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Episode#252: Mysterious Guest




Written by: Tara

Episode#252: Mysterious Guest

-At the hospital, Celeste sighs as she watches her daughter just stand alone on the balcony. She almost goes out there but thinks to herself that she needs this time alone, and then Celeste takes out her cell phone and calls Victor. As he picks up and says “Victor Kiriakis”, she then says its Celeste and that she needs to talk to him, and on the other line Victor asks if something’s wrong and that he can hear it in her voice, and Celeste says:

Celeste:Abraham just suffered a stroke.

Victor:Oh my, that’s…terrible. I’m so sorry, Celeste, I knew how close he and Lexie, and you and him, were. How is Lexie?

Celeste:Oh Dahling, my poor Alexandra is not holding up well at all. I can’t bear to see her be so saddened by this, and just after this custody trial finally ended. She was awarded full custody of Theodore, but then that was when this tradgedy struck Abraham.

Victor:If there is absolutely anything I can do, please let me know.

Celeste:I will indeed. How are you, dahling?

Victor:Things are going excellent. My nephew, Justin, has returned to help me with Titan and we are about to buyout Alamain and relaunch Bella Magazine in an enormous fashion show. Vivian finally has met her end in the business area, as her family kicked her out of Alamain, however now she is begging me for a job here at Titan.

Celeste:How horrid. You are not going to let her in, are you?

Victor:Never, but I did tell her that she could come to the fashion show and I would see how she faired there and then make my decision, but I doubt anything will come from it.

Celeste:Good, because she is the last thing either of us need.

Victor:You are very correct there. Listen, Celeste, I am very busy and have a lot of work to do. Perhaps we can meet for dinner tomorrow night, or you could come to the fashion show with me? I apologize for leaving in such a time like this but I must. Goodbye.

As Victor hangs up, Celeste narrows her eyes and glances at Lexie one last time, before dialing the number of Valentine Heart!

-At the DiMera Mansion, Stefano is drinking a glass of champagne as Renee walks in. He smiles lightly at her and she asks where everyone else is, and Stefano replies that Peter is helping Alexandra at her custody trial, and he has no idea where Kristen, Elvis, and Megan ran off to. As Renee pours herself a glass of champagne she asks Stefano if he really had to be so hard on Tony at the meeting, and Stefano says:

Stefano:That man raped my daughter, your own sister! Nonetheless she is practically HIS sister, and this is not the first time Tony has decided to come on to one of his family members, you should know that better than anyone! I tried to accept that man even after I learned he was Enrico’s son, even after he locked me up in that chamber, yet he does THIS! And he has always faked his loyalty to me, even back in Italy only months ago!

Renee:But father, Tony has had an alternate personality for years now! His name was Vince and he was a very very vile man, only recently did Tony cure it!

Stefano:Enough about Tony. I do not want you obsessing over him again. Is that the only reason you came in here?

Renee:No, father, actually…there is something I need to tell you. Elvis and I have one last…piece of news for you.

Stefano:What is it? And it had better be nothing that could ruin our plans.

Renee:Well…not exactly…but it could pose a problem. Um, father, you weren’t the only one that Elvis and I kidnapped.

Stefano:What the hell do you mean? You have someone else stuffed in our basement?!

-At Helena’s hideout, she kicks Steve as he tries to choke Stefan and her thugs manage to pull Steve back, and throw him back on the chair and Helena orders them to tie him up quickly, and Steve vows to Stefan that he’ll get him for this, and Stefan laughs and snaps that he doubts that, and they have him and his little wife right in the palm of their hands.

- “Stami” is on the phone at the Salem Inn, still disguised as Sami, and smirks as he says that he’d be happy to take the modeling job for DiMera Enterprises. He thanks the person on the phone and tells them he will be sure to be at the fashion show, and then hangs up. He smirks as he walks into the other room to see the real Sami bound and gagged. As he strokes her cheek, he says:

Stami:Looks like I, I mean you, are going to a fashion show in a few days. Lets see what trouble we can cook up there…

*Life in Salem Opening: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eo2A7rZhZGA *

-At the Alamain Mansion, Valentine walks in to the living room hearing her cell phone ringing, and she picks it up and says “Hello”, and she hears Celeste on the other line. Valentine grins and tells Celeste that she has wonderful news for them, and that Vivian is finally out of Alamain, and is nothing but a street rat! On the other line, Celeste angrily says:

Celeste:She might not be for long. She is begging Victor for a job at Titan!

