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Wednesday July 23 2008



All The Days of Their Lives

Jack is on his laptop. His phone rings.

Jack: Hello? Chelsea!

Chelsea: Jack, it's me. Calm down!

Jack: Chelsea, don't do anything!

Chelsea: I know who it is! I know who killed her!

Jack: Chelsea, you've already said too much! Are you alone?

Chelsea: Jack, I need to go.

Jack: No!

Jennifer comes behind him, and looks at his laptop.

Jennifer: Jack! I knew you were investigating this killer!

Bo and Hope arrive at Chez Rouge. They sit at Shawn and Belle's table.

Bo: Hey guys.

They get up, and they all hug.

Hope: So, how are you guys?

Belle: Were good. Why didn't you bring Ciara?

Hope: We wanted to, but she got really sick. Maggie's watching her.

Belle: Oh. I hope she's feeling better!

Hope: What about Claire?

Belle: She has a sleepover tonight.

Hope: Oh. Her first one?

Belle: Ya; she was so exicted.

Bo: So how's the wedding plans comming?

Stephanie knocks on Bo and Hope's door.

Stephanie: Chelsea, where are you?

She goes to the back door, and takes out a key. She unlocks it, and goes inside.

Stephanie: Chelsea! Are you here? I know what you and Jack are doing!

The lights flicker on and off. Stephanie walks into the living room, and sees there is blood on the floor.

Stephanie: Chelsea!

She sees blood on the door knob going to the basement. She takes her phone out. She opens the door, and sees Chelsea's lifeless body on the stairs! Stephanie yells, and drops her phone.

Jack closes his laptop.

Jack: Jennifer, you don't understand.

Jennifer: The hell I don't! Do you want to get yourself killed?

Jack: Jennifer, please stop.

Jennifer: No!

Jack goes to the door.

Jack: I need to help Chelsea.

Jennifer: Jennifer: Jack Deveraux! Don't get yourself in this!

Jack: I already am.

He closes the door, and Jennifer throws a cup at the wall.

Belle takes a sip of her water.

Belle: Good, actually. I found a dress.

Hope: Have you set a date?

Belle: When we find Sami.

Bo: Don't worry Belle; we'll find her.

Belle: I hope so. Well, there was a reason I invited you guys.

Shawn: And it's been killing me all night, so lets get on with it.

Belle: Ok, I have some big news.

Stephanie is covered in blood, and she is yelling and crying. There is a knock at the door. Kimberly, Andrew, and Jeannie are standing outside.

Jeannie: Mom, you can just use your key.

Stephanie opens the door, and their faces turn to shock.

Kimberly: Stephanie, what happened?

Jeannie: Oh my God!

Andrew: Chelsea!

Stephanie: I don't know! I don't know!

Jeannie grabs the phone, and calls 911.

Stephanie: It's the same person who killed Lexie! She knows! She knows who it is!

Kimberly: Steph, it's ok honey.

Stephanie: No it's not!

Jack is on the road, trying to call Chelsea's phone. He arrives at the Brady Pub. He rushes in, and sees Caroline.

Jack: Caroline, is Chelsea here?

Caroline: No, she left a couple hours ago. I think she went home.

Jack: Damn it!

Hope smiles.

Hope: Well, what is it?

Belle: I'm-

Bo's phone rings.

Bo: I'm so sorry.

He answers the phone. He listens to the person, and his face grows long.

Hope: Bo, what's wrong?

Bo: It's Chelsea

Shawn: What happened?

Bo: She's being rushed to the hospital.

Belle: Oh my God!

They quickly get up, and head to the hospital.

Stephanie sits on the couch, as Kimberly goes with the paramedics in the ambulance. Jennie and Andrew sit with her. Stephanie is starring into nothing.

Jeannie: Steph, are you ok?

She doesn't answer.

Jeannie: Steph?

Andrew: She's very stressed now, just let her rest for a little.

Jeannie: Did anybody call Billie?

Andrew: I don't think so. I'll call her.

Bo, Hope, Shawn, and Belle get out of the elevator, just as Chelsea is brought into the hospital on a stretcher. Kimberly follows.

Kimberly: Bo, Hope. I'm so sorry.

She hugs Bo.

Bo: What happened?

Kimberly: We knocked on your door, and Stephanie answered it covered in blood. Oh Bo, I don't know what happend!

Bo tries to follow Chelsea.

