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Thursday July 24 2008



All The Days of Their Lives

Abe is sitting in his desk at the Salem PD. Carly rusehs into his office.

Abe: Carly, what's wrong?

Carly: It's the killer! He attacked me in the elevator.

Abe: Are you ok?

Carly: I'm fine. I got out, and went into my car fast.

Abe: Ok; I'm going to have a guard take you home, and he's going to stay outside your door tonight.

Carly: Thanks.

Abe: You didin't hear, did you?

Carly: Hear what?

Abe: About Chelsea.

Bo and Hope open the door to their house.

Hope: Bo, I'm so sorry.

They hug. Bo goes upstairs, and Hope goes to the phone. Bo comes back down, and she hangs up the phone.

Hope: Bo, where are you going?

Bo: To Billie's apartment. I'm going to see if she's ok.

Hope: Bo, I think you should stay here right now. I'm sure Kate's there.

Bo: Hope, I have to go.

Hope: What is with you? And your need to always comfort her? What about the father of her baby?

Bo: Hope,

Hope: Oh my God. Your the father.

Lorenzo is in a board room. He takes a sip of his drink, and the door opens.

Lorenzo: Ahh, good to see you.

Stefano DiMera walks into the room.

Stefano: Mr. Alcazar, what do I owe this pleasure to?

They shake hands.

Lorenzo: Sit, Stefano, sit.

Stefano: So, what's this about? I'm a very busy man, Lorenzo.

Lorenzo: We just have to discuss the explosion.

Stefano stares at him.

Carly opens the door to the Brady Pub. Her guard waits outside. Shawn, Caroline, and Kimberly come out from the kitchen.

Carly: I"m so sorry about Chelsea.

She hugs them.

Caroline: Thank you, Carly.

Kimberly: Alex is sleeping upstairs; do you want me to go get him.

Carly: I have to talk to you about something first.

Bo puts down his car keys.

Bo: Hope, I'm not the father of her baby!

Hope: Then why do you always feel the need to go comfort her when she needs comforting?

Bo: We just lost our daughter Hope!

Hope: Well, I guess going to yuor wife for comfort is just crazy, now isn't it?

Bo: Like when you went to Patrick for comfort?

Bo takes his car keys and leaves. Hope starts crying.

Stefano takes a sip of water.

Stefano: I will assure you that you will be companseated for that. Now is that it, or is there more?

Lorenzo: Theres more. You don't have to make up for any of my lost items.

Stefano: Really? What do I have to do for you?

Lorenzo: Give me Sami Brady.

Stefano laughs.

Stefano: And what do you want with the lovely Samantha?

Lorenzo: You can either give me Samantha, or I expose your where abouts and I give the Salem PD proof that you have Samantha Brady.

Kimberly and Carly sit at a table.

Kimberly: Whats wrong?

Carly: I met with Dr. Horton today to discuss Alex's condition, and he told me that Alex needs a heart transplant.

Kimberly: Oh my God. But they do these things all the time, right?

Carly: Yes, but with Alex's case, it's very risky. He can't guarentee that Alex will survive.

Kimberly: Honey, he has to do this transplant.

Carly: Or not. Theres one more thing we can try.

Kimberly: What's that?

Carly: Do the same thing we did with you; only with my father.

Hope comes out of the kitchen, as the doorbell rigns. She goes to answer it, and lets Marleana in. Marleana hugs her.

Marleana: I'm so sorry about Chelsea.

Hope: Thank you.

Marleana: Where's Bo?

Hope: He's with Billie.

Hope closes the door.

Marleana: Hope, I heard a little resentment in your voice. Do you have a problem with him being with Billie at this time?

Hope: I just expected him to come to his wife for comfort.

Marleana: Hope, you went to Patrick when Zach passed away.

Hope: Marleana that was a different situation! Bo let Chelsea drive that night.

Marleana: Did Bo tell her to accidently hit Zach? If somebody shoots someone, do the cops blame the man that sold the gun?

Hope: Well, good to know your taking his side.

Marleana: Thats not what I'm doing Hope. You are being unreasonable, and you know it.

Stefano laughs.

Stefano: You should know better, than to try and blackmail Stefano DiMera!

Lorenzo: This building is full of ISA agents who are just waiting to take you into custody. Just give me Samantha Brady, and you walk out of here with no problem.

Stefano looks at him.

Stefano: She's downstairs, in room 271.

Lorenzo takes his phone out.

Lorenzo :I'll just have that checked out.

He dials a number.

Lorenzo: 271, check it.

The man on the phone tells him something.

Lorenzo: Thank you, Stefano. I'll see myself out.

Lorenzo leaves the room, and Stefano throws his glass at the door.

Kimberly stands up.

Carly: Come on, it can help Alex.

Kimberly: I'm so sorry honey; your father's dead.

Carly starts crying.

Carly: What if he doesnt make it?

Kimberly: He will honey, you have to believe that he will.

Lorenzo walks with Sami out of the building.

Sami: Why did you save me?

Lorenzo: Your father asked me to.

Sami: And I'm sure that you just said "Oh sure, no problem" What's he doing for you?

Lorenzo: You don't have to worry about that; I'm just going to get you home.

Sami: Well, thanks anyway. It means a lot to me.

Lorenzo: No problem.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Roman and Sami walk into the Brady Pub. Bo, Hope, Kimberly, Jeannie, Andrew, Eric, Marleana, Shawn, Caroline, Carrie, and Shawn are shocked to see Sami.

Marleana :My sweet angel, thank God.

Belle bumps into Kristen, and she drops her ultrasound picture.

Kristen: Your pregnant!

Scotty and Carly are in Mike's office.

Mike: I have some good news; we found a heart for Alex.

Carly: And, will Alex be ok?


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