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On the heels of the huge Ed Scott scandal at Days of Our lives, while this is not a huge scandal, surprisingly, huge drama has cropped up behind the scenes at "Life in Salem". While everything is civil, the HWs/EPs(Tara Smith and ML Cooks) are said by many sources to be having BIG clashes in the visions for the show, and where to take it. ML, due to other real life issues, had to quit the soap at the beginning of the Summer, but returned a couple weeks ago. Since then, cast members have been worried about the show and whats going to happen next because its all went from a great time to complete chaos.

"Its insane!" a set-side source claims "There have of course been storyline plans in place for months and while AOTH will finish as it was planned, no one knows where the show is going to go next, and it just happens a month after the drama at the real Days! While LIS had a stable first half of 2008, its been crazy this past year. From Jay to ML to the spin off and now this. And cast members, and other people on set, are really worried that this is gonna result in some firings, of one of the HWs or cast members or otherwise, or just something else crazy happening."


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