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Tuesday June 24 2008



All The Days of Their Lives

The lawyer stands up, as Tony remains shocked about the news.

Tony: There must be a mistake. Stefano hated me. He didn't want me as his son. Hell, he brought in my cousin to replace me!

Lawyer: Theres no mistake. I went over it with Mr. DiMera very carefully, and he made it very clear.

Anna: Well, I don't think we should be sad about this Tony. Do you have any idea what this means?

Tony: There is a reason that Stefano gave me all of this, and it's not because he wanted to make amends.

Bo: I'm still wondering why the rest of us are still here.

Lawyer: Mr. DiMera has left something for all of you also.

Carly and Nilan stand up.

Nilan: Well, I guess I should get back. Please be careful.

Carly: I will. Thank you.

Nilan leaves, and Carly locks the door. Carly sees the letter on the floor. She picks it up, and reads it. The letter reads, "Very Soon".

Carly: Oh my God.

She gets the phone, and dials a number.

Carly: Roman! It's me. I just got a letter from the killer.

Roman: I'll be right there.

Belle and Mike are sitting at Chez Rouge. Belle looks back.

Belle: Does that guy really have to follow me everywhere I go?

Mike: It's for your protection, Belle.

Belle: Well, it's kinda creepy.

Mike: Ok, lets stop talking about the creepy bodyguard, and lets talk about what were going to eat.

Belle: I want the lobster and steak.

Mike: Sounds good.

Hope: Well do you plan on giving it to us tonight, so we can get the hell out of here?

The lawyer opens a briefcase.The lawyer hands everyone is the DiMera living room an envelop.

Lawyer: In the envelope, there is a letter from Mr. DiMera, as well as a key.

Marleana: What is the key for?

Lawyer: I don't know. Well, I'm done here. Good luck everyone, and congraulations Mr. DiMera.

He leaves, and Susan looks at EJ. A tear forms in her eye.

Susan: Your my little Elvis.

She hugs him.

Kristen: I don't have the stomach for this.

Kristen leaves the room.

Isabella turns to Marleana, Bo, and Hope.

Isabella: Well, I see no reason to continue staying here.

Marleana: I agree.

They leave.

Carly lets Roman in her apartment.

Roman: Are you ok?

Carly: Ya, I'm fine.

Roman: Where's Alex?

Carly: Caroline's watching him. I"ll go get the letter.

Carly comes back with the letter. Roman reads it.

Roman: Your not staying here anymore. He knows where you live.

Carly: Roman, he's going to know where I am wherever I go! He's stalking me!

Roman: Your going to go somewhere where there is protection.

Carly: Fine. Can you do me a favor?

Roman: What?

Belle is sitting at Chez Rouge alone now. Maggie comes.

Maggie: Hey Belle. Where did Mike go?

Belle: There was an emergency with Jeremy. He had to go.

Maggie: I hope nothing's wrong.

Belle: Don't worry. It happens often, and he's fine.

Maggie: He's always getting into trouble.

Belle: Well, I guess I shoould go. Eric's watching Claire.

Belle gets up, and looks at her guard. He follows. Belle goes outside, and goes into her car. The guard goes into another car, and she turns it on. Her phone rings.

Belle: Hello.

Marleana: Hey sweetie. How are you?

Belle: I'm fine. How are you?

Marleana: Good. I just got back home.

Belle: What happened at the will reading?

Marleana: I got a letter and a key. From Stefano. Is your guard with you?

Bo unlocks the door, and he and Hope go into their home.

Hope: I wonder what the key is for.

Bo: Probaly for some stupid wild goose chase Stefano wants us to go on.

Hope: It could be exicting.

Bo: Your not really thinking of unlocking whatever this key unlocks are you?

Hope: I don't know. It's a little intruiging.

Bo: Well, I think we should just stay home with our baby girl.

Julie comes down the staires.

Julie: Your baby girl is refusing to sleep!

Hope: That's Ciara.

Bo, Hope, and Julie go upstairs.

Carly: My neighbour saw the killer banging on my door. I was wondering if you can get her protection incase the killer tries to targer her.

Roman: Sure. Now go sit on the couch, and relax. I"ll make some coffee.

Belle: He's in the car behind me.

Marleana: I told you to let him be in the same car with you!

Belle: Mom, I'm fine. Please don't worry.

A gun is held to her head! Belle feels it, and drops her phone.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Shane Donovan is sitting at a bar. He smiles at Dora.

The killer looks out the window.

Killer: Keep going!


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