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Monday July 14 2008 *** Monday-Friday of next week will be posted now, because I will be out of town***



All The Days of Their Lives

Nicole continues driving.

Nicole: Where the hell am I going?

Tony: Just drive, I'll tell you where to go.

Nicole stops the car.

Nicole: No! I am driving! And you better tell me where we are going or I swear to God I'll blab to the next cop!

Tony points the gun to her.

Tony: Do you want to rethink what you just said, Nicole Walker?

Nicole shuts up, but then looks confused.

Nicole: Hold on a minute? Tony DiMera? On an island for 20 years? We never met. How do you know my name?

Chelsea, Roman, Sami, Marleana, the twins, and Anna walk into the hospital waiting room. Everybody is shocked to see Sami.

Caroline: Oh my God. Sami!

They all run to her, and hug her. Carrie and Will come out of the elevator.

Carrie sees Anna.

Carrie: What's wrong mom?

Anna brings them to Sami. Tears form in Sami's eyes, and her and Will hug.

Will: Mom! I can't believe it's you!

Sami: I know sweetie! I know. But I'm here now, and I'm never leaving again!

Hope: What happened?

Sami: We'll talk about that later. Why's everyone at the hospital?

Kimberly: It's Jeannie.

Chelsea: I found something that might help her.

Adrianna walks into the DiMera mansion.

Adrianna: Hello!

She looks around.

Adrianna: Good, nobody's here.

She takes her phone out, and dials a number. It goes to voicemail.

Adrianna: Hi Andrew, it's me. Give me a call when you get this, I know your having a hard time with your sister and everything, but-

The voicemail cuts her off.

Adrianna: Damn it!

There is a knock on the door, and she goes to get it. She opens the door, and sees Andrew.

Adrianna: Hi Andrew.

Tony: What are you talking about?

Nicole: I've met Andre, but I've never met you, Tony.

Tony: I've read about you in the soap magazines. Anna reads them all the time.

Nicole: That must be it.

She looks nervous. He smiles.

Tony: Ok, I'll tell you where were going. Gerogia.

Nicole: Gerogia! You know how long that will be!

Tony: If you drive a little faster, we should be there by 5:00 am.

Nicole speeds up.

Tony: Good. I wonder if I can easily convince you to do other things.

He smiles. He touches her cheek. Nicole pushes his hand away.

Nicole: Do not, I repeat, do not touch me! I'm driving you to Gerogia, and then your getting the hell out of my car.

Sami, Will, Carrie, Roman, Marleana, Bo, Hope, Shawn, and Caroline talk. Chelsea and Anna stay with Kimberly.

Kimberly: What do you mean you have something to save Jeannie?

Chelsea: To make a long story short, Stefano was in the same situation as Jeannie. His doctors developed a drug that can get him out of it.

Anna: We don't know for sure if it was the drug, or something else, but Stefano ended up getting out of the coma, and it most likely could have been the drug.

Kimberly: Where is it? Hold on a minute. This drug is not available, or else it would be used on people every day.

Chelsea: I know, but Stefano's doctors only created a limited amount.

Kimberly: And how do we get this drug?

Anna: It's in Venezuela.

Kimberly: This is illegal! Nobody knows about this drug. We can't just administer it to somebody!

Chelsea: This is the only thing that will help Jeannie! I think we should at least try it out, and see if it will help her.

Anna: We'll do more research, and find out if Stefano actually used this to get out of his coma, and if he did, were willing to go get it.

Kimberly: Thank you guys so much. This means a lot to me.

The elevator dooes open, and Eric comes out. Sami and him see each other, and he is shoked.

Andrew sits on the couch, and Adrianna gets him a drink.

Adrianna: Hows your sister?

Andrew: She's not doing good. The doctor said she's in a permenant coma.

Adrianna: Are you guys getting other opionions?

Andrew: We did. They all said the same thing. She's never going to wake up.

Adrianna: Andrew, I'm so sorry.

She hugs him, and they start kissing. Chelsea and Anna walk in.

Chelsea: Eww. Andrew, really?

Adrianna: Shut up! Why the hell are you here?

Chelsea: Well, actually we need you.

Tony sips some of Nicole's vodka.

Tony: Your a fiesty one, eh?

Nicole: What the hell did you do anyway?

Tony: You'll read it in the papers.

Nicole: Well, it's going to be a long drive.

She turns the radio on.

Reporter: The Salem PD is looking for fugitive, Tony DiMera. Apparently, he has been holding Samantha Brady hostage, a woman, who was presumed dead in February.

Nicole's jaw drops.

Adrianna pours herself a drink.

Adrianna: What the hell do you need me for?

Chelsea: To save Jeannie's life. Your demented father had a drug made to get him out of a permenant coma. The drug is in Venezuela.

Adrianna: Well, what the hell do you want from me?

Chelsea: Your a DiMera; you can get the drug, saying you need it for Stefano.

Adrianna: Stefano is dead! they know that too!

Anna: No, actually. These doctors go to work, and develop drugs. They go home to their families, with absoutly no connection to the outside world.

Adrianna: Yes, but there has to be somebody running it, somebody behind the scenes, who knows what's going on.

Chelsea: These doctors study the DiMera family. Don't ask me; I know it's sick. Anyway, they know your a DiMera. If you show up, and say you need a drug, they'll give it to you.

Adrianna: So how do we get in? This facility where they are developing these drugs must be heavily guarded.

Anna: The guards know just as much as the doctors. All we need is the security code, and were in.

Andrew: When are we going?

Chelsea: We?

Andrew: Yup, I'm going with you guys.

Carly and EJ walk into the mansion.

Carly: Count me in too.

Hours later...

Nicole and Tony arrive at the helicopter spot.

Tony: Thank you so much, Nicole. It has been very greatly appreciated.

Nicole: Just get out.

Tony gets out of the seat, and is about to close the door. He smiles.

Tony: Hope you enjoyed yourself tonight.

He takes out his gun, and shoots Nicole in the stomach! She holds it and bends over in pain. Tony gets on the helicopter, and it leaves the airfield. She sees her phone on the floor of the passenger side. She reaches for it.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Sami wakes up at the DiMera mansion with Will and the twins with her.

EJ, Adrianna, Andrew, Carly, Chelsea, and Anna are sitting at the Pub.

Chelsea: We need to go as soon as possible.

Adrianna: I'll book the DiMera jet.


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