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Thursday August 7 2008



All The Days of Their Lives

The next night...

Shawn, Bo, and Hope are at the airport.

Hope: Shawn, are you sure you don't want us to go with you?

Shawn: Yes mom, I'll be fine. I have the nurse they are sending with me.

Bo: Ok, we'll see you 4 months.

Shawn: I'll miss you guys.

He hugs them.

Hope: Bye honey.

Shawn: Call me if theres any change with Belle.

Hope: We will.

He boards the plane, and Hope starts crying.

Bo: He'll be fine.

Hope: I know.

EJ walks into the DiMera mansion living room, and sees Sami crying.

EJ: What's wrong?

Sami: It's Belle.

He hugs her.

EJ: What did the doctors say?

Sami: She's in a catatonic state, and it's unlikly that she'll ever get out of it.

EJ: She's in a coma?

Sami: No, she's trapped in her brain. We don't know if she can hear us, if she's trying to talk to us. EJ, she's probaly trying so hard to try and talk to us!

EJ: I'm so sorry. Have you guys decided what to do?

Sami: Me and my mom are going to go look at places for her to stay.

EJ: I'm so sorry.

Roman and Isabella are at dinner at Chez Rouge.

Isabella: Roman, I'm glad you invited me to dinner.

Roman: Me too. I"m sorry I haven't been paying much attention to you. Thats going to change.

Isabella: Don't apogolize. Theres been so much going on with your family.

Don and Anna come to their table.

Anna: Hello guys. Do you mind if we join you?

Roman: No, not at all.

Anna: Roman, this is Don Craig.

They shake hands.

Isabella looks at Anna, then at Don suspicouslly.

Roman: So, I heard you two are engaged.

Anna: Yes. Isabella told you?

Roman: Ya, she told me last night.Call me crazy, but doesnt this seem a little sudden?

Anna: Don and I are in love!

Roman: After a day?

Don: No offense, Roman, but why does this concern you?

Roman: Anna's my friend, and I care about her. I just don't want her to jump into anything she might regret.

Don: Trust me, she won't regret this.

He smiles at Anna.

Kate and Martha are in the Cheatin Heart.

Kate: So, did you hear the news?

Martha: What news?

Kate: Anna's engaged, to Don Craig.

Martha: Who's Don Craig?

Kate: He's Marleana's ex-husband, who Anna met just a couple nights ago. They got engaged the night they met.

Martha: Thats odd. What about you and Roman. How is that going?

Kate: Me and Roman are not a couple, and we don't intend on being. He's with Isabella.

Kate rolls her eyes.

Martha: You don't seem to happy about that.

Kate: I don't really care.

Martha: Keep telling yourself that, Kate.

EJ pours himself a drink.

EJ: Do you want me to watch the twins while your gone?

Sami: Can you? That would be great.

EJ: Of course.

Sami starts crying.

Sami: She was pregnant. She lost the baby due to stress.

EJ: I'm so sorry. This must be so hard for you and your family. How's Shawn?

Sami: Shawn's going to rehab.

EJ: Rehab? For what?

Sami: He had a drug addidction. Now he's on a plane to Switzerland for rehab.

EJ: I'm so sorry about what your family's going through, Samantha.

He hugs her.

Bo unlocks the door to his and Hope's house, and they go inside. Julie is sitting on the couch with Ciara.

Ciara: Mommy! Daddy!

She runs to them, and hugs them.

Hope: Did you eat all your dinner?

Ciara: Yes mommy.

Hope: Good sweetie. Julie, wheres Dad?

Julie: He went upstairs to look for a book to read to Ciara.

Hope: Cici, why don't you go upstairs with grandpa, and he can ready you your book?'

Ciara: Ok mommy.

Julie: I'll go with you honey.

They go upstairs.

Bo: I'll go downstairs to get the blanket out of the dryer.

Hope: No, Bo. I want you to sleep in out bed tonight.

Bo: Are you sure?

Hope: You made a mistake, that won't happen again. I did the same thing when Zach died, and it wouldn't be fair to stay mad at you for that.

Bo: Thanks Hope.

He hugs her.

Hope: I love you Brady.

Roman takes a sip of his champagne.

Roman: So, when are you having the wedding?

Anna: Well, I was looking for September.

Don: Would you like to dance, Anna?

Anna: Sure.

They get up, and they dance.

Isabella: Roman, we have to stop this.

