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Episode 7

Port Oak Valley



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The Bold Ones

Episode 7

In the chapel at the hospital Nick is sitting in silence as one tear streams down his face. All of the sudden he bursts out:

Nick: Why!! Why does this happen to me! This always happens. All I have ever wanted is a child, a child of my own!

A hand is placed on his shoulder; he turns around to see who it is.

Nick: Hey mom.

She hugs him.

Café Russe

Thorne: Amber, what are you doing back in Los Angeles?

Felicia: And working here?

Amber: Well, things didn’t work out exactly how I planned in Genoa City… I mean things were great there for a while.

Donna: I read you married Jill Abbot’s long lost son?

Amber: Briefly.

Felicia: Old habits die hard, huh Amber?

Amber: Look guys I would love to catch up, but if I don’t take your order and get it right, I’ll be fired. All there is to say is that I am here in L.A. starting over, getting a fresh start.

Storm: Well there isn’t other place to do so. (He looks at Felicia)

The Hospital

Javier: Dr. Forrester, have you finished my paper work yet?

Bridget: No Dr. Solis I haven’t. In fact I have yet to start it.

Javier: You better get started then, I would hate to make the next few months of your life a living hell.

Bridget: I don’t intend to start it and if you threaten me again I will not hesitate to go to board. Look I get it, you hate me. You blame me for everything that goes wrong in your world. Hell you probably blame me for global warming. I cannot help who I am, just like you can’t help who you are. Unfortunately that is not a choice we get in life, but the choice we do get is how to act and treat others. I choose to be respectful and considerate, and treat others as I would like to be treated. That has nothing to do with my lifestyle that is a personal belief. I am sorry you hate me because of my upbringing, but as far as I am concerned you can take your paperwork and shove it. (she walks off)

Hospital Chapel

Nick: I’m fine mom. I’m going to be fine.

Jackie: I hate seeing you like this.

Nick: I just don’t get it.

Jackie: What honey?

Nick: Why do my children keep getting taken away from me? First Nicole, then Hope and R.J., and now this baby with Taylor.

Jackie: Nicky, there is no rhyme or reason. Only God knows. I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason.

Nick: I must have been an axe murderer in a past life then.

Jackie: Oh honey.

Nick: Mother, I have always deep down wanted a child, I know for most of my adult life I was a “playboy”, but there was always a part of me that wanted to be called dad, by a little boy…or girl. I guess it might be because I never got to do that.

Jackie: I’m so sorry about keeping you away from Massimo, but at the time it was the only…

Nick: Don’t worry about it mom, you can’t undo the past, only look forward to the future. A future that I don’t think I will ever have. Forrester may be a dressmaker, but even he gets to experience fatherhood. I don’t know maybe I’m just not cut out to be a father.

Jackie: Nicky, don’t say that.

Nick: Maybe its true mother. You said it yourself, everything happens for a reason. I don’t know maybe this is the universe telling me that I am not father material (his voice cracks) that I’m not supposed to be one.

Jackie: (Distraught) I can’t bare this anymore, Nicky there is something I must tell you.

Nick: What is it mother?

Jackie: I don’t know how to say this, I don’t know if I can.

Nick: Just spit it out.

Jackie: I feel just awful.

Nick: You can’t feel worse than I do right now.

Jackie: But I can.

Nick: Mom, tell me, you wouldn’t be doing this right now if it wasn’t absolutely important, I love you, you can tell me anything.

Jackie: I’m getting light headed.

Nick: Mom, sit down (she sits on a pew) now tell me, what is so important?

Jackie: Darling, you do have a child. (she begins to cry, Nick has a look of confusion on his face)

Café Russe

Amber: So how was everybody’s meal?

Storm: Delicious.

Donna: Wonderful.

Felicia: Mine was a little bland.

Thorne: Don’t worry Amber; you will still get a good tip.

Amber: Great then no dessert? Here is your check. Have a good night!

she walks towards the kitchen under her breath she says:

Amber: jerks.

Storm: you guys could have eased up on her a bit.

Donna: Really she wasn’t that bad.

Felicia: Well she was really bad to my family.

Storm: Sis, is right, are you guys forgetting all the things she did to our family to Rick and Bridget?

Donna:Yeah, but people can change; I like to think I have.

