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#71 Wednesday, July 2nd (delayed episode)



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#71 Wednesday July 2nd

George is coming out of the Athletic Club when he bumps into John Phelps.


John: What a good timing, you're the other person I've been needing to talk to.


George: I'm afraid I don't know you.

John: John Phelps, corporate litigator and investigator.

George: Oh, you're the guy that spoke to my mother yesterday. I haven't the time for your idle threats.

John: This is more of a request.

George: I'm very busy.

John: Fine, I'm sure you'd gladly like for the SEC to ask these questions.

George: What is it?

John: Have you had a contact with a guy name Sterling? You know, the one who led the shareholder's revolt?

George: I haven't the faintest idea of who that is.

John: You sure? The guy has a history of screwing over the companies he holds shares with by helping

other corporations take them over. He's really good, he's never been prosecuted for his dirty deals.

George: If you have any questions about the takeover, submit them to my proxy solicitor.

John: I will be doing that.

George: I've heard about you, you consider yourself some sort of corporate malfeasance crusader.

John: I've heard about some of the dirty, not to mention illegal stunts you and your mother have pulled in the past.

George: You don't stop until you bring good companies down.

John: Never brought a good company down in my life, some bad ones, never any good ones. Lightner is next.

George: (laughs) I needed some good comedy today, thank you for that.

George walks out.



The sun is coming up and Jim comes downstairs


Eleanor: You seem better this morning.


Jim: I had time to clear my head and I really feel better.


Elliot: Well that's good.

Eleanor: Are you sure you are all right? You seem different.

Jim: I'm just steadily starting to cope with what has happened, that's all.

Eleanor: This quickly? It's only been a day.

Jim: I'm a Craig, there's nothing that can keep a Craig down.

Jim goes outside.

Eleanor: Something is wrong, I'm convinced now.

Elliot: A couple of nights ago, he was a wreck and now this? I'm starting to agree with you.

Eleanor: Remember, he was able to hide his drinking from us in the past.

Elliot: I remember, he'd walk around just as normal as anyone and nobody would know

he was smashed. It was like he was another person.

Eleanor: It was so hard helping him get sober that last time, he almost didn't make it.

Elliot: Let's not panic just yet, we don't have any proof yet. It's possible we are wrong.

Eleanor: I'm trying to hold out hope, but I just don't feel right about this.

On the porch, Jim holds the pill bottle and looks at it.

Jim: My new best friend.



At Edmund's condo, Edmund and Christina are having coffee.


Edmund: You know, I'm glad you are back in town. I forgot how good we get along.


Christina: I like being here to. It's nice to just settle down a bit after being in all those big cities.

Edmund: Tell me about it, when the store sent a team to New York for Fashion Week once, I couldn't wait to get home.

There's a knock at the door. Edmund answers it, it's Leigh holding papers.

Edmund: What's this?


Leigh: The final draft of the joint custody agreement our lawyers drew up, I'm sure you'll find it fair.

Edmund: Great. Let me introduce you to some one. Christina Davidson, this is Leigh Elgin, my former wife.

Leigh: Nice to meet you.

Christina: Nice meeting you too.

Leigh hands Edmund looks at the agreement.

Edmund: This certainly is very fair.

Leigh: I wouldn't have it any other way.

Edmund: I'm glad we were able to come to an agreement that is satisfactory for the both of us.

Leigh: So am I. We both need to get on with our lives.

Edmund: Yeah.

Leigh: I know it might strike you as a bit odd coming from me, but I really do want to

have a civil relationship with you for the sake of the kids.

Edmund: That's the only thing I wanted out of this. We have to be strong parents, even if we aren't married anymore.

Leigh: Oh, yes. I couldn't agree more. Well, I'll be getting on now.

Edmund: Oh, okay. And thanks again for not making this harder than it had to me.

Leigh: No problem.

Leigh leaves, once she's outside she chuckles a bit.

Leigh: What a sucker. He has no idea what I've got up my sleeve.



John stops by the McGregor Estate to give Anna a progress report.


Anna: Cassandra told me you met with her.

John: That woman is a trip.

Anna: I know, she was in my office not long after you had met with her. Just

sitting in my chair, like she owned it.

John: I came over to tell you, I got some information about that Sterling guy.

Anna: Ah, I'm interested in hearing that.

John: He's been suspected of shafting companies he holds stock with.

Anna: Do you think he could have done that with McGregor?

John: I don't have any proof, but it's probable.

Anna: I thought there was something funny about him.

John: He gets away with because he covers his tracks.

Anna: Well, is there anyway to uncover those tracks.

John: I'm looking into it now.

Anna: Please keep me posted, this is all so important to me.

John: I know, I'm doing my very best.

Anna: Thank you so much again.



Meanwhile, on the private jet, the man on the laptop reading a pie chart. The phone next to him rings and he answers it.


Man: (into phone) Dr. Aaron McGregor speaking. I want a full report of the current status as soon as this plane is on the ground. I've got to be well prepared for what I'm going to do.

He hangs up and resumes reading about the McGregor takeover. A woman comes in the from another section of the plane.


Woman: I'm a bit shocked you contacted me instead of someone in the family. You even came to Manila to find me.

Aaron: Roberta, you were my big brother's most trusted attorney, someone who knows all the information I needed. I'll be contacting the family soon though.

Roberta: They haven't seen you since you were a child.

Aaron: They did help pay my way through school though, I wouldn't be a doctor without them.

Which is why I want to help them get the company back.

Roberta: We'll see, doesn't seem like that's going to be easy.

Aaron: It might not be easy, but I'm not about to fail. Besides, I've done some

business myself and have encountered the Lightners, I know what I'm dealing with.

Roberta: Hey, the McGregors are a good family, I'm with you all the way. You know, you look

exactly like your brother did when he was young, it's uncanny.

Aaron: I've been told that before.

Pilot: (over PA) We're approaching Detroit Airport.

Aaron: Almost time for the fight to begin.



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Good Episode. I see u casted John Amos, Great Casting Choice. Your the best cast of SONOP. THere is so muxh you could do.

I wonder that the hell Leigh is up too

And I wonder what Aaron is going to do..

And Jim has a new best friend. Man, is really falling off the wagon

Another great one and great cating choices. Wish we would have seen an annoucment on this great casting chocies

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