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Friday July 4 2008



All The Days of Their Lives

5 stretchers are brought into the hospital. They are carrying Belle, Jeannie, Carly, Jennifer, and Carrie. Jack, Bo, Hope, Kimberly, Shane, Roman, Marleana, and Anna follow.

Anna: I knew this was going to happen!

Hope: Ok, everyone just calm down. Everyone will be ok.

Kimberly starts crying, and Shane hugs her. Dr. Stewart comes.

Diane: Carrie has waken up, but she's still very fragile. I only want two people in there.

Roman and Anna follow Diane to Carrie's room. Roman and Anna stand beside her bed. Carrie opens her eyes.

Anna hugs her.

Carrie: What happened?

Roman: The bomb went off, and everyone was brought to the hospital. Execpt for Eric. They haven't found him yet.

Carrie: Is everyone else ok?

Roman: We don't know yet.

Carrie grabs her stomach, and starts yelling in pain.

Anna: Carrie, whats wrong! Nurse, nurse!

Jack and Hope go into Jennifer's room.

Jack: How is she?

Nurse: She hasn't waken up yet, and her vitals don't look too good. The doctor will be in to talk to you shortly.

They go to her bedside.

Hope: I hope she's ok.

Jack kisses her forehead.

Carly wakes up in her room. Scotty, and Kimberly come in, Kimberly holding Alex.

Kimberly: Hi sweetie. I brought someone to see you.

Carly: Hi honey! How are you?

She hugs him, and kisses him.

Scotty: How are you doing?

Carly: I'm ok. How's everyone else?

Kimberly: I haven't heard anything yet. Their still checking out Jeannie.

Carly: I can't believe you guys did this! What if someone dies!

Kimberly: Everyone will be fine. Don't worry. Please.

Marleana and Eirc walk into Belle's room.

Belle: Hi mom. Hi Eric.

Marleana hugs her.

Marleana: Oh my God! Thank God your ok! Your father was watching you.

Belle: I know.

Eric: How are you feeling?

Belle: My arms and legs hurt, but I'm ok. Did they find Eric?

Marleana: No. They think he's in the remains.

Kimberly and Shane walk into Jeannie's room. She is still unconcious. Dr. Burban comes in.

Kimberly: How is she?

Dr. Burban: It doesn't look too good. Her vitals aren't strong. If she doesnt wake up soon, she may fall into a coma.

Kimberly starts crying, and Shane hugs her. Dr. Burban leaves the room.

Shane: She'll be ok.

Scotty walks in Carly's room with some coffee. Carly is hugging Alex.

Carly: Thanks for the coffee.

Scotty: No problem. How are you?

Carly: I'm fine, I'm fine! I just want to go home!

Scotty: Just be happy that this is all over, and your ok.

Diane rushes into Carrie's room with the ultrasound equiptment.

Diane: Carrie, what are you feeling?

Carrie: My stomach! It's cramping really bad.

Diane starts getting the equitment ready, and Carrie starts to calm down.

Carrie: It's slowing down a bit, but it still hurts a lot.

Carrie holds her stomach. Diane starts the ultrasound, and looks at the screen. Anna and Roman hold her hand. Diane's face saddens.

Diane: I'm so sorry Carrie.

Carrie starts crying, and holds her head in her hands. Anna hugs her.

Carrie: I want to be alone now.

Anna: Are you sure?

Carire: Yes.

They all leave the room, and Tony and Eric are outside the room with flowers.

Eric: What's wrong?

Anna slaps Roman, and she starts crying.

Anna: This is your fault! It was on you to protect her!

Hope turns the corner, and sees what is going on.

Anna: It's your fault our daughter is going through-

Hope comes.

Hope: Anna, I'm sorry, but you of all people shouldn't be talking about being a bad parent!

Anna stares at Hope.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Shawn is in Belle's room.

Shawn: I'm sick of not being with you. I love you, Belle.

Cathy walks in.


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