Valentine:So? All she could do there would be ruining Titan, which would be even better for Alamain!

Celeste:You see, Valentine dahling, I am currently in a relationship with Victor, and her getting a job at Titan would put her deeper into my life than she was before! And Vivian Alamain is no fool. She will fall and get right back up again, and we have to make sure she is taken care of once and for all. And if you do not help me Valentine, I will take you down right with your sister.

Valentine:Oh fine fine! I have the perfect way to get that hag out of both our lives for good! Just meet me at the fashion show downtown in a couple of days. I think I have the perfect plan in mind for my dear old sister.

Celeste:You had better.

Celeste hangs up, as Valentine mutters to herself that Celeste sure can be demanding, and then dials another number…

-Renee shakes her head and answers no, but then says that they did, however that guest is not exactly there anymore. Stefano asks Renee what have she and Elvis done, and Renee looks around for a moment, before whispering something into Stefano’s ear. Stefano’s eyes widen and he yells “WHAT?! Have you two lost your minds?! This is like playing with fire!” and Renee tells him that Elvis thought it would be useful in the future, and Stefano then tells her that he had better be right, or this could have terrible consequences and mess up everything, however its nothing he can’t handle! Renee gulps and sighs as she wonders what she and Elvis have gotten themselves into.

-Steve growls to Helena and Stefan that they can’t keep this up forever, and Stefan tells him that they won’t have to, and their scheme has only just begun. Helena smiles at her son and tells him to go back to Kayla to keep her occupied while she continues to sit with their little prisoner. Stefan nods obediently and leaves, as Helena thinks to herself that victory is finally hers!

-The doorbell rings at the Alamain Mansion, and Valentine smiles and goes to answer it to see…Peter Blake! Peter asks her what the hell she wants and his sister is going through a tough time right now, and he should still be at the hospital to support her, whether she wants it or not. Valentine tells him that they have more important things to discuss, and Peter asks:

Peter:Like what?

Valentine:Like Vivian Alamain.

Peter:How could *I* help you with some issue with your sister?

Valentine:Oh Peter, don’t play stupid with me. I’m your girl, remember?

Peter:That was a long time ago.

Valentine:Yes, that’s true, but I will never forget how you looked after we got done each time…it was exactly how you looked when you and Vivvy came out of that bedroom once the storm ended.

Peter:I don’t need to hear this.

Valentine:I don’t know why you want to forget our little…affair so much, and why you decided to take Vivian over me. I know all about it, Peter. I’m not stupid. I know you through and through.

Peter:Please, Valentine, shut up. Just tell me what you want.

Valentine:I want you to expose your little night with Vivian to ALL at the fashion show!

Peter:What?!?!?! HELL no!

Valentine:Its either that, or I could tell the town about *our* fun times over the years.

Peter clenches his fists as Valentine chuckles, and tells her fine, but don’t expect anymore favors from him. He then worriedly storms out, not wanting his family to find out what happened between him and Vivian during the storm or him and Valentine years ago…

-Back at the Salem Inn, Stami goes over to one of his drawers and opens it, and then as he pulls something out he tells Sami that so much could happen at this fashion show that would screw up her life forever, and he turns around with a GUN in his hand and Sami’s eyes widen in horror and tries to scream but can’t, and he rolls his eyes and tells her not to worry and that he won’t use it on her…but as he looks at her dresser he looks at all the pictures of the ones she cares about, and then says:

Stami:But, I certainly could use it on one of these people…maybe your ex, Lucas? No…you probably don’t care one bit about him anymore. OH, little Belle? Not her either…I need someone who would really just cause you to fall apart….oh wait, I’ve got the perfect person…

Stami then pics up a picture and turns around to show it to Sami…and the picture is of…MARLENA! Sami struggles with her ropes, trying to break free frantically, and he tells her that its still of no use, and then Stami also says:

Stami:But anyway, yes…Marlena’s the one. In a few days, its bye bye, Doc.


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