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Cast Lists and Descriptions 2



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Drew Tyler Bell brings life to the character of Matthew "Matt" Thompson. Matt is essentially the All American Boy. He's cute, funny, nice and an all around nice guy. He's grown up all his life in Vally Falls, and is proud to call it his home. He's not the most popular of guys in high school, but he did have a healthy social life. He, Maddie and Cassie grew up together, but Maddie and Cassie never really paid much attention to him. His home life, growing up, was the typical 2 parents with 2.5 kids with a white picket fence. His life seems to be perfect, but often times, those who seem to have the perfect life, are the most messed up.


Thad Luckinbill has been cast in the role of Jason Charleston. Jason is kind of the opposite of Matt. He's more a rugged, bad boy. Not much is known about his background or where he really comes from. He doesn't talk about his family much. He dated Keri Michaels at one point in the past and they had a bitter break up. Jason is the type of guy you really don't want to get on the wrong side of, but if your friends with him, your golden. He treats his friends like family and holds their friendship close to his heart. He would do just about anything for his friends. He's never been found of asking for help, from anyone. He's stubborn, defensive and closed off, but still giving, caring and approachable.


The wonderfully talented Ashley Benson brings the character of Keri Michaels to life. Keri was a good girl growing up, but life gave her a few curve balls that resulted in her becoming the kind of person she has. In only a few short years Keri went from the girl next door, to the vixen with an attitude problem. Some of this could be attributed to her bitter break up with Jason, but the majority of it is still a mystery. Keri comes from an affluent family with quite a bit of money. Keri has pretty much gotten everything she wanted growing up, which in retrospect for her parents was probably a mistake. Keri and her brother Steve traveled a lot as kids and never really had one home. Valley Falls has finally become that home for them.

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