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Wednesday August 6 2008



All The Days of Their Lives

Jack is on his laptop. The doorbell rings. He goes to get it, and Steve is there.

Jack: Steve! Come in!

Steve: Hey Jack.

Jack: Where's Kayla and Stephanie? I thought they were comming.

Steve: They are, later. I need to talk to you about something.

Jack: What?

Steve: I want to help you.

Jack: Help me with what?

Steve: Catching this killer.

Jack: Steve, we can't.

Nicole unlocks the door to her apartment. Her and Shawn go inside.

Nicole: I'm so sorry about Belle.

Shawn: Thanks.

Nicole: Shawn, I need to ask you something.

Shawn: What?

Nicole: Is there a future for us? Can we ever be together?

Shawn: Nicole, I don't know that right now.

Nicole: Ok, but would a couple months help?

Shawn: A couple months?

Nicole: We can go to Switzerland, but you don't have to go to rehab.

Shawn: What do you mean?

Anna is at Chez Rouge. Don comes behind her, and kisses her neck.

Don: Good evening beautiful.

Anna looks nervous.

Anna: Please, I'm not in the mood.

Don: Your not doing a very good job of pretending we are an engaged couple in love.

Anna: Would you stop!

Don: I want you to ask Maggie to close Chez Rouge next week, for our engagment party.

Anna: This is insane!

Don: Ok, mabye I should go talk to the cops.

Anna: I'll do it.

Jack closes his laptop.

Steve: Jack, please, let me help you.

Jack: Chelsea wanted to help me, and I let her. Now look where she is, Steve.

Steve: Jack, we'll be more careful, please, we need to find this killer, or who knows how many more people are going to be victims!

Jack: Steve, look-

The doorbell rings, and Jennifer comes downstairs.

Jennifer: Steve, your already here?

Steve: Ya, we had to take different cars.

Jennifer opens the door, and Kayla and Stephanie walk in.

Jennifer: Hey.

She hugs both of them.

Jennifer: How are you, Steph?

Stephanie: I'm doing better.

Jennifer: Good.

Shawn sits on the couch.

Nicole: I can get somebody to pretend to be you, and go to the rehab. You don't have to go, and me and you can have a good time together.

Shawn: Thats sounds like a good idea.

Nicole: Good.

She kisses him.

Shawn: Do you think it's wrong that I'm already moving on, after this just happened with Belle?

Nicole: Shawn, that's not really a question for me, but I think you should do whatever you want.

Shawn kisses her.

Anna is talking to Maggie.

Anna: Would I be able to book Chez Rouge for an engagment party, for the whole night?

Maggie: Your engaged? To who?

Anna: Don Craig.

Maggie looks at her oddly.

Maggie: Umm sure, which night.

Carly comes.

Carly: I had the same idea.

Anna turns around.

Anna: Carly! Your engaged also?

Carly: Yes. EJ and I just got engaged tonight.

Maggie: Congraulations.

Anna rolls her eyes at Maggie.

Anna: Yes, congraulations.

Maggie: Well, I'm sorry, but I can only afford to loose one night of business.

Carly: That's fine, Anna, you can have it. You asked first.

Anna: Are you sure?

Carly: Of course, jut as long as I'm invited.

Anna: Of course you are!

Jack, Jennifer, Steve, Kayla, and Stephanie finish dinner.

Kayla: So, when's Abby comming back?

Jennifer: She should be back next week.

Steve: J.J.'s out tonight?

Jennifer: Yes, Alice wanted to babysit him, and she wants him to help with the dounghts.

They laugh.

Steve: I have to go to the washroom, but I'll be back.

He gets up, and goes into the living room, and goes to Jack's laptop. He opens it, and looks at what Jack was working on. He sends everything to his e-mail.

Nicole takes Shawn's shirt off, and he goes on top of her.

Nicole: Make love to me, Shawn.

Shawn takes his pants off, and his phone rings.

Nicole: Leave it.

He gets up, and carries Nicole to her bedroom. He closes the door, and pushes Nicole against the door. He puts his head in her top, and starts kissing. He takes her top off. She unxips her jeans, and he pulls them down. They go in the bed, and start to make love.

Carly leaves Chez Rouge, and bumps into Don Craig.

Carly: I'm sorry.

Don: Sorry, my fault.

She smiles, and she goes to her car.

Don goes into Chez Rouge. He goes behind Anna, and whishpers in her ear.

Don: I have another suprise for you.

Anna: And just what is that?

Don: A daughter.

Anna looks at him in shock.

Anna: You have no idea what your talking about.

Don: Oh, but I do Anna.

Steve comes back to the dinner table.

Steve: So, what were we talking about?

Jennifer: Actually, I was just about to go get desert.

Jennifer goes into the kitchen, and Kayla goes with her.

Kayla: Jenn, can I ask you something.

Jennifer: Sure.

Kayla: Is Jack still working on that killer thing?

Jennifer: I told him not to, and he said he isn't. But I don't know. Why?

Kayla: I think Steve wants to help him with it.

Jennifer: Well, we have to stop them before this killer goes after them.

Carly leaves the Penthouse Grill. She takes her phone out.

Carly: EJ, hey.

EJ: Hello darling, How's my beautiful bride to be?

Carly: I'm good. I found a place for our engagment party!

EJ: Where?

Carly: The Penthouse Grill!

EJ: Thats great! When?

Carly: Next week, the 14th! I can't wait!

EJ: Me either.

The killer watches from a corner, and takes their phone out. They put in a reminder "EJ and Carly's Engagment Party".

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

EJ walks into the DiMera mansion living room, and sees Sami crying.

EJ: What's wrong?

Sami: It's Belle.

He hugs her.

Roman, Isabella, Don, and Anna are at dinner at Chez Rouge.

Roman: Call me crazy, but doesnt this seem a little sudden?

Anna: Don and I are in love!


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