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Tuesday July 1 2008



All The Days of Their Lives

Carrie walks into Diane's office.

Diana: Hey Carrie. How are you feeling?

Carrie: Great actually.

Diane: Your stomach has grown since the last time I saw you.

Carrie: It's great. It's so wonderful having a person growing inside you.

Diane: I'll bring you into a room, and we can get started.

Bo, Hope, Shane, Kimberly, Marleana, and Roman are at the Brady Pub. The phone of the Pub rings, and Roman answers it.

Roman: Hello.

Carly: Roman, it's me, Carly.

Roman: Carly! Are you guys ok? Where are you?

Carly: Were at the docks in a warehouse.

Roman: Where? We'll be right there!

Carly: No, please, you guys can't come.

Roman: What do you mean?

Carly: The stalker has a bomb connected to the docks. If he ses anyone trying to rescue us, he'll set off the bomb. Were scared. We don't know what to do!

Roman: It's ok, were going to get you out of there!

He hears a gunshot in the background.

Roman: Carly!

The line dies.

The phone is on the floor, and Bryan is standing there with a gun.

Bryan: That's enough phone time.

Belle: What the hell do you want with us?

Bryan: Funny you should ask. That's why I came. Let's just cut to the chase. Which one of you is Kimmie's daughter?

Jeannie: I am. What the hell do you want?

Bryan: I know you are, you little brat. I'm talking about you two.

He looks at Belle and Carly.

Carrie is lying on a hosital bed, and Diane is showing her her ultrasound.

Carrie: Wow. I can't believe it. This is so wonderful.

Diane: Just 4 months to go!

Carrie: How is everything? Is the baby healthy?

Diane: Carrie, everything looks great. Would you like to know the sex?

Carrie: Sure!

Diane: Carrie, your baby is a girl!

Carrie smiles, and tears start to form in her eyes.

Carrie: I wish Austin were here to see his little girl.

Diane: He will. He's with you every step of the way. He'll be there when she's born, when she takes her first steps, her wedding.

Diane hugs her.

Kimberly: Roman, what happened?

Roman: There was a gunshot. And the line went dead.

Marleana: Where are they?

Roman: In a warehouse.

Bo: Let's go!

Roman: We can't! There is a bomb on the docks. If he recgonizes anybody there, he'll blow the place up.

Kimberly: We need someone who he won't recgonize!

Jack and Jennifer walk in the Pub.

Jack: We can help.

Shane: We can't put anybody at risk!

Jennifer: We need to help them before it's too late!

Carrie walks in the Pub.

Carrie: I can help too.

Carly stands up, and is face-to-face with Bryan.

Carly: I'm her daughter. What the hell do you want?

Bryan smiles.

Bryan: Call your mother.

He gives Carly the phone, and Carly dials the number. He takes the phone.

Roman: Carrie, your not getting in this, it's too dangerous!

Carrie: I'm the only one that can! He won't suspect a little pregnant woman!

Jennifer: We'll do it with her! Come on Roman! It's the only way.

Roman: Fine! But you guys listen to me! If I tell you to get out of there, you get out!

Jennifer: Of course!

Carrie: We'll be fine! We'll rescue them!

Kimberly's phone rings.

Kimberly: Hello.

Bryan: Hey Kimmie. How have you been?

Kimberly drops the phone.

Roman: What's wrong?

Kimberly: I know who the kiler is!

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Bryan has a gun on Belle.

Bryan: Well, I don't need you anymore.

He is about to shoot.

Nicole is in the Kirikas mansion.

Nicole: Victor, just shut up, and give me the money!

Anna, Kate, and Carrie at at Chez Rouge.

Anna: Your not doing this Carrie!

Kate: I agree.


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