Nurse: Sorry, we'll call you when were ready.

Bo starts crying. Hope hugs him. Billie comes out of the elevator in tears.

Billie: Bo, Bo, what happened?

Bo hugs her. The doctor comes out, with a sad face on. Billie holds her pregnant stomach.

Jack is in the hospital parking lot. He gets a text message. He ckecks it.


Jack looks in shcok, and calls Jennifer.

At Jack and Jennifer's house, there is a knock on the door. Jennifer goes to answer it, but the phone rings. She gets the phone.

Jennifer: Hello.

Jack: Jennifer! Thank God! Don't get the door.

Jennifer: Jack, what's wrong?

A rock is thrown through the window in the door. Jennifer yells, and drops the phone. The killer leaves, and Jennifer picks up the phone.

Jennifer: Jack! Jack!

A letter is attached to the rock. Jennifer picks it up and reads it.

It reads: YOU CAN'T HIDE.

Shawn and Caroline are at the Pub, cleaning up.

Shawn: We had a lot of customers today.

Caroline: I know.

Steve and Kayla come into the Pub.

Caroline: What's wrong?

Kayla: It's Chelsea.

Billie wipes tears from her eyes.

Billie: Bo, is she going to be ok?

Bo: I don't know.

Billie holds her stomach.

Bo: Are you ok?

Billie: I'm fine, Bo. We need to see our daughter!

Mike comes out of Chelsea's room.

Mike: I'm sorry; Chelsea has no brain activity. She is only surviving on life support, and she will never breath on her own again.

Billie's face falls in her hands, and Bo hugs her. Belle hugs Shawn, and Hope starts crying.

Carly comes out of the elevator of Scotty's apartment. She knocks on his door. Scotty answers, and she walks in, seeing Doug and Julie.

Carly: Scotty, we need to talk.

Julie: Doug, mabye we should leave.

Carly: It's about Alex.

Scotty sees tears in her eyes.

Scotty: Carly, what happened?

Carly starts crying.

Carly: Alex needs a heart transplant. The doctor said it's very risky.

Scotty hugs her.

Steve, Kayla, Caroline, and Shawn walk into the hospital waiting room. They hug Hope.

Caroline: Hope, is she ok?

Hope: She has no brain activity. She's dead.

Hope starts crying, and Caroline hugs her.

Caroline: Where's Bo and Billie?

Hope: They went to see Chelsea.

Bo and Billie are in Chelsea's room.

Billie: Do you think she can hear us, Bo?

Bo: I don't think so, Billie.

Billie starts crying.

Billie: Chelsea, please, wake up.

Bo hugs her.

Bo: What are we going to do?

Billie: We only have one choice, don't we?

Carly picks up her purse.

Carly: I need to go.

Scotty: Carly, wait!

She levaes the apartment, and runs in the elevator, as it almost closes. Carly wipes her tears, and looks to her right. She sees someone standing there with a mask on, holding a knife! She yells, and Scotty hears her scream!

Mike comes in Chelsea's room. Bo turns to look at Mike.

Bo: We've come to a decesion.

Mike: Look, you are under no pressure, you guys can take all the time you need.

Billie: We already came to a decision. Were going to take her off the life support.

Carly is still yelling in the elevator.

Killer: So, did you get a good look at my face when you saw me kill Leixe?

Carly: If I did, you would be behind bars right now.

Killer: Well, I won't take that chance. You can join your cousin.

Carly: What are you talking about?

The killer rubs the knife around Carly's neck.

Carly: You forgot something.

Killer: Really? What is that?

The elevator doors open, and she steps on their foot. She runs out to the apartment garage. She looks in her purse for her keys. She gets them, and quickly goes into her car. She locks the doors, and takes a breath. She looks for her phone, but it is dead.

Carly: Damn it.

She puts the key is the ignition, and the killer comes to the window.

The killer bangs on the window. She yells, and drives away.

Bo, Hope, Steve, Kayla, Shawn, Caroline, Shawn, Belle, Billie and Mike are in Chelsea's room.

Billie: Goodbye my sweet, little angel. I'm so sorry.

She kisses her head. Mike pulls the plug, and Chelsea dies. Tears fall down everyone's face. Hope is about to hug Bo, butBo hugs Billie.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Lorenzo is sitting at a table. The door opens.

Lorenzo: Ahh, good to see you.


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