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Wednesday June 25 2008



All The Days of Their Lives

Shane Donovan is outside a hotel. He is on the phone.

Shane: I already told you that wasn't me! DiMera created somebody to look like me! I need to go.

Shane hangs up his phone, and goes in the hotel. He goes into the hotel restruant, and sits at the bar.

Shane: Vodka on the rocks please.

Dora orders a drink, and looks to her right. She sees Shane, and smiles.

Belle yells as she tries to regain control of the car. At Marleana's penthouse, she looks confused.

Marleana: Belle,are you there? These stupid cell phones. She hangs up.

Belle: What the hell do you want from me?

Killer: Just shut up and drive.

Belle wipes a tear, and feels her phone vibrating. She secretly opens it. At the Brady Pub, Shawn is on his phone.

Shawn: Belle, are you there? We need to talk about Claire.

Belle: Help! Help me!!

The killer puts the gun to her head.

Killer: Shut the hell up! Give me the phone!

Belle: I'm near the docks!

The killer hangs up the phone.

Shawn hangs up, and Cathy comes out of the kitchen.

Shawn: Wait here!

Cathy: Where are you going?

Shawn goes out the door.

Tony is walking around the mansion. He opens a door, which he realizes is Stefano's bedroom. He closes it. Anna comes with coffee.

Anna: Tony, come in the living room, I made some coffee and cookies.

Tony: Since when did you make cookies?

Anna: Oh just shut up and eat them!

They go into the living room.

Tony: You know Anna, I've been thinking about it.

Anna: Thinking about what Tony?

Tony: Stefano isn't dead.

Shane smiles at Dora, and she moves closer.

Shane: What are you in town for?

Dora: What makes you think I just got in?

Shane: Well, you are at the closest hotel near the airport.

Dora: Wow, handome and smart.

Shane: Thank you.

Dora: Well, I'm actually leaving town. I got to the airport, and my flight was delayed, so I"m spending the night here.

Shane: Where are you going?

Dora: Milan.

Shane: Most people say a reason for going.

Dora: I'm not most people.

He smiles.

Belle is crying.

Belle: I know you won't shoot me as long as were driving.

Killer: Sure about that?

Belle: You wouldn't want to risk your own life.

They hear cop cars, and he looks out the window.

Killer: Keep going!

The cops drive right past them.

Killer: Stop at the next right. I need to get something in my warehouse.

Belle stops.

Killer: And don't even think about getting out! I swear to God if you do, I'll get you kid and the next time you see the brat it'll be in the mourge.

He gets out of the car. Shawn is frantically walking on the docks. Cathy comes behind him.

Cathy: Shawn, what the hell is going on!

Shawn: I told you to wait at the Pub!

Cathy: What's going on?

Shawn: Fine I'll tell you.

Anna picks up a cookie.

Anna: What do you mean Stefano isn't dead?

Tony: Stefano wouldn't leave all this to me if he was dying! He has a plan up his sleve! He wouldn't end everything with me at the head of the DiMera family!

Anna: Mabye he felt that he didn't care. Mabye he felt that he had no family left that cared about him, so he left it to you because he thought you would destroy it.

Tony: I know Stefano better than that, Anna. He'll be back, and with a vengance.

Anna: Ok then, I see there on changing your mind. Let's lighten the mood.

Tony: How?

Anna lets out a big kiss.

Tony: What was that for?

A black and white cate runs in the room, and jumps on Anna. Tony flinches.

Tony: What the hell is this?

Anna: This is Bello. He's a cat I bought!

Dora sips some of her drink.

Dora: So what are you in town for?

Shane: A case of mistaken identity, and I have some family in town. Two kids who don't think very highly of me.

Dora: Well, they only have one father, so they should try and appreciate that.

Shane: It get's better. They have a stepfather who has been with them since they were babies, and they don't think very much of him either.

Dora: A little picky aren't they?

Shane: Doesn't really bother me that they hate them.

Dora laughs. Shane gets up. He bends down to her ear. He gives her a key.

Shane: Be sure to use it.

He kisses her cheek, and leaves. She smiles.

Shawn: I see him! He just walked in that warehouse! I'll go after him.

Cathy: Be careful! I'll look for Belle.

Belle is sitting in the drivers seat, scared to death.

Cathy comes. She opens the door.

Cathy: Are you ok?

Belle: What are you doing here! Get out before he sees you! He'll kill you!

The killer comes behind them.

Killer: She's right, you know. Your boyfirned's in there, bleeding to death by the way.

Cathy: Oh my God!

The killer takes out a gun.

Killer: Get in the car!

Bo: Stop!

Tony: You know how I feel about felines.

Anna: Oh shut up! You'll love him!

Bello rubs his head against Tony's arm.

Anna: Aww he likes you!

Bello licks Tony's hand.

Tony: Ok, ok, that's enough!

The elevator doors open, and Dora gets out. She goes to room 331, and unlocks the door. Romantic music is playing, and the lights are dimmed. Shane comes out in a bathrobe.

Dora: Sure your wife won't mind?

He shows her his empty ring finger, and pushes her against the wall. He kisses her. She undoes his robe, and it falls off, leaving Shane in boxers. He rips off her dress, and she rubs her leg on his. He kisses her down he neck, and takes off her bra. She pushes him on the bed.

Dora: Don't think your doing all the work.

Shane: I can share baby.

He turns her over, and starts rubbing her legs. They start to make love.

Bo holds his gun at the killer.

Bo: Who the hell are you?

The killer holds his gun at Belle.

Killer: Get out of the car!

Belle doesn't move. The killer grabs her by the shoulder, and gets her out. He pushes her on the floor, and gets in the car.

Bo: Belle!

The killer drives away.

Bo: Where's Shawn?

Cathy: He's in the warehouse!

Bo runs in the warehouse, and sees Shawn on the floor, shot in the stomach.

Bo: Shawn!

Cathy calls 911. She finishes with 911.

Belle: Thank you, Cathy.

Cathy: Your welcome.

Shane is lying in bed with Dora in his arms. They are both sleeping. In the hall, Carly unlocks the door to the room, 332. Scotty is in there with Alex.

Scotty: Look how roomy it is in here.

She looks around the room, and there is one bed, and a desk.

Carly: My uncle could have done a hell of a lot better. Whatever, I'm getting the bed.

Scotty comes closer.

Scotty: I don't see why we can't share.

He smiles, and kisses her. Carly stops the kiss.

Carly: I don't think so Scotty. Call room service, and ask for a sleeping bag.

She goes in the washroom.

The paremedics bring Shawn out in a stretcher. Roman is standing with Belle and Cathy.

Roman: Did you guys get a good look at his face?

Belle: No; he made it a mission to hide it.

Cathy: I didn't see anything either.

The killer opens the door of a motel room. He throws his bag on the bed. He takes out a picture of Belle talking to Kimberly. He takes out another one of Kimberly talking to Carly. He takes out another one of Kimberly talking to Jeannie. He sticks a knife of the one with Belle in it.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Shane and Carly are staning in the hotel hallway.

Shane: What do you say you and your "friend" join me and my "friend" for breakfast?

Cathy is choking Chelsea in Shawn's hospital room. Hope comes in.

Hope: Hey!


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