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Monday June 23 2008



All The Days of Their Lives 53:

Kimberly is sitting at the bar in the Brady Pub. She stares into the distance, thinking about her past. Caroline comes.

Caroline: Kimmie, what's wrong?

Kimberly: Nothing. Just tired. Wheres Pop?

Caroline: He went to go get some food.

The door of the Pub opens, and Shawn Sr., Chelsea, and Nick come in carrying bags of bread and meat.

Shawn: Look who I found in the Parking lot!

Kimberly: Hey Chelsea, hey Nick.

Chelsea: Hey Aunt Kim.

Caroline: You guys want something to eat?

Chelsea: No it's ok.

Caroline: No! I'll go make you guys a sandwich!

Marleana enters the DiMera living room, where she sees Susan Banks!

Marleana: Oh my God! Susan!

Susan: Hello Marleana.

Marleana: When did you get back to town?

Susan: A couple days ago.

Isabella, Adrianna, Bo, Hope, Roman, Tony, and Anna walk into the living room.

Anna: God this place is cold.

Hope: Susan Banks?

Roman: Oh God.

Anna: I thought there was no will. Thats why Isabella had the choice to kill him.

Kristen walks in.

Kristen: There was a will.

Dora walks in.

Dora: Shut up, Kristen.

Brady wakes up in bed. He gets up, and sees Chole making coffee.

Brady: Good morning Chole.

Chole: Whatever.

Brady: I see you slept on the couch again.

Chole: Good you notice some things.

Brady: When is this going to end?

Chole: Shut up, I'm not in the mood for another one of these conversations.

Brady goes into the bedroom, and gets dressed.

Chelsea and Nick are sitting at the Pub.

Nick: Oh crap.

Chelsea: What?

Nick: I have something I need to do, and I tottaly forgot. Can we talk later?

Chelsea: Sure.

Nick leaves. Chelsea goes to the bar.

Kimberly: Whats wrong honey?

Chelsea: I got a job offer; in Paris.

Kimberly: That's great!

Chelsea: But I don't know if I should take it. And I've tried to tell Nick so many times, but every time I try, he goes off somewhere, and I don't have a chance to tell him.

Kimberly: Is it also part you?

Chelsea: I think so. I don't want to be in a long distance relantionship, and I don't want Nick to wait for something that might never come back.

Kimberly: Is it what you want?

Chelsea: I would like to get away. I mean so much has been happening lately, and I don't know if I should leave with everything going on with our family.

Kimberly: Don't think about family now. You need to think about what you want.

Chelsea: But-

Kimberly: No buts! You need to think this through, and you need to decide what is best for you at this time.

Dora, Isabella, Lexie, Tony, EJ, Susan, Bo, Hope, Marleana, Kate, Anna, Adrianna, and Kristen, are sitting in the DiMera living room. A lawyer walks into the room.

Lawyer: I assume you all know why your all here.

Anna: Stefano's will, and all the cash that comes with it.

Isabella: I thought no will was found!

Lawyer: There was always a will that Mr.DiMera kept, and updated. He told me his reasons for doing so were that if he passed, then he wouldn't want a situation like yours happen.

Isabella: What situation?

Lawyer: Where you realized you were married to Mr. DiMera; he didn't want anyone keeping his poessions execpt fot the people he left it to.

Isabella: Don't worry, I don't want any of this junk.

Anna: Oh God Isabella! If I were you, I'd forget who's house you were in, and roll in all the dough!

Susan: I like her!

Kristen rolls her eyes at Susan.

Kristen: I think that I should get everything since I was the most devoted daughter.

Dora: You wanted him to live and suffer till he died! Some devoted daughter!

Kristen: In the end, I forgave him.

Lawyer: I was going to ask why Mr. DiMera didn't inform everyone in person, but now I guess I don't have to.

Lexie: Oh Lord! Just get on with it!

Hope: I don't even know why Bo and I are here!

Brady walks into Chez Rouge, and sits at the bar. He orders a drink. He looks around, and sees Carrie sitting at a table. Brady gets up, and gets his drink.

Brady: Dining alone Carrie?

Carrie: Brady! Hi. It's so good to see you. Yes actually. I was meeting a friend, but she can't make it.

Brady: Mind if I sit with you?

Carrie: No, not at all. Is Chole with you?

Brady: No just me. So how's the baby?

Carrie: Great. I found out the sex.

Brady: Really! What?

Carrie: The baby is going to be a girl!

Carly is outside her apartment. She takes out her keys. A woman comes up to her.

Woman: Hi, Carly right.

Carly: Yes, hi. Your my neighbour right?

Woman: Yes, I'm Nalin.

Carly: It's good to meet you. I'd invite you in, but I'm just here to get something, and I'm on my way out. We'll have dinner some time.

Nalin: That would be nice, but thats not the only reason I came to talk to you.

Carly: Oh. Is something wrong?

Nalin: Earlier, when I brought down my laundry down, and there was a man wearing a hood, banging on your door. When he saw me, he left, and went down the stairs.

Carly: Oh God. I hope your not in danger.

Nalin: Why would I be in danger?

Carly: Come inside, and we'll talk.

The lawyer pours himself a drink, and sits down.

Lawyer: If everyone would settly down, I would like to begin.

He takes out a file.

Lawyer: Alexandra?

Lexie: I'm Alexandra.

Lawyer. Mr. DiMera didn't include you in his will.

Lexie: Figures.

Lawyer: But he included your son, Theo.

Lexie: Well, you can shove whatever he gave him.

Lawyer: He has left your son a trust fund. Since were on the topic of children, Mr. DiMera has instructed that once all of his grandchildren are over 21, they will attend a meeting.

Lexie: About what?

Lawyer: I don't know. I'm not holding it.

He looks at Tony.

Lawyer: Mr. DiMera has left everything to you, Tony DiMera.

Anna's face brightens up. Adrianna's jaw drops.

Lawyer: He has left you his estate, his money, everything execpt for the few things he left for everyone else in this room.

Anna: How much money are we talking about sir?

Lawyer: In the billions. I dont have-

Anna: Wow! Tony were rich!

Carly and Nilan finish their coffee.

Nilan :You need to go to the police about this.

Carly: I did. My uncle's the police chief! Oh God. None of us are safe!

Outside Carly's apartment, the stalker slips a note under her door.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Belle is in her car on the phone.

Belle: Mom, I'm fine. Please don't worry.

A gun is held to her head!

The lawyer hands everyone is the DiMera living room an envelop.

Lawyer: In the envelop, there is a letter from Mr. DiMera, as well as a key.


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