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Wednesday July 2 2008



All The Days of Their Lives

Kimberly picks up her phone.

Kimberly: Are you there?

She closes the phone.

Hope: Who is it Kimberly?

The scene changes to Bryan holding a gun on the three girls.

Kimberly: It's Eric.

Bryan looks at Carly.

Bryan: It's so good to see you all grown up.

Carly: Who the hell are you?

Bryan: I"m your mother's uncle; more importantly, your father.

Carly looks shocked, and he holds his gun to Belle.

Bryan: Well, I don't need you anymore.

He is about to shoot.

At the Kirikas mansion, the doorbell rings. Henderson opens the door, and Nicole walks in.

Henderson: Nicole? Your not welcome here.

Nicole: Won't be long.

She gives him her jacket. She walks in the living room, where Victor is reading the newspaper.

Nicole: Good evening Victor.

Victor: Heard you were back in town. What the hell do you want?

Nicole: Money actually.

Victor: Wow you cut right to the chase.

Nicole: Ok, heres the deal. You give me a large amount of money, or I tell the whole world about Brady's bastard child.

Roman: Kim, what are you talking about?

Kimberly starts to cry.

Kimberly: It's that bastard! I know it is!

Hope gets up.

Hope: Come on, lets get some water.

They go into the kitchen.

Marleana: We have to find them!

Carrie: Were doing this tomorrow morning!

Bo: I still don't think thats a good idea.

Carrie: Do you want them to be saved? It's the only way.

Belle looks at him.

Belle: Oh my God. Your Eric Brady!

Eric: So you've heard of me huh? Why am I talking to you?

He points the gun at her.

Carly: Leave her alone you bastard.

Eric: No, I think that term is for you.

Carly slaps him.

Carly: Put down that gun, and leave her alone.

Eric: Why do you even care about her? She's not needed!

His phone rings. He leaves the room, and locks it.

Belle: Thank you so much Carly.

Carly: None of us are going to die.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Jack, Jennifer, and Carrie are on the docks.

Jack: Damn it.

Jennifer: What?

Jack: I left my gun.

Kimberly and Marleana are sitting in the Pub.

Kimberly: What if they don't make it?

Marleana: Don't worry Kimberly. Their going to be ok.

Jack sees a timer. The docks blows up!


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