with out you in my life so far so I don’t need you now. Stay the hell away from me! I want nothing to-do with you.!” And with that Jeremy walks out of the restaurant as everyone looks at Mike. Extremely embarrassed, Mike leaves the restaurant as well, thinking he has lost his son forever. He also realizes that Alexis was right, Jeremy can never know that he and Alexis had a one night stand.

Back at the Hospital


“You’re what?”


“I have a daughter. Her name is Arianna.”


“Will! You’re only 16!”


“Please dad, not now. I know this is bad. But I need help.”


“Is something wrong with my granddaughter?”


“We think so. Her head felt warm to the touch and she won’t eat or stop crying.”

Marlena, grabbing baby Ari takes her to a nurse.

Anna and Tony walk off to go talk to Jan.

Lucas looks at Sami

“Why are you just standing there?”


“What do you want me to say? Will has a daughter. Yippee skippie.”

Lucas, Will and even Destiny look at her in shock.

Lucas, for head frowning up

“Is this how you really feel? You don’t care our child now has a child?”


“I’m not a child!”


“Yes you are! You’re 16 years old Will. You haven’t even graduated from high school yet. What about you?” Looking at Destiny. “Where are you’re parents?”


“Oh, I’m not the mother.”


“What is going on here? What do you mean you’re not the mother? Will where is the mother of your child?”

Will hesitates before answering, getting teary eyed, Destiny holds him,

“She’s dead.”

Lucas and even Stami are stunned.


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