Felicia: yeah, well people like Amber don’t change.

In the kitchen, Amber is dialing a number she puts the phone to her ear:

Amber: Rick, Hi, it’s me.

Church Chapel- Bridget walks by and overhears Nick and Jackie talking.

Nick: What are you talking about mother? I have a child?

Jackie: It’s true.

Nick: I’m confused.

Jackie: Rozanna. She was pregnant all those years ago.

Nick: Rozanna? She skipped town one day and I never heard from her again.

Jackie: Nicky, Rozanna left because I forced her to leave.

Nick: What? Why? She was my first love we were going to spend that summer after high school together.

Jackie: I remember, and I was so happy for you two, it’s just…

Nick: Just what mother?

Jackie: She came to me after your graduation party. You remember how I was always a mother figure to her, since she didn’t have one.

Nick: She loved you; you were the only female roll model in her life.

Jackie: Nicky, she told me she was pregnant with your child. I was in shock, but I knew what had to be done.

Nick: Had to be done?

Jackie: I had her sent away, and sent to a wonderful birthing facility. Massimo agreed to pay the bills. Nicky you must understand that it was for your own good.

Nick: My own good? Mother how could you?

Jackie: Nicky, you were barely out of high school, still a teenager, you couldn’t support Rozanna and baby, you had your whole life in front of you.

Nick: And look at what kind of life that has been, one misfortune after another.

Jackie: Nicky….

Nick: How could you and Pop keep this from me all of this time?

Jackie: To avoid what is happening right this instant.

Nick: So what facility did you send her to? They must have some kind of record, I at least need to know my child’s name, maybe I can hire a P.I. to find her and Rozanna.

Jackie: Since its already gone this far, Nicky I am afraid there is more, and I’m sure you aren’t going to like it.

Nick: Tell me.

Jackie: A little over a year ago, Rozanna found me.

Nick: What?

Jackie: She found me and wanted to meet up with you.

Nick: Why didn’t she? Surely she knew how to get in touch with me at Marone.

Jackie: She did, but I put a stop to it.

Nick: Of course you did. And how exactly did you do that?

Jackie: Nicky, does that really matter.

Nick: I want to know mother. Tell me now or you are out of my life forever.

Jackie: I paid her off… again.

Nick: She must be hard up for cash then.

Jackie: You have to understand that a year ago you were happy and with Brooke and seeing Rozanna again and your daughter would have surely ended yours and Brookes relationship.

Nick: Well that happened anyway, didn’t it mother? (He walks toward the door)

Jackie: Where are you going?

Nick: To find Rozanna.

Jackie: Nicky there’s still more.

He turns around

Nick: (takes a deep breath) go on.

Jackie: When she came, she was very ill. She had been diagnosed with terminal breast cancer.

Nick: That’s why she accepted the money.

Jackie: Yes, to pay for her medical bills.

Nick: Who are you? Who are you to run my life? To ruin my life! You have made mistake after mistake with me.

Jackie: Nicky, I am so sorry, I’ll be the first to admit that I have made mistakes, but what I did was out of love. (crying)

Nick: You don’t love me.

Jackie: I do.

Nick: If you did, you wouldn’t have done this to me! Look at you, look at what you have become, at who you are! I don’t even know you anymore. I don’t know my own mother! You are nothing but a liar, and that is something I have never been to you…. I take that back I did lie to you earlier when I asked you to tell me everything or you would be out of my life forever.

Jackie: What are you saying?

Nick: You’re of my life anyway.

Jackie: Nicky please!!.. Don’t.

Nick: Like my dead child today, you are also dead to me.

He walks out of the chapel as Jackie collapse to the floor. Bridget runs in to revive her.

Bridget: Jackie, come on, wake up!

Jackie: (delirious) Bridget??

Bridget: Its okay Jackie, your going to be fine, you just fainted.

Jackie:( She looks around and realizes what has happened and trying to make something up) I have barely eaten anything today, I was here lighting a candle for the baby and I must have just passed out cold.

Bridget: Jackie, its okay, I overheard.

Jackie: What? Bridget please you mustn’t tell anyone.

Bridget: Its okay your secret is safe with me.

Next on The Bold Ones

Things get tense at a Forrester Boardmeeting.


James returns to Los Angeles.


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