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Tuesday July 15 2008



All The Days of Their Lives

Andrew, Carly, and Chelsea are sitting at the Pub.

Chelsea: Ok, I think we should leave for Venezuela by tomorrow morning.

Andrew: Carly, are you sure you should come with Alex's condition?

Carly: He's ok.

Chelsea: Are you sure?

Adrianna, EJ, and Anna walk into the Pub.

EJ: Hello, everyone. Sorry, but I won't be able to come to Venezuela.

Chelsea: Great, looks like we do have to rely on her.

Adrianna: You know what? Shut up! I'm doing you a favour!

Carly: Ok, everybody stop fighting.

Anna: Ok, what is our plan?

Chelsea: We need to go as soon as possible.

Adrianna: I'll book the DiMera jet.

Nicole wakes up in a hospital room. She looks around, and is confused. A nurse comes in.

Nurse: Good morning!

Nicole: Where am I?

Nurse: Your in Gerogia. We found you in an alley.

Nicole: Well thats not where I was shot.

Nurse: We know. So where do you live?

Nicole: Salem.

Nurse: Ok, well there is somebody here to see you. We have you on record; you were here before.

Nicole: Who?

Brandon Walker walks into the hospital room.

Sami wakes up in the DiMera mansion with Will, Johnny, and Alexis. She smiles. She gets up.

Sami: Will, do you want breakfast?

Will: It's ok mom, I'll do it.

Sami: No, please I want to do it.

Will: Ok mom.

She goes into the kitchen.

Adrianna: Chelsea, if you want we can even go today.

Chelsea: Really? That would be great.

Adrianna: Ok, I'll book it.

Roman walks into the Pub.

Roman: Hey everyone. Anna, can I talk to you for a minute?

Anna: Of course. It'a about Tony right?

Roman: Yes. Do you have any idea what he might have done with Sami?

Anna: No, I didn't even know Sami was in the mansion. I never went down to that lab, it's too creepy for me.

Roman: Thanks, Anna.

Anna: No problem.

Mike is at the nurses station. He opens a file.

Mike: It's true.

He closes the file, and leaves it on the nurses station. He goes into the locker room. Somebody in black follows him.

Brandon sits beside Niocle.

Nicole: It's so good to see you Brandon!

Brandon: You too. You ok?

Nicole: Ya, ya, I'm fine, just a bullet wound.

She laughs.

Brandon: What are you doing in Gerogia anyway? Who shot you?

Nicole: That isn't important.

Brandon: Yes it is! Tell me!

Chelsea, Andrew, Carly, Anna, and Adrianna are sitting at the table.

Carly: Ok let's go home, and pack a few things and meet at the airport in about an hour.

Chelsea: Sounds good to me.

Adrianna: Ok.

Anna: Ok, umm, I'll call you when I'm ready.

Chelsea: Anna, come on, were going for not even two days! You don't even need a luggage!

Carly: I'll go get some sandwiches from the Cheatin' Heart when I'm done.

Anna: Thanks. Ok so the airport in an hour?

They leave the Pub.

Jack is in Jennifer's hospital room. Jennifer's eyes open.

Jennifer: Jack.

Jack quickly looks up.

Jack: Jennifer! You woke up!

He hugs her.

A nurse comes in.

Nurse: Mrs. Deveraux, your awake!

Jennifer: Yep, and ready to go home.

Lexie leaves the Cheatin' Heart. The person in black that was following Mike starts following her. She walks to her car, and looks in her purse for her keys. Carly comes out of the Cheatin' Heart with some bags. The person in black aims their gun at Lexie, and Carly sees!

Carly: Lexie!

Lexie turns, and the person shoots!

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Abe is in Lexie's room. Mike comes in.

Mike: I have bad news.

Carly, Adrianna, Chelsea, Andrew, and Anna board the DiMera jet to Venezuela.


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