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Friday July 25 2008



All The Days of Their Lives

Carly and Scotty meet in the hospital waiting room.

Scotty: How are you?

Carly: Im ok. How about you?

Scotty: I'm good.

He sees tears form in her eyes.

Scotty: It will be ok Carly. He's going to make it.

Carly starts crying.

Carly: What if he doesnt?

He hugs her.

Roman and Sami walk into the Brady Pub. Bo, Hope, Kimberly, Jeannie, Andrew, Eric, Will, Marleana, Shawn, Caroline, Carrie, and Shawn are shocked to see Sami.

Marleana: My sweet angel, thank God.

Everybody gets up, and hugs Sami.

Eric: Sami, I'm so happy your back.

Will: Mom, I love you so much.

Sami: Me too honey.

She hugs him.

Belle is in Diane's office. Diane comes in.

Diane: Hi Belle; how are you?

Belle: I'm good. How about you?

Diane: Good. So, I got those tests back, and everything is good with your baby.

Belle: Thanks.

Diane: So did you tell your family yet?

Belle: I told my mom, but iddnt have the chance to tell Shawn yet.

Diane: Oh, I heard about his sister. I'm so sorry about what happened to her.

Belle: Thanks.

Scotty and Carly are in Mike's office. Mike comes in.

Mike: Hello.

He shakes hands with Scotty and Carly.

Carly: So, whats going on?

Mike: I have some good news; we found a heart for Alex.

Carly: And, will Alex be ok?

Mike: Carly, I am going to do my best to make sure that Alex makes it through this surgery.

Scotty: Have you done this before?

Mike: Yes; I've done it two other times, and they were very succesful.

Carly: But were they in the same condition as Alex?

Mike hesitates for a moment.

Mike: No.

Bo and Hope are sitting at a table in the Pub.

Hope: Bo, I never apogolized for last night. I'm sorry about what I said. You didn't deserve that after what happened.

Bo: Thanks Hope.

Sami comes to their table.

Sami: Hey uncle Bo, aunt Hope. I heard what happened last night. I'm so sorry about Chelsea.

Bo: Thank you Sami.

She hugs him.

Sami: When are you guys having the funeural.

Bo: Tomorrow.

Sami: Ok. I'll see you guys tomorrow. Bye.

Bo: Bye.

Hope: Bye sweetie.

Belle leaves Diane's office, and turns a corner. She bumps into Kristen. Belle drops her ultrasound picture.

Kristen: Oh, I'm so sorry.

Belle: It's ok.

Kristen picks up her picture for her. She realizes it's an ultrasound picture.

Kristen: Your pregnant!

Belle: Yes.

Belle looks uneasy, and tries to walk away, but Kristen gets in her way.

Belle: Excuse me.

Kristen: Belle Black. I knew your father. I'm Kristen Blake, by the way.

Belle looks confused, then realizes who she is.

Belle: Oh my God.

Belle turns to walk away.

Mike gets out a paper and a pen.

Mike: Ok, it's best to do this surgery as soon as possible. How's tomorrow?

Carly: Tomorrow's ok with me.

Scotty: Carly, are you sure you want to do it tomorrow? Chelsea's funeural is tomorrow.

Carly: Yes, it's fine. Alex needs this surgery.

Mike: Then tomorrow it is. Thanks; I'll call you later on the time and everything.

Carly: Thanks.

Scotty shakes his hand.

Scotty: Thanks Mike.

Kristen: Sorry Belle, I can't let you leave.

Kristen chlorforms her. Belle falls back, and Kristen catches her. She puts Belle in a nearby wheelchair and wheels her out of the hospital.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives.

Kristen is driving. Belle wakes up in the back.

Belle: What's going on?

Shawn is on the phone.

Shawn: Belle, whats going on?

Belle: I have to go. Sorry.

EJ and Sami are in the living room of the DiMera mansion.

Sami: Where are you going?

EJ: To Carly's apartment.

Sami: So, it's getting serious?

Scotty is at the Cheatin' Heart. Cathy sits next to him.

Cathy: Rough day?

Scotty looks at her and smiles.


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