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Thursday July 3 2008



All The Days of Their Lives

The next morning...

Jack, Jennifer, and Carrie are sitting at a cafe in Salem Place.

Jennifer: Carrie, are you sure you want to do this?

Carrie: Yes, let's stop talking about that now.

Carrie holds her stomach.

Anna walks into the Pub, and sees Roman, Shane, and Bo sitting at a table.

Anna: Oh I see. While Carrie jepordizes her life and her baby's life, you guys just sit here, and do nothing.

Roman: Were waiting until they give us the ok.

Anna: I still don't understand why Carrie has to do this!

Bo: If you came to bother us, and tell us what we talked about over and over, then you can leave.

Anna sits at the bar.

Carly, Jeannie, and Belle are sitting in the room.

Jeannie: I can't sit here anymore! I'm going to go crazy.

Belle: We just have to calm down, and figure a way out of here.

Belle turns and looks at the small TV which shows the docks. She looks closer.

Belle: Oh my God.

Carly: What?

Belle: Carrie's here!

Carly: What?

On the docks, Carrie takes out her phone.

Carrie: Ok, it's clear.

She hangs up, and calls another number.

Roman: Carrie, is everything ok?

Carrie: Everything's fine. I just called for the building their in.

Roman: It's the one with one door.

Carrie: Ok.

Roman: Are Jack and Jennifer there yet?

Carrie: I just called them. Their on their way.

Roman: Ok, be careful.

Carrie: Bye.

Jack and Jennifer get on the docks. Carrie meets them.

Jack: Ok let's get started.

Kimberly and Hope come out of the kitchen.

Hope: Anna, don't worry. Carrie will be fine.

Anna: I want to believe that.

Kimberly: You have to. Everyone is going to be ok!

Jack, Jennifer and Carrie move closer to the building.

Jack: Jennifer...

Jennifer: What is it?

Jack: I forgot my jacket at the cafe. My gun is in there.

Jennifer: My God Jack!

Jack: I'll be right back.

Jennifer: I can't believe this.

Jeannie: Are they trying to rescue us?

Belle: It looks like that.

Eric comes in the room, and they turn away from the TV.

Eric: How did you guys sleep?

Carly: Shut up.

He notices movement on the TV. He moves to it, and Jeannie hits him on the head with a chair! He falls to the ground.

Belle: Oh my God!

Carly gets his gun.

Carly: Let's get out of here!

They run out of the room, and Eric starts getting up.

Jack goes into the cafe, and goes to the counter.

Jack: Hi. I was here earlier. I left my jacket. It's brown, with-

Waitress: I have it. I'll be right back.

She leaves, and comes back with the jacket.

Jack: Thank you so much.

He puts it on, and checks for the gun.

Jack: Thank God.

Carly, Jeannie, and Belle are running through the warehouse, looking for the exit. Eric comes running after them.

Eric: Your not getting out!

He grabs Carly by the hair!

Carly knocks him over with the gun, and he tumbles down the staires. She notices him going into his pocket.

Carly: Hurry!

They get to the door.

Jack arrives at the docks, and sees a timer. In the warehouse, Eric pushes a button. The timer starts counting down from 5 seconds.

Jack: Jennifer!

Carly opens the door.

Carly: Get out! Get out!

Timer: 1.. 0

The docks is engulfed in flames, and it blows up.


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