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Wednesday July 16 2008



All The Days of Their Lives

Lexie is brought into the hospital on a stretcher. Carly follows. Abe comes out of an elevator, and tries to go with Lexie.

Nurse: Sorry, Mr. Carver, you'll have to wait.

Carly: Abe, I"m so sorry.

She hugs him.

Abe: What happened?

Carly: I walked out of the Cheatin' Heart, and I saw somebody aiming a gun at Lexie. I yelled out her name, and they shot.

Abe: Thank you for calling 911.

Carly: No problem.

The nurse comes.

Nurse: Mr. Carver, you can come in now.

Abe: Thanks.

Carly leaves the hospital.

Marleana walks into her penthouse, and takes an asprin. The phone rings.

Marleana: Hello.

Eric: Hey mom. Sorry I didnt answer.

Marleana: It's ok. When do you get back to Salem?

Eric: Tomorrow afternoon hopefully.

Marleana: Ok; good. I have a suprise for you.

Eric: What?

Marleana: You'll see when you get back to Salem. Call me later. Bye.

Eric: Bye.

Marleana hangs up the phone, and turns on the TV.

Chelsea, Andrew, and Anna are at the airport.

Chelsea: Where are Carly and Adrianna?

Adrianna comes.

Adrianna: Sorry I'm late.

Carly comes.

Carly: Hey sorry.

Chelsea: Ok lets go.

Celeste and Theo are in the waiting room. Abe comes out of Lexie's room.

Celeste: Is Alexandra ok?

Abe: It doesnt look like it.

They go in her room. Lexie looks very weak.

Lexie tries to talk.

Celeste: No, Alexandra save your strength.

Lexie: Mike..... Tell-

The heart monitor starts beeping, and she flatlines!

Abe: Help!

The doctor comes in and he tries to bringh her back.

Doctor: I"m so sorry.

Marleana turns the TV off. The doorbell rings. She goes to answer it, and a delevery man is standing there.

Marleana: Hi, you have something for me?

Delevery Man: Yes, I just need your signature here.

Marleana signs.

Marleana: Thank you.

He gives her a folder, and he leaves. She closes the door, and opens the folder. She looks confused, and realizes that it is for Mike. She opens the door, and goes next door. She knocks on Mike's door, and he answers.

Mike: Marleana. Hi.

Marleana: Hi Mike. I think I got your deleviry by mistake.

Mike: Oh. Thank you.

Marleana: No problem.

She hands him the folder.

Mike: Thanks again.

Marleana: No problem.

He closes the door, and Marleana goes back into her apartment.

Steve and Kayla walk into the hospital waiting room. Everyone sees them. Caroline hugs them.

Caroline: You two had us all worried sick! Where were you!?

Kayla: We'll talk about that later. How's Jeannie?

Kimberly: She's not doing too good. But Chelsea said she thinks she found something in Venezuela that might help her.

Steve: Who went with her?

Kimberly: Carly, Anna, Adrianna, and Andrew.

Steve: Hold on a minute. Is this a DiMera place?

Kimberly: Yes; why?

Steve and Kayla look at each other.

Bo and Hope are standing outside Lexie's room. Abe, Theo, and Celeste come out with sad faces. Hope starts crying.

Hope: Oh my God. I'm so sorry.

She hugs Abe. Bo hugs Celeste.

Bo: We'll find the person who did this, Abe. I promise.

Carly, Adrianna, Chelsea, Andrew, and Anna board the DiMera jet to Venezuela. The person in black watches them as they board the plane. The person gets out their cell phone, and starts texting.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Chelsea, Carly, Adrianna, Andrew, and Anna get off the jet in Venezuela.

Carly: Well, where do we go from here?

Chelsea: Hold on, I have a map.

Steve, Kayla, Bo, and Hope are at the Brady Pub.

Steve: We need to get them out of there now!


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