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AOTH Episode#4: "Family" Reunion



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Spears Mansion

Lucas looks at Will, astonished and angered at Will telling him he’s not his father anymore, and Will tries to turn to leave but Lucas grabs his arm.


“Hey, I AM your father! I always have been and always will be! You can’t just decide whether I am or not, it’s a given son and I’m also your authority.”


“Sorry, Lucas, but I think I just disowned you. Nice knowing you, but I have other stuff to take care of. It seems you are doing just fine with Jan Brady here. You know, I actually have a life now, other than whining about you and Mom. Which I see will never ever happen “


“It’s Spears, thanks”


“What kind of life??? What are you talking about? Why won’t you tell me what you’ve been doing these past several months, huh?! I haven’t heard from you, no phone call, no letter, no nothing. I didn’t know if my only son was dead or alive. Do you know how that makes me feel? “


“Oh, shove off!”

Will tries to push Lucas away, but Lucas still manages to angrily hold onto Will, and then takes out his cell phone and dials a number.


“Who the hell are you calling? The police to come cart me off? I didn‘t do anything!”


“No, I’m calling your mother, Will. She ha been worried sick about you too. She needs to be here. “

Jan, rolling her eyes,

“Oh great. Just what I need” She says under breath


“Sami is the last person I want to see!”



Episode: 4, “Family” Reunion

Written by: Tara Smith and ML Cooks

Salem Inn

Stami is pacing around in the real Sami’s bedroom, twirling the gun that he used to shoot Nicole. He chuckles at how he has already destroyed Sami’s relationship with her mother, and “sister”.


“Now I get why you pretended to be me for so long…its fun, isn’t it? Causing so much havoc as another person. And I’m so far from being done, there are so many more lives out there in Salem.”

Stami’s cell phone then rings, and he picks it up and looks at the Caller ID, and then smirks before answering.


“Hello, Sami Brady here.”

Lucas, on the other line

“Hey, Sami…its me, Lucas. I’ve…got some news… “


“What is it, Lucas? “


“Will’s back in town. “

Stami, looking at Sami and faking a concerned tone

“Who is that?“


“What the hell are you talking about? Your son!“


“WHAT?! My son…he’s back?!?!!? Oh, is he okay? Where are you??? “


“The Spears Mansion. “


“I’ll be over right away! “

Stami hangs up the phone, and then maniacally laughs at this while Sami continues to watch in astonishment and horror.


“Oh, this is perfect timing! Think about all I can do to your ex, and your own son… “

Stami waves at her as he turns to leave…

Salem University Hospital

Marlena walks into her catatonic husband’s room, Roman Brady formerly known as John Black, and looks at him, seeing that he still has not moved or even budged since December of last year. She sheds a few tears as she sits down and strokes his cheek.


“Oh Roman, I’m so sorry I haven’t visited you lately. I’ve been far too busy with Kristen, Tony, and my new daughter: Nicole Walker. I think I’ve mentioned her to you already, but she got shot this evening while at a fashion show. She’s alive, but I’m so worried, because now someone is on the run who shot my own daughter, and who knows how this might affect Nicole. And Sami, my firstborn daughter, can’t even act mature! She will never stop fighting with me, I guess I should have gotten used to it by now. But my life has felt like its in Hell ever since you got shot…I am just so tired of it Roman. Everyone practically plays with me, and I have to stop it. Its time for me to step up and take charge of my life, and not let other’s stomp all over me. “

In Nicole’s hospital room, Greta sits at her bedside, looking on in disgust. She looks at all the machines attached to Nicole, and twirls the cords around her finger for a moment.


“This is probably how my mother looked before she died…that was one of the reasons I came back here. I found out Hope Brady did it. Hope Williams Brady of all people killed my mother, but I’ll deal with her later, if she ever even returns to Salem. “

Nicole keeps slipping in and out of consciousness, but keeps her eyes locked onto Greta, and Greta wonders if she’s fallen back into a coma.

Greta, leaning in to whisper in Nicole’s ear

“You know, with how much I hate you…I really could kill you right now. I could pull the plug, you could go out exactly like my mother did. I believe Sami Brady almost pulled the plug on you in a situation similar to this years ago, right? Maybe I could deliver the final punch to the great Nicole Walker Roberts Kiriakis…after all you’ve done to me, how you tortured me and Eric, and so many other people in this town… “

Greta leans in to almost pull the plug on Nicole, however she hears voices, and quickly darts up and runs out of Nicole’s room as a few nurses walk in.


“Looks like I’ll have to come back later…sweet dreams, Nicole. “

Spears Mansion

Jan is sitting in the living room, sighing at Lucas and Will’s constant fighting on the back patio, and hears the doorbell ring.


“Oh please, who now… “

Jan gets up, and goes to answer the door, only to see Stami standing outside.


“Ahhh, Janet. How nice to see you again. “


“I wish I could say the same to you. I guess you’re here to pick up your rotten son?”


“My poor little boy, who’s been gone for months with no contact to me or Lucas, is just getting back and you are already bashing him? Heartless bitch. “


“He’s already taken a few pitiful stabs at me, and him and Lucas have been constantly fighting ever since he barged in here! Who knows how dangerous he is now. “

Stami, grabbing Jan by the neck

“Don’t you EVER speak about Will like that, do you understand? Now move. “

Stami shoves Jan out of the way, and rushes out to the back porch to see Will and Lucas while Jan scowls.

Once out on the patio, Will and Lucas both turn to see Stami.


“Mom So you actually decided to come?”


“Of course I did! You’re my son! And you’ve been freaking gone for months, where have you been?! “


“You two can’t get that question out of your heads, can’t you? Dad’s been asking me all night, too.”


“Well, I’d think we would have a right to know, and I want to know NOW! “


“Don’t be so pushy! I don’t think I ever knew you two could act like such morons so fast.”


“You don’t talk to us like that! We are your parents, and we want to at least know what you’ve been doing while you were out running around. Obviously, there’s something you don’t want to tell us. Are you doing drugs or something like that? Just get out with it! “


“NO! I’d never touch that stuff! “

Stami, thinking to himself

“This is so perfect…another part of Sami’s little family is soon going to be torn apart, because I think these two are about to rip into each other…literally! “


“Then what is it? What are you keeping from your mother and me?!?! “


“Don’t act like you care now. I’ve been taking care of myself for the past two years and I’ll continue to do so.”


“I am not going to play this game any more.”

Stami turns Will around and back hands him a few times. Lucas and Jan alike are stunned and outrage at Sami’s brutality on her son!


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