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Friday August 8 2008



All The Days of Their Lives

Marleana is on the phone in her office.

Marleana: Hello, can I speak to Dr. Patrick Drake please?

Nurse: He's not in today, but he will be tomorrow if you would like me to leave him a message.

Marleana: No, can you please giveme his number? It's an emergency.

Nurse: Sure, I'll get it in a minute.

Marleana: Thank you.

Jeannie walks out of the Pub and bumps into Dora.

Dora: Oh, I'm sorry.

Jeannie: Dora, right?

Dora: Ya; oh, Jeannie, Shane's daughter.

Jeannie: Biologically only.

Dora: You know, you should-

Jeannie: You should mind your own business.

Dora: Have a nice day.

Dora walks into the Pub.

Scotty walks into Chez Rouge, and bumps into Nicole, who is about to leave.

Scotty: Hey Nikki.

Nicole: Hey Scotty.

Scotty: Is something wrong? You don't look too good.

Nicole: Thanks Scotty. You really know how to compliment a woman.

Scotty: It was just an observation.

Nicole: Well, you can keep them to yourself.

Scotty: Why don't you have breakfast with me?

Nicole: Wow your random.

Scotty: Well, do you want to?

Nicole: That would be great.

Marleana hangs up the phone, and Sami walks in.

Sami: Hey mom.

Marleana: Hey Sami. How are you?

Sami: I'm ok.

Marleana: Good.

Sami: When are we leaving? You made the appoitment with the long-term facility right?

Marleana: Belle isn't going to be put in a long-term care facility.

Sami: What do you mean your not going to put her in a long term care facility?

Marleana: I found something that will help her.

Lorenzo walks into Roman's office.

Roman: I did what you wanted me to do. Jason Morgan is behind bars.

Lorenzo: I heard. Thank you.

Roman: So, did you see Skye yet? I heard she's in town.

Lorenzo: I actually saw her at Chez Rouge. She didnt see me see her.

Roman laughs.

Roman: And do you think avoiding her is such a good idea?

Isabella walks in, and is suprised to see Lorenzo.

Isabella: Hi Roman.

Roman: Hey. I'll be done in a few minutes.

Lorenzo looks at Isabella, puzzled.

Lorenzo: Thanks for everything Roman. I'll see you later.

Roman: Bye.

Lorenzo leaves Roman's office.

Jeannie walks back into the Pub.

Jeannie: Grandma, did you see my cell phone. I think I left it here.

Caroline: I didn't see it honey. Go check where you were sitting.

Jeannie goes to the table, and sees Dora is sitting there. Jeannie rolls her eyes, and gets her cell phone.

Dora: Oh, you got a call from your father. You later got a text from a guy named Jeff, something about Friday night.

Jeannie: You ready my texts?

Dora: I was curious.

Dora smiles, and sits her coffee. Jeannie punches her, and Dora's chair falls over! Dora gets up.

Dora: Oh, your gonna wish you never did that.

Jeannie: Oh shut up!

Jeannie throws a saltshaker at Dora.

Caroline: You two! Stop it!

Dora goes after Jeannie, and pushes her!

Jeannie: Oh, you sorry bitch!

Jeannie grabs a beer bottle, and throws it right in Dora's face! Dora goes after Jeannie, and starts choking her! Max comes out of the kitchen.

Max: Hey!

Caroline: I've been trying to stop them!

Max grabs Dora off of Jeannie.

Max: What the hell do you think your doing?

Dora: Talk to your bitch of a niece!

Jeannie: Wow, you really want it don't you?

Jeannie pushes Max out of the way, and pushes Dora, and Dora falls on a table! Dora laughs.

Dora: Oh, you just wait bitch!

Scotty and Nicole are sitting at a table at Chez Rouge.

Scotty: Well, are you going to tell me whats wrong?

Nicole: Why can't you just stop this!

Tears form in her eyes.

Nicole: I made my bed, and now I have to lay in it. And I really don't like it.

She starts crying.

Nicole: I've hurt so many people. I've shaken up so many lives, and now I'm getting it back! And you know what, Scotty? It doesnt feel too good!

Scotty puts his hand on her shoulder. She backs away.

Nicole: I can't do this.

She gets up, and leaves Chez Rouge. She sits on the bench outside, and cries. She puts her face in her hands, and starts balling. Isabella gets to Chez Rouge, and sees Nicole crying. She makes a sympathatic face, and goes in.

Sami sits down.

Sami: What did you find?

Marleana: A while ago, in Port Charles, a woman was in a catatonic state. Two doctors there found an expiremantal drug, and she woke up. I was calling one of the doctors, but he didn't answer. I'm waiting for him to call back.

Sami: I hope it works, mom.

Marleana: Me too.

Roman is outside Chez Rouge, about to go inside. He sees Nicole crying.

Roman: Nicole?

Nicole: Please, Roman just leave me alone.

Roman: If you need anything.

Nicole: Roman, just go inside!

Roman goes inside, and Nicole leaves. Inside, Roman sits with Isabella.

Roman: So, Monday's Anna's engagment party.

Isabella: Yup.

Roman: Well, I know were going to that one together. Do you want to come with me to Carly's?

Isbella: Is that a joke? I'm not exactly Carly's favourite person.

Roman: Come on, you can make amends.

Isabella: Fine. I'll go, but the second I sense something wrong, I'm leaving.

Roman: Deal.

Dora leaves the Pub.

Caroline: Jeannie, you can't just go starting fights with customers!

Jeannie: She looked at my phone, at al my texts! And then she rubs it in my face! And she starts talking about how I should be nicer to my father!

Caroline: I understand, but-

Jeannie: No, there are no buts! My relantionship with my father is none of her damn business!

Caroline: Well, at least help me clean up before the lunch rush.

Jeannie: Ok. I'm sorry. It won't happen again, grandma.

Marleana's phone rings.

Marleana: Hello?

She pauses.

Marleana: Dr. Drake! I'm so happy to hear from you. I called to ask about an expiremental drug.

Patrick: Ok, I'm going to be near Salem, and I'll be sure to come to Salem, and we can talk about it. University Hospital, right?

Marleana: Yes. Thank you so much.

Patrick: No problem Dr. Evans. I"ll see you in a couple days.

Marleana: Thank you.

She hangs up.

Sami: What did he say?

Marleana: He'll be in Salem in a couple of days!

Sami: Good!

They hug.

Marleana: Belle's going to be ok.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Carly is in the DiMera mansion living room.

Sami: If your looking for EJ, he isn't here.

Carly: I know. I actually came to see you.

Anna and Don are outside Chez Rouge.

Anna: What the hell are you talking about?

Don: Your daughter!


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