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Episode 8

Port Oak Valley


The Bold Ones

Episode 8


Banner by JackPeyton

Forrester Boardroom

Ridge: Logan, how are you?

Brooke: Fine.

Ridge: Listen I have been thinking…

Brooke: No you listen, I have been doing a lot of thinking myself and I think we should get a divorce.

Ridge: A divorce? Logan you can’t be serious. This separation has been killing me.

Brooke: Ridge, I don’t know you anymore, it’s like you have turned into a completely different person since Rick came home.

Ridge: I can change. I will change.

Brooke: It’s too late for that.

Ridge: Come on Brooke, don’t give up so easily. We can go to counseling.

Eric: Ridge, Brooke the meeting is about to begin.

Brooke: We will talk about this later.

She moves to sit by Rick, leaving Ridge at the other end of the table.

Eric: Everybody thank you for attending. I for once did not call this meeting, my son Rick did, so I will let him have the floor.

Ridge rolls his eyes and smirks.

Rick: Thanks dad. I have called this meeting because as we all know our sales are down, we are not as hot as we used to be.

Eric: Go on son.

Rick: So what is hot right now? Anybody?

Felicia: lots of things Rick.

Rick: Alright I will tell you. Reality TV.

Stephanie: Reality TV?

Ridge: Is this the year 2000? Rick reality tv was “hot” 10 years ago.

Rick: well its still “hot” today Ridge.

Brooke: Can we get back on topic please.

Thorne: Rick lets move this along.

Rick: Fine this is fashion critic Sarah Parkes and Jon Stanton, a very prominent executive producer.

Eric: Nice to meet you two, now son what are they doing here?

Rick: You asked that at the perfect time dad. Four words Extreme. Catwalk. Forrester. Edition.

Forrester Break room

Ashley is sipping on a bottle of water as her cell rings.

Ashley: Hello

Paul: Hello.

Ashley. Paul what a pleasant surprise this is.

Paul: Glad you think so. What’s up?

Ashley: Not much, just working away.

Paul: Oh, do I have you at a bad time?

Ashley: No I am actually on a break.

Paul: Great I caught you at a good time. I was wondering what your plans were for the evening.

Ashley: I figured after work I would pick up some take out and lounge around the house eating ice cream in my old pair of sweats. Not a very exciting way to celebrate my birthday but..

Paul: (pretending not to know) It’s your birthday? I had no clue.

Ashley: Yeah, at my age it’s just another day.

Paul: Don’t say that. You are only as old as you feel.

Ashley: Well, I feel… you don’t want to know.

Paul: How about you pick up take out and ice cream for two and I come and join you?

Ashley: (laughs) I’d like that a lot.

Paul: See you around seven?

Ashley: Sounds great, see you then. (she hangs up)

Paul picks up his phone and calls another number

Paul: Hey, its Paul, she doesn’t have a clue. You’re about to board now? Great I will meet you at the airport later today.

Forrester Boardroom

Stephanie: Extreme Catwalk: Forrester Edition?

Rick: That’s right Stephanie. A reality show set in the world of Forrester.

Eric: How would this reality show work exactly?

Jon: Basically there would be fourteen contestants who design gowns, clothing and other accessories in weekly competitions with one contestant being eliminated each week. The winner would earn a paid internship here at Forrester Originals.

Eric: I don’t know about this.

Thorne: Neither do I dad.

Rick: Come on dad, Thorne, it would be good for the company. It would put us back in the headlines.

Felicia: It would. I think this is a very good marketing technique, and could be very cool, especially with the youth demographic.

Brooke: I couldn’t agree with you more Felicia. This could defiantly put Forrester back on top.

Stephanie: Or it could flop miserably and make the company look desperate.

Rick: But we are desperate Stephanie. You see the numbers.

Ridge: Mother is right. This screams desperation, there is bound to be another way.

Felicia: What about the judges?

Stephanie: Judges?

Felicia: Yeah, every reality show has a panel of judges, who decide who stays and goes each week. So who would the judges be? Are there any big names that could bring in an audience?

Jon: I was just about to get to that. What would Extreme Catwalk: Forrester Edition be without Forrester’s?

Thorne: You can’t have all of us be a judge.

Jon: No, that would be overwhelming. But two of you wouldn’t be.

Felicia: So which two?

Jon: What we have devised is to have Eric be the head judge along with Rick and a celebrity guest.

Ridge: (Laughing) This is too much.

Brooke: What?

Ridge: Dad is an excellent choice but Rick? He hasn’t designed anything in a long time; he has been handling the business aspect of the company for the past few years.

Brooke: I suppose you want to be a judge, a few minutes ago you were apposed to the idea.

Rick: Forget him mom, his ego is bruised because he wasn’t asked to be the star of the show.

Stephanie: That’s enough. I for one have been against this, this is not what I want to see this company become. Eric and I worked so hard to get it to the top, but if this is what it takes to regain that then I am for it.

Rick: So is that the first I?

Stephanie: Yes.

Rick: Anybody appose? Great then Extreme Catwalk: Forrester Edition is a go.

Brooke: Congratulations honey.

Sarah: Wait a minute here… Whose are these? (She holds up sketches)

Eric: Oh, that. That is my grandson Thomas’s sketches I was taking a second look at before the meeting. I am sorry they aren’t that good. He’s just now learning and getting a feel for designing.

Sarah: Actually Mr. Forrester with all do respect, I have to disagree with you. I think these are quite good. Very unique, don’t you think Jon?

Jon: Oh yes, very hip, very now. Wait a minute I have an idea.

Rick: What’s that Jon?

Jon: Three generations of Forrester’s as the judges.

Rick: Excuse me?

Jon: Yeah Eric as head judge along with his son Ridge and then third generation Thomas. It would be three different views on fashion. It could make for great T.V.

Ridge: I like that idea. I like it a lot. (he smirks a smile to Rick)

Jon: Don’t worry Rick; you can still be involved in the project, maybe as a host or something.

The Hospital- Thomas and Phoebe are visiting Taylor.

Thomas: How are you feeling mom?

Taylor: I’m feeling a lot better honey. I think I just needed to rest. I was exhausted.

Phoebe: I’m glad you’re feeling better mom.

Taylor: Me too. It would have been nice to have a baby in the house again. You two and Steffi are all grown up now.

Phoebe: You and Nick could always try again.

Taylor: I don’t know honey. I don’t know if Nick and I even have a future.

Thomas: You really feel that way mom?

Taylor: I don’t know. All I do know is that we have a lot to talk about when the time is right.

(There is a knock on the door)

Taylor: Come in.

James pokes his head in the door.

Taylor: James!

James: Hello Taylor, it’s been a while.

Thomas: Why don’t Phoeb’s and I let you two catch up.

Phoebe: Good idea. (They leave the room)

In the hall

Thomas: It’s great to see mom smiling again.

Phoebe: Yeah it is… (Her phone rings) hold on a sec. Hello

Rick: Hey it’s me. I am kind of upset and need to talk to somebody, do you think you could come by my place.

Phoebe: Sure, I’ll be right there.

Thomas: Who was that? (His phone rings) Now you hang on a sec. hello

Amber: Hey Thom, it’s been a while….

Next on The Bold Ones

Ashley gets a surprise birthday gift.

Someone from Ambers past returns.

Brooke and Ridge decide to divorce.

Old habits die hard for Taylor


Paul meets a mystery woman.


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