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Thursday June 26 2008



All The Days of Their Lives

Shane wakes up in bed with Dora.

Dora: Last night was great baby.

Shane: Your telling me?

Dora: Lets orders some pancakes. I'm hungry.

Shane: That sounds great.

Dora gets up, and puts a robe on. She goes in the washroom. Shane picks up the phone, and there is a knock on the door. He hangs it up, and puts a towel around his lower body. He answers the door, and Carly is standing outside.

Carly: Oh I'm sorry.

Shane: How can I help you?

Carly: I'm in the room next door, and my friend is trying to use the shower, but it's not working. We called room service, but they said it won't be fixed until tomorrow, and I was wondering if he can use yous.

Shane: Sure, just wait till my friend gets out of the washroom.

Dora(yelling from the washroom): Baby, did you order them yet.

Carly smiles.

Carly: Sure she's just a friend?

Shane laughs.

Carly: I'll go tell my friend.

Shane: I'll tell mine.

Chelsea walks into Shawn's hospital room. He is still unconcious.

Chelsea: Hey Shawn. I know we aren't as close as a brother and sister are, but I hope that when you get through this, we are. I'd really like to have a relantionship with you.

Cathy walks in.

Chelsea: Hey sis.

Cathy: I really don't need to hear your sarcasm every time you see me.

Chelsea: Sorry, I just don't like you too much.

Cathy: What the hell is your problem?

Chelsea: My problem? You followed my brother to Vegas, then got him all drunk, then dragged him to the alter, and then you suggest to have a "real marriage"! Oh please!

Cathy: Shut up Chelsea, you don't know anthing.

Chelsea: No you shut up! Your nothing! Your his rebound! He loves Belle, and when he gets out of this, and realizes that he almost died, he's not going to waste another second with you!

Cathy: Oh, so you would rather have your brother with a cheater?

Chelsea: Rather that a liar, and a manipulatir? Yup.

Cathy: Why is it that people like Belle can get away with bloody murder?

Chelsea: Oh shut up! God I hate whiners! All you've done is try to take Shawn away from his family.

Dr. Woods is on the phone in the hospital.

Dr. Woods: I can't get you anymore surgery!

A man in a motel room is on the phone.

Man: Do it! I'm not finished! How can I go to Kimmy with this face? She'll recgonize me you idiot!

Dr. Woods: You don't look as recgonizable! There's a slight resemblence, but it's ok!

He looks at the pictures with Kimberly with Jeannie, Carly, and Belle.

Man: Have you figured it out yet?

Dr. Woods: No. But I looked in some files. Kimberly gave a large amount of blood to save her grandson.

Man: Ok. Figure out which one has a baby boy, and get back to me.

He hangs up.

Eric walks in Belle's room with Alexis and Johnny.

Belle: Hey Eric! How are my little wonderful niece and nephew?

Eric: Their doing good. They know their mom isn't here.

Belle: They must.

Alexis starts crying.

Eric: I'm going to take her to get some milk. Can you stay with Johnny.

Belle: Of course.

Eric hands her Johnny.

Belle: Aww your so cute honey.

Eric leaves, and EJ comes in the room.

EJ: Hi Belle. How's my son?

Belle: Good.

Dr. Woods is outside of Belle's room looking thorugh the window. He sees EJ kissing Belle on the cheek. He kisses Johnny.

EJ: What can I get you?

Belle: Actually, I was hoping that someone would ask me that! Can you get me a muffin please?

EJ: Sure.

EJ leaves the room, and Dr. Woods sees him.

Dr. Woods: That's your son?

EJ: Yes.

Dr. Woods: Your a lucky guy.

EJ: I know.

Scotty and Carly come into Shane's hotel room. Scotty is just wearing a robe. Carly sees Dora.

Carly: Sorry about this.

Dora: No problem.

Dora looks at Scotty, and smiles. He smiles back. Carly looks at Dora.

Carly: You look familiar.

Dora: You too. You live in Salem?

Carly: I do. You?

Dora: Yes. We probaly saw each other somewhere.

Carly: I guess.

Carly goes back to her room. Shane watches as she leaves.

Shane: I'll go get a table for us downstaires.

He leaves the room, and sees Carly in the hall, struggling with her key card.

Carly: Consuela! You know I'm having a hard time, you could just open the door.

Shane rubs her back.

Shane: You need to be more gentle.

He takes the card, and slides it in gently. The door opens.

Carly: Thanks.

She smiles.

Shane: What do you say you and your "friend" join me and my "friend" for breakfast?

Carly: That sounds great.

Cathy: Why don't you just shut up for once?

Chelsea: Not something I really like to do.

Cathy grabs her by the throat, and starts chocking her! Hope comes in.

Hope: Hey! Stop!

Hope grabs Cathy off of Chelsea.

Hope: What the hell are you doing!?

Cathy: Your bitch of a step daughter doesnt know how to keep her mouth shut.

Hope: Get the hell out of here! When Shawn wakes up I'll make sure that he throws you away like the trash you are!

Cathy leaves the room.

Hope: Are you ok Chelsea?

Chelsea: Ya. I'm fine. But she won't be if I see her again.

Carly, Scotty, and Shane are sitting at a table.

Carly: Where's Dora?

Shane: Her plane came in. She's going to Milan.

Carly: Oh, that sounds exicting.

Shane: So are you guys waiting for a flight?

Carly: Yes. We need to get out of here as soon as possible.

Shane: Wait a minute. Your Carly Colson right?

Carly: Yes, how did you know?

Shane: I saw you on the news. It's actually why I came to Salem. I know a couple people on the police force, and was wondering if I can help.

Carly: How would you help.

Shane: Well, since your involved, I guess I can tell you.

Carly takes a sip of her drink.

Shane: I'm in the ISA.

Carly's eyes widen.

Carly: Hold on! Shane Donovan!

Shane: So you've heard.

Carly: Kimberly Brady's ex-husband! Oh wow! Your my ex-stepfather!

Shane: Ok, you lost me there.

Carly: Let me explain the story to you.

Scotty smiles.

Dr. Woods dials a number. The man answers.

Man: Do you have something?

Dr. Woods: Yup. It's Belle. She has a son; she's Kimberly's daughter.

Man: Good.

The man smiles, and laughs.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

A doctor enters Belle's room.

Doctor: I'm just going to take you to another room.

He injects something into Belle's IV.

Carly is in the Brady Pub. The killer sees her holding Alex.

Carly: It's ok. Mommy is gonna get you some food!

The killer looks shocked.

Shane and Kimberly are talking in the Brady Pub kitchen.

Shane: So how are you and Philip doing?

Kimberly: I really don't know.

Chelsea and Nick are at the Penthouse Grill.

Nick: What?

Chelsea: I don't want you to wait for me.


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