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#68 Monday, June 9th



#68 Monday, June 9th

Lynette walks into Greg's office looking upset.


Greg: What's the matter? You look upset.


Lynette: It's Jim. I told him the truth.

Greg: From the look on your face, I assume he didn't take it well.

Lynette: He stormed out of the house and drove off. He's turned off his

cell phone and I'm really concerned about him.

Greg: Because of what you told me about him?

Lynette: I don't want to be responsible for him starting to drink again,

something like this could send him over the edge.

Greg: Just hope it doesn't come to that.

Lynette: I'm so afraid.

Greg: What are you going to do?

Lynette: I'm going to go to his parents' house, maybe he's back there.

Greg: I'll drive you.

Lynette: I don't think you should.

Greg: You shouldn't be driving while you are upset. I'll stay in the car when we get there.

Lynette: All right.



At McGregor, the boardroom is full with members of the board of directors and others. Anna walks in the office.


Anna: The results of the votes are in, I just got the call.


Alma: And?

Anna: 51% in favor of Lightner.


Joseph: What? I don't believe it, after all the calls we made?


JC: What does that mean for us now?

Anna: It means they have a very narrow majority of the seats on the board. Leonard, Evelyn, Alden, I'm sorry but you were voted out.

Leonard: We are going to fight this.

Anna: I don't see how, there is going to be chaos on this board now.

Alma: We're going to make sure you stay on as CEO, no matter what.

Anna: Where are the votes going to come from? Lightner got his cronies on the board.

Joseph: There is no way we are letting them force us out of this company.

Anna: We are at a significant disadvantage here, we have no recourse.


Yvette: So you're going to just give up and cede the company to them?

Anna: I don't want to do that, but I don't see how I can realistically overcome this.

Yvette: We'll come up with something, but giving up shouldn't be an option.

Joseph: I agree.

Anna: Optimism is fine, but let's keep a realistic outlook.

Yvette: We need to brainstorm.

Anna pauses and thinks for a second.

Anna: There could be one way out of this.

Joseph: Really?

Anna: I've got a few calls to make, I'll be right back.


Meanwhile, at Lightner, George, Carol and Cassandra are toasting with champagne.


Cassandra: I'd like to propose a toast to this new venture.


Carol: Here, here.

Cassandra: We are going to take this company places where the McGregors never could go.


George: I'll drink to that.

Just then, a Sterling walks into the office.

Cassandra: Sterling, you're just in time for the toast. Congratulations on your new board seat.

Sterling: I don't drink.

Cassandra: You could make an exception.

Sterling: I'm here to discuss business.

George: Fine, what's up.

Sterling: It's about my incentive.

George: You are on the board, that's about all the incentive you need.

Sterling: I could use a little more, it took a lot of prodding to get those shareholders on your side. I just

want to make sure I have a guarantee of security in the company.

George: What do you want?

Sterling: A cut of the quarterly profits.

George: Absolutely not.

Sterling: I see, so I guess you are going to be one of those CEOs who breaks himself off a big fat piece of the pie from the profits.

George: Look, you did a job and go rewarded, be satisfied.

Cassandra: It would be very wise of you not to force your hand, Sterling. You could end up with nothing.

Sterling: Then again, so could you. I hold a lot of clout with the shareholders, it would only take a call to

a few dozen of them to turn your 51% victory into nothing.

George: I don't like being threatened.

Sterling: Take it or leave it.

George: We'll work something out.

Sterling: I want a guarantee.

George: I can't talk numbers until after this quarter ends.

Sterling: Fine, but just remember what I said. Good Evening, Mrs. Donahue.

Sterling leaves.

George: That's the price of making deals, they always want more.

Carol: What's our course of action?

George: We'll probably have to give him what he wants.



Lynette and Greg pull up at Jim's parents' house.

Greg: Are you all right?

Lynette: Yes, I need to do this.

Lynette gets out of the car and walks up the door, ringing the bell. Jim's mother answers.


Eleanor: I don't think you should be here right now.

Lynette: Please, I need to talk to Jim, I feel terrible about everything.

Eleanor: Jim came in here earlier an emotional wreck, seeing you now would

only make it worse.

Jim comes out of the kitchen.


Jim: Mom, let her in.

Eleanor: If that's what you want.

Eleanor lets her in and then retreats to the kitchen. Lynette comes inside and walks over to Jim, putting her hand on his shoulder.

Lynette: I'm sorry.

Jim pulls away from her.

Jim: Sure.

Lynette: I don't know what else to say.

Jim: What else is there to say? You've said it all.

Lynette: Please, just let me try to explain.

Jim: I need to ask you something.

Lynette: What?

Jim: Why didn't you tell me the truth? Did you think it was better to sneak around behind my back and pretend you loved me?

Lynette: No, no, that's not it. Everything that happened was all out of the blue. I don't want you to think I set out to hurt you.

Jim: So if I had done this to you, you'd really be understanding about it? Do you know how ludicrious that is?

Lynette: No, of course not, that's not what I'm saying.

Jim: You're trying to justify your actions, that's what you are trying to do.

Lynette: I felt like I was being pushed away.

Jim: There's the blame card again! You pulled that earlier.

Lynette: Again, I'm not blaming you, just explaining the circumstances.

Jim: Yes, the best way to deal with emotional pain is to go out and screw your doctor, what a novel philosophy.

Lynette: I know you're hurt, but--

Jim: But nothing, I struggled with the separation too, but I never even thought about having an affair.

Lynette: Sometimes people do the wrong thing when they are hurt, not everyone is the same.

Jim: Or maybe you just got tired of being to a guy who's nothing more than a grocery store clerk and wanted somebody

younger and with a better title.

Lynette: I'm not that superficial, you know that.

Jim: I don't know anything about you, Lynette. In fact, I don't want to know anything else about you, because I'm done.

I've spoken with a lawyer and I'm filing divorce papers. So you can go be with your doctor and be the hell out of my life.

Jim storms back into the kitchen. Eleanor comes back out. Eleanor doesn't say a word, she just looks at Lynette and holds the door open. Lynette


On the back porch, Jim reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out a flask, taking a drink from it.

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Poor Poor Jim. I really feel so bad for him.

Loved how Sterling is holding all the cards and not Carol and nem.( Loved tha name by the way...Sterling) Reminds me of the person from the Tom Jouyner Morning Show, that soap opera they be having, it's your world. LoL.

Very good epiode and I didn't think the Mc Gregor's would be voted out.

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