Roman: Stop what?

Isabella: Something is going on, I can feel it! People don't get engaged the night they meet!

Roman: Well, with Anna-

Isabella: No Roman! This isn't just another one of Anna's crazy stunts! Something is wrong here!

Roman: Ok, ok, what do you want me to do?

Isabella: How about a background check on Don Craig?

Roman: A background check?

Isabella: Yes!

Billie walks into the Cheatin Heart, and sits with Kate and Martha.

Martha: Hey Billie, how are you?

Billie: I'm ok, you?

Martha: I'm good.

Billie: Mom, why did you want to meet here?

Kate: Because, this is where I am.

Kate sees Marleana walk in.

Kate: Marleana's here. I'm going to go talk to her.

Martha: Thats a Kate I'd love to see.

Kate goes to talk to Marleana.

Kate: Hi Marleana.

Marleana: Hello Kate.

Kate: I'm so sorry about Belle.

Kate hugs her, and Marleana looks suprised.

Marleana: Thanks.

Kate: Come and sit with us.

Marleana: Thanks, Kate. I'd like that.

Kate and Marleana go to the table.

Doug and Julie leave, and Bo and Hope sit on the couch.

Bo: Wow it didn't take long for Ciara to fall asleep tonight.

Hope: I'm suprised.

Bo: Hope, I'm really sorry about what happened, and if your not ready to forgive me yet, I'm not pushing you.

Hope: Bo, stop. I'm ready, and I have. I love you. Your the love of my life.

He kisses her.

Isabella looks at Anna and Don.

Isabella: So, will you do it?

Roman: Fine, fine I will.

Isabella: Good! I really don't like this guy!

Don comes.

Don: I hope you werent talking about me.

Isabella: No, no! Don't be silly! I was talking about a new voulenteer at the hospital.

She quickly drinks all of her champagne.

Isabella: Roman, are you going to ask me to dance?

Roman: Do you want to dance, Isabella?

They get up, and dance.

Kate, Martha, Marleana, and Billie are sitting at the table.Kate, Martha, and Marleana start drinking.

Billie: Well, I guess I'm the designated driver.

Marleana: You don't have to worry, Billie. So how's the baby?

Billie: The baby is doing great. You know, Marleana, I need to tell you something.

Marleana: Ok, go.

Billie: You still have Belle. You can help her, and get her out of her state; but Chelsea is gone.

Tears form in both their eyes.

Billie: I can't do anything about Chelsea, but you can for Belle! Please Marleana, don't act like she's gone, because she's not.

Marleana wipes her tears.

Marleana: Thank you, Billie.

She gets up.

Marleana: I have something I need to do.

Nicole walks into The Cheatin Heart.

Martha: Why don't you invite her to sit with us?

Kate: It'll be a cold day in hell.

Nicole goes to the bar.

Nicole: Hi, can I get a pastrami sandwich to go please?

Her cell phone rings. She answers it.

Nicole: Hello?

Shawn: Nicole, hi.

Nicole: Hey! I have the plane ticket, I'll be there shortly after you.

Shawn: Nicole, sorry, but I don't think you should come. I need to go to this rehab, and get rid of this addidction.

Nicole: Of course. I understand. Umm call me if you can.

She hangs up, and tears form in her eyes.

Bo and Hope go into their bed. Bo kisses her, and they start to make love.

Hope: I love you Bo.

Bo: I love you too.

Billie unlocks the door to her apartment, and puts the keys on the table. She closes the door, and starts crying. She holds her stomach, and starts wiping her tears.

Sami leaves the twins' room, and goes to hers. She sees a picture of Belle. She picks it up, and starts crying.

Marleana goes into Belle's room. She sits beside her, and holds her hand.

Marleana: I'm not going to give up on you! I'm going to find something to help you! I love you so much, and I'm not going to loose you!

She starts crying, and puts her head on Belle's shoulder.

Marleana: I'm not going to loose you.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Sami is in Marleana's office.

Sami: What do you mean your not going to put her in a long term care facility?

Marleana: I found something that will help her.

Lorenzo is in Roman's office.

Roman: I did what you wanted me to do. Jason Morgan is behind bars.

Isabella walks in, and is suprised to see Lorenzo.

Scotty and Nicole bump into each other in Chez Rouge.

Scotty: Why don't you have breakfast with me?

Nicole: That would be